How to paint with Acrylic on Canvas Celestial Princess part 2

How to paint with Acrylic on Canvas Celestial Princess part 2

Intro Music Hey everybody welcome to part two of painting our fairy tales this is The goddess Nyx that we’re painting she’s gonna be sleeping on a celestial cloud The last video we got her all the way to here and today we’re gonna continue on forward painting together I’m Cinnamon Cooney your Art Sherpa on the mic today is my husband John I guess this is the big art quest which is a slightly more fun more Challenging little series that we have on our YouTube channel for how to paint Basically, I’m gonna be showing you every step of how I create this fantastic image. Do you have the example image John? John: I do. Cinnamon: And Together we’re gonna create this together, so you guys have this. This is a twelve month free art program Nothing like it anywhere out there And we meet each month for a different fairy tale a different really cool image that we just paint in segments in a very Relaxed and easy to digest pace. Let’s talk real quick again about the materials because we have pretty much the same thing as last time This is the 11×14 canvas. I’ve got her sketched in with kids chalk so I know where I’m laying her out Of course you have the traceable on the website if you need that. Over here is my palette and today I have titanium white, zinc white, yellow ochre, alizarin crimson, Prussian blue, phthalo green, phthalo blue and Mars black we’re going to be putting in the leaves and her skin and her dress today I’m ready to go and we’re gonna go for about an hour if we’re not totally done at the end of the hour We’ll just come back tomorrow after tomorrow’s live and finish her up because you know Thursday is our next Fairy tale which is our flower elf. I’m very excited about her. Let’s get in I’m gonna get my sippy sippy How’s everybody doing? John: oh so very good! It’s like we have a huge crew here. Everyone’s really excited about part two of this This is and you know there’s a lot of this painting There’s been very exciting sort of the celestial nature of it sort of you know very fairy nature of it And I really like how it’s in stars. I just I think it’s really cool. Cinnamon: Yeah. I think I think we’re gonna put in some leaves And then add a little few more little stars and then twinkle those up and then start blocking in our beautiful sleeping princess I’m so into it today. John: Yes me too into it. I’m into it! Cinnamon Alright, so I’m going to get I think a #4 cat’s tongue you could use a filbert you could use a round. I’m gonna be making in our little ivy texture and So it’s there’s a green to it, but it’s mostly like got a lot of blue in the green I’m gonna even grab some of my Prussian over here Cuz these are pretty dark little leaves. I don’t know if you guys noticed how dark they were but they were not very bright you can see I’m Loading up my brush And I’m gonna put in just some of this the stuff. That’s real close to her. I’m gonna lay in in a minute Once I have her blocked in a little more, but I want to just get some of this Sort of leaves done, can you see these on here? I’m gonna get a little zinc so some of them pop a little more than others. Ah there you go I’m just putting in some little random leaf shapes now the trick to this guys This is a little bit like doing your Zentangles That you’re going to vary up the tones, and you may want to vary up the directions of these little leaf shapes The shaples. if you need to see the shape that I’m doing is this a sort of dark over dark This is just sort of like.. John: Hold on just a second here. I adjusted the camera over there, so they can see right Cinnamon: yeah, I’m just gonna just show them just the shape So that they can see that shape a little bit better see But it’s going to be important that I make them go different directions some of them be different sizes Some of them be partially viewable, and we’re going to be just filling in our background with all of that texture so hopefully that explains it a little bit I Like the Prussian blue, I like the mix of all the three. get a little zinc’s got a little heavier in my Prussian Well there’s just a lot and as they come down here They’re gonna get darker, and I may even be suited to flip my canvas over and paint it up for comfort. John: Oh yeah? Cinnamon: yeah I’m just going to just enjoy taking my time with this John: Those are really just barely visible. Cinnamon: barely, and if you look at the reference. They’re just barely there, right Only the stuff that’s very close to her is incredibly defined. you can grab a little of your zinc white To pull some of these as they’re even closer into some slightly lighter aspect Uh-oh, what’s up? Do I look goofy? It’s okay. I do sometimes you so I’m just looking at this wonderful little texture That we have and it’s just something nice I can put in You know I’m not gonna take it all the way down to the stars. I’m gonna just have some leaves here cuz I love that she’s sort of sleeping on a blanket of leaves, but and it’s also stars and This is gonna be about getting those subtle layers subtle subtle value changes if you if you printed this out in black and white You would really see how Very dark. John: now you’ve got her upside down now right? Cinnamon: yeah. I have her upside down so we’re painting John: Yeah, I had a mild panic that I had the wrong image up Wait a minute… She’s the wrong… Cinnamon: I have this lip right on my easel and sometimes It’s better if I switch this But you can see I’m not being particularly fussy about each leaf at this stage. I’m just Getting this sort of sorted out and in Because it’s quite quite dark right? John: yeah Cinnamon: And we’re just saying oh hey This is going down here And then we’ll even layer some more stars in that and then as we get close to her will create the highlighted bed This will all start to pull together is a very celestial painting. John: it is, it’s very cosmic It’s out there man! Cinnamon: it’s out there Something needs to be, how is everybody doing? John: this is awesome. Everybody loves this painting. I mean well Everybody says they love it they can’t…. I’m just reading over here. They’re there Amanda was like thank you I was turned around too – she thought that was when she it was upside down So ya. no everybody’s really loving this and and this is really great and the traceable is available on the website, ( right? Cinnamon: Mmmhmm bunch of information about this painting We’re adding more information about colors as we go We have a group on Facebook (The Art Sherpa Official) tht you can join. You don’t actually have to do any of this one of the questions I’m always getting is like what do I have to do to sign up for the quest? Just show up John: Yep, and if you show up. Cinnamon: and paint it and you’re in it You don’t have to do anything more, but if you want to come hang out with us We’re on our website ( We’re on Facebook (The Art Sherpa Official) John: Yeah, if you if you look at the link description below You’ll find a link to our website and that has a whole bunch of resources The traceable the reference image all of the videos that cinnamon has curated around this along with all of her thoughts Notes and ideas that she blogs about when she’s doing this stuff There’s there’s little tidbits that we collect up in there too, so it’s always really good to check that out Never know what you’re gonna find. Cinnamon: extra info, yep And there’s the whole 12 months is up there, too John: Yeah And it’s a great place to find all of the other projects that we’re doing Cinnamon: So I’ve just got a little bit of this laid in and you can see it’s not too crazy or serious. John: It’s really nice Cinnamon: It’s just a nice little bit of this that I’m carrying down because most of my focus is gonna be here and around my figure and Then my next really interesting sort of peaky highlight will probably be in the stars So her dress is an interesting event I’m gonna take a little of my Prussian out and add a little my Alizarin to it Because her dress is (white), but it has to me like, like the slightest Blue to it a Little purple in it too So I’m gonna find that and I’m looking for that color. I’m going to mix a little my phthalo in there Oh, that is a perfect mix, so it’s just a little of the alizarin and Prussian and Some phthalo, and we’re getting right into the dress color And I’m using my zinc because I don’t want it to be too Too much, I’m gonna start Painting in loosely My little dress just with my first layer of paint right There’s not a lot going on here. I’m just putting in that first layer And then we’re gonna create all of the delicate feeling of it But I definitely definitely want to get in my my first sense of things You know and I bring a slight like more highlight down the little leg here, that I know I’m gonna have But see how I’m highlighting that a bit Just a bit. John: yeah Cinnamon:Just starting to pull in what is the dress. John: now which brush are you using there? Cinnamon: I’m still on my #4 cat’s tongue. You could use a #4 filbert. You could use a round you could use a bright John: What… Whatever puts the paint on the canvas for you Cinnamon: You know to some degree yeah, right? some degree John: fingers work. Cinnamon: fingers work John: You use a stick. Cinnamon: if you need to. John: I mean literally you just could Cinnamon: You’re gonna be Definitely pulling some skin tone out there, but I just want to Get some base dress in like sometimes you just got to get the base dress in right Some of those stars painted out Now, I made do something sort of playful with these. And bring down her halter top. That’s probably not very goddessy I see that sounds very human doesn’t it? she has a halter top not exactly, but you know I’m kind of painting out my little chalk here a bit John: Now is it’s okay to paint right over the chalk? Cinnamon: It is so okay to paint right over the chalk John: It won’t change your color or anything? Cinnamon: this chalk won’t if you were doing a nice quality pastel You could change the color because it would have a lot of pigment in it but this is just this chalk barely has any pigment in it it barely has anything going on and It’s just gonna vanish into our paint. John: Oh, okay. Cool. Cinnamon: As our dress is starting to vanish into the background That’s ok, We’ll bring her up John: I also remember you saying something, about you could use a like a wet Brush as an eraser for chalk? Cinnamon: you can use a wet brush as… you know what, we moved my.. I’m gonna Hop off camera for two seconds. John: okay She’s Gone! Not there, not there, and then she’s back Cinnamon: Almost died, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it. Okay, i’m going to pull a little of my yellow ocher over here, and I’m gonna grab some of my alizarin And I’m gonna start working out her very very light flesh tone I’m gonna get a little more my red into this Definitely definitely, We’ve got fair skin with pink undertones I Want to get this first color fairly nice Now I feel like I’m gonna add just a smidge of my Prussian to Cool the skin down or gray it out a bit If I overdo it, it will gray it too much And I won’t enjoy my result skin tone so I have to be very very cautious on how much I’m adding I could have done green too Like that might be too much. Once I have this range of skin tone now I can Really create the very light skin tone, which is by just taking a smidge of this pigment over here. John: Now you use that Pallet knife there to mix that up, but you could use a brush Cinnamon: a brush John: Or you know maybe a squeegee if you have one. Cinnamon: I find I’m really happy when I have like a master skin tone like this and then I’m just doing little micro mixes that works really super well for me John: now Janice was asking Is it okay to use white or black charcoal instead of chalk? Cinnamon: White charcoal or black charcoal you just those do have a heavier pigment load and so they can get in the paint But I really love a white charcoal pencil John: now if I recall you also saying something about, it just can’t be an oil-based one. Cinnamon: Yeah, it should not be oil-based John: Okay. Cinnamon: because you don’t want to mix up your acrylics in your oil products. John: Normally they’ll say that they’re an oil pastel or an Oil chalk. Cinnamon: yeah. There’s some misunderstanding right now going on about whether acrylics and oils do mix and As far as I know all the science points to no, they don’t You can paint oils over acrylics, but you just really can’t paint acrylics over oils John: Yep, and that’s .. There’s some chemistry there that we don’t need to totally go into. Cinnamon: …To go into. Let’s just say it’s it to not to. John: yeah here’s gonna many resources like or something like that and read about all the chemistry of paint but Yeah, so we’re.. Cinnamon: Or just write paint companies They’ll be happy to tell you all the reasons why that’s probably not your best bet. John: but you’re painting master colors of paint arms stuff here. Cinnamon: I am painting master colors and what I’m trying to do is just you know get this first layer down I may have to trim the arm I may have to make the are more delicate because I feel like You know it’s thickening on me past what I would want, but we’re gonna see how everything relates to each other in a minute because she’s gonna have a lot of leaves and stuff over Everything I’m gonna put a little more red a little more blush into my brush a little more blush into my brush and get right into this creamy white mix here, and you can see it gets a little bit rosy but that’s just because Right here We will be a little bit rosier John: Now you’ve got a couple videos Where you talk about how to do lots of different.. Skin tones and things so that you know if your skin may be a different color Which is a pretty good possibility in this world because we come in lots of different colors? Cinnamon: You’re totally welcome to customize yeah Any painting or idea that I have… John: Ya, and we would love to see it! Cinnamon: to be reflective of Anything that makes you happy. I don’t take that so personal, John: Ya, so please share them I would love to see that stuff. Cinnamon: that I’m taking a slightly darker value And I’m darkening here at the bicep in here to the back of the forearm. I’m just starting to talk about where There might be a slightly bigger shadow space John: That’s already creating really interesting depth Cinnamon: I hope so All right, I’m gonna get some lighter color into this and you can just see I can just add the white and And I’m gonna start to paint. I’m gonna get my glasses on. let me tell you being able to see is critical John: See you seeing what you’re looking at is very important. Cinnamon: It just is man. John: robocam agrees. You must be able to see Cinnamon: Robocam is like, seeing is my favorite thing. I’m just gonna paint this face in I’m gonna do it loosely because I just have a loose sketch here So like literally right now. I’m going to divide the face into a light area And then I’m gonna put in a slightly darker value on this side I’m getting right back into skin tone now. I might grab some of this Prussian Which is gonna. Give me like almost like a cool shadow effect. so in skin tones there’s a warm shadow a cool shadow The skin tones have their own biases like underneath and so everything that you’re doing is really about balancing those things out Right now I’m just trying to make sure that the ball Which is the head right the heads a ball? Has a couple value sets to it. John: thought it was an egg. Cinnamon: it isn’t, but it’s a roundish shape John: It’s a roundish shape. Cinnamon: right so I want to make sure Whatever else I’ve got going on feels like John: My head’s been called a planetoid. Cinnamon: Has it? Cuz it’s big? John: Especially when I had my my big hair. Cinnamon: Im going to take this highlight and bring it up over the shoulder John: It’s very spacey. I really like how the highlights come in on these Cinnamon: Maybe a little bit right here again, I’m just trying to Sit there and say oh, there’s some skin tone, and it has some values. I’ve got to get into my details Right I’ve got to get into my glazes and everything to smooth all that out, but until I do I’m gonna get some blue and black together I’m going to just very carefully paint in my base of the hair See how we’re doing? John: So I’m gonna see if I can zoom in on the area where Where we’re working on the picture-in-picture here so that Cinnamon: That’s a cool idea! John: Rebecca Just asked me if I could do that I think that I can but I need it. Cinnamon: just on the girl cuz we’re gonna be going face and dress and then we’re gonna Be doing the leaves all around her. John: yeah, I think that we can I can pull in on that a little bit make it adjustable but I’m gonna have to take the picture and picture down just for a second to do this just for a second see if I can Cinnamon: Shade into here a little bit Try to shave my arm down some Well that was smeary I’m gonna get my brush clean, and I’m just gonna come clean this boo-boo up I’m getting away with some of this just because my paint is quality That’s just a thing to think about like sometimes I get away with stuff just because I’m taking some blue here to create a little shadow, so I’m trying to trim this arm back. Ah There we go I’m getting it where it feels a little more delicate see? John: Cynthia missed the answer and I missed the question Cinnamon: What was it? John: I don’t know. I was paying attention to the To the to the picture-in-picture, I think that that’s okay though, I think we got it here. Cinnamon: I’m just creating a little shadow there. Now, maybe I’ll take my little blue here and create just a little bit there. Just something to build on all All right, so let’s give the dress. We’ve got to put a little peak of leg here So let’s get our base skin tone. I might have a yellow to it your base skin tone very very light. and so am I right here I’ve got just a sliver of leg That is peeking through fabric Just a little bit Now I’m going to take a little of my Prussian and a lot more of my Phthalo Trying to get into that dress color if I need to, I’ll grab some alizarin I’m gonna start blocking in some value There’s that purple sort of undervalue purple, I hope you guys can see it yeah, I’m trying to adjust the Oh A little bit so we can get some more better view on that Oh rain here I’m gonna start putting in the undervalue right here, and then there’s some space at the waist Right here Then definitely leading up to our leg coming up And when I’m hoping is is that the purple of this will be really obvious You know There we go As we paint up the dress, I just lighten that one shade and added a little more red to it. Yeah I’m gonna come here. Cuz I know that’s gonna be here a Little bit right here The dress is from this whole collection. I think are just some of my favorite. Oh, yeah a little of this purple in this area Littlez inks And try to I may even move my reference over so I’m not having to look as far sure I Just would love it if it stayed right there Good little reference need some more tape I don’t know if I need some more tape or some more serious tape So I’m looking for like little highlights in this area, and I’m gonna be just Fine to Talk about you saw fit, and it’s one of the reasons why I like zinc oh, thank you You’re amazing, thank you All right I’m just pulling a little bit in and this is just again where a zinc is a champ Is it so transparent and then it’s gonna Let me come in with my titanium white to make some of these filigree patterns Talk about some of this stuff more intensely And I can just sort of dry brush or glaze Everything over. I think I’m gonna get into my glazes My skin tones and my dress will be benefited by glazes to no end so This is in the description below, this is glazing liquid By golden it is both a glaze and a slow drying agent Not all the products out there are both It is an incredibly wonderful tool And gives you an option for thin transparent coats of color That are well bound In other words. They’re really going to stick to the canvas And they’re stable they wont to do color shift on you And it’ll slow the drying time down enough where you get a chance to sort of see what you’re working on And what I’m looking for are the little highlights These a little sort of shimmery highlights to this dress I’m gonna get a little bit of my Prussian and my glaze I’ll even come in and be like oh, no you’re like a little bit of a shadow Back here, John: I’m gonna move the picture picture up for right now Okay, so that it’s so that they could think they could see Cinnamon: Anything that they need to be having a better time painting this I’m up for. John: it’s it’s difficult because the I Just had the same thing. Amanda just had the same idea I did she was like can we try the picture in picture at the top? Cinnamon: Maybe that will work yeah, I’m putting this darker value here any but you can see I’m using the glazes and this already the glazes create is sort of Transparency effect that we want from our fabric right? I’m just pulling it out, and I’m playing that up. I’m exaggerating some of that Because I enjoying it so much Sort of transparent Isn’t that lovely? John: yeah Cinnamon: Some tools are just totally worth it Just still glazing And then I can get right into my Zinc Still glazing and you’re like how much glaze could Zinc need? A little Because we’re trying to show this very delicate fabric Aren’t we? Really enjoy doing this This is one of the reasons why I personally enjoy painting mm-hmm Is the chance to play with these types of effects? Enjoy these types of fabrics and paint textures that we can use these different methodologies to paint and Also like I have to say I am just tripped out and super delighted that other people want make this kind of stuff – oh Yeah I’m just pressing the brush along and so it gave me this like interesting little ribbon of zinc But I’m actually not gonna take that away because I really like it I’m gonna leave it because I think it’s a feature I’m just gonna keep working these little value sets Into this fabric and then I need a sippy sippy break And I’m gonna evaluate from far away. I’ll look at how that’s coming together I can’t see very well, cuz we’re go close magnifications far away magnifications, but I needed sippy sippy of my coffee are we seeing her start to take form?John: yes very much so and What do I want to try to bring the picture-in-picture to the bottom of the screen here so That we can bring it back up here with you. Huh but a little lower You can see that. They really like this is really nice that you’re able to see all of the The details that are coming in there Cinnamon: And we have this you can download this PDF From the website, so not just the traceable, but the reference. John: yeah, so you’ll find the link to that in the description below Cinnamon: Yeah, it’s free to register at the website There’s like there’s and I think you can you just get I don’t know if you might be able. Just get to it unregistered I don’t know unSigned in I’m not sure on that. Do you know on that? John: I think you could get to the page Yeah, you can get to all that stuff Cinnamon: so we’re just going along. How we doing on time? John: You’re about a half an hour in Cinnamon: We’ll go about a half hour more if we’re not done with the painting. We’ll meet back up on Wednesday I’ll just repost it for after the MayMayCon announcement and we will finish her up because I don’t want us to feel rushed right I want us to take the time to digest and absorb what we’re doing and Find her own way through it Right and sometimes like when I’m like Oh, we got to get this done in an hour and a half or two hours or an hour We’re really pushing through a painting very quickly so this I want you guys to have a minute to be really like okay I’m with my friends. I’m hanging out and painting, but I’m not having to speed through Yeah and back to the fabric Back to the fabric again. I think in a new studio I’m gonna have like a palette that comes like right here. John:I think yeah, we’re probably gonna do something like that differently. Cinnamon: I feel like I need to I Love playing with my zinc, so I’m gonna get some of my zinc and some of my glazing medium And I’m gonna come in talk a little bit about this halter. I love this brush for being able to just do a lot I’m gonna take these highlights Hopefully help create the feeling of the creasing of the fabric Right now one thing I can do is I can come over interesting enough to the to the titanium white And then just very carefully on The edge you can see how the titanium plays against the zinc so differently So titanium is essentially the replacement for lead white artist used to have lead white for this effect, and they had the Zinc for exactly how we’re using it now But paintings were generally won, and lost somewhere in the lead white area And this is how it happened John: Karen says that I must tell you how fetching you look today. Cinnamon: Oh Karen Thank you. John: You look very very nice and of course your jewelry is on point Cinnamon: I appreciate that I Thank you so much for my jewelry support I Have my name is Sherpa and I have a jewelry problem I Love Dory Coming back with some zinc I’m just softening this area That we have these are these sort of wrinkles, but I want them to be very soft and I’m going to take a little of my alizarin and maybe a touch of my Phthalo, it’s gonna make a purple. I’m gonna get quite a lot of my Zinc into it so it’s quite bright I’m gonna keep working the top of the leg here. John: Yeah I’m going to keep moving the picture picture out there a little bit Cinnamon: Isn’t this fun John: We’re goinna go that way for ya. Cinnamon: thank you more of my zinc You can see this is just sort of a value study isn’t it? You’re just talking about some value And some fabric folds and see I’m like defining an area with a highlight As I’m seeing this and there’s a highlight here And maybe there’s some right here in the fabric that’s highlighted I Get a little of my phthalo and My zinc Come here and define some of this fabric edge Now we’re gonna do some interesting stuff with the fabric, the sky, and the value around it I’ll pop it We’re going to definitely catch some of the filigree work. That’s in her dress And just keeping these highlights going now while I’m here. I’m going to rinse out my brush And I’m gonna give myself an aide on this edge here, so you see your Prussian. I’m going to get a little of my glaze And I’m gonna make a glaze of just my prussian Just come along behind this dress Look at this, I’m gonna pop this edge by just glazing See it It’s subtle but it’s going to make a huge difference in how this piece reads And I’m softening this edge here right The glaze isn’t taking away the background, you still see stars, you still see stuff I’m just making this deeper value. I’m blending it up into the smoke This fog, this sort of nebula that’s going up. Can you guys see it? John: Yeah The trick to this will be about making sure that this edge is soft and blended If I go into my skin tone like I have here. I’m gonna definitely want to come in remove that and Because it’s slow drawing I can come back and remove anything that dipped into my dress in a way. I didn’t want it to Okay now I have this nice value assessment on this back edge That I can absolutely play into And take a little more of my Prussian blue and my glazing I’m sure that there’s a couple areas that are a little More deeply expressed in the dress John: Now Pisces was asking if you don’t have zinc white is there a next best solution? Cinnamon: mixing white mixing white mm-hmm And I mean this product this Transparent white is through craft bottle products all the way up to pro paint It is available in a variety of product. John: okay Cinnamon: Absolutely online even if you’re in an area that does not have an art store that carries a wide variety of product I’m getting into my glaze again I’ll make a nice little shadow Just Accentuating some of these shadows that I have started to talk about In the fabric that I’m using the glaze to do it And see these little touches there they’re slow add at a time right, but They’re gonna make a nice difference for us as we go. Getting my zinc’s in here I’m just gonna keep playing And try to frame it like that when you’re working when you’re painting you’re playing If you’re playing you can’t get that upset about what’s happening If you frame in the right perspective I’m just dusting this nice. See how the phthalo just really plays against prussian and almost like it’s like just super bright super supernaturally, so I Love that about it Now I’m going to get my brush into my Prussian again, but it has my phthalo blue of it, and I’m gonna start getting into my Titanium white and this is going to allow me to Create some areas Extreme highlight huh pops doesn’t it because this paint is so opaque Good I’m using edge of my brush to create delicate little lines And spaces Look at that I Grabbed a little of the phthalo blue I’m gonna just keep Implying these little wrinkles that are going up leg A lot of layers in this dress. If you weren’t sure how to get this dress accomplished it could be really overwhelming Look at that let’s see that at a distance. How are we doing? John: Looking good. Cinnamon: She’s in some crinkly little chiffon there isn’t she? John: yeah, you know even when you look up close on it. It looks really good! Cinnamon: yeah I am very happy happy with this a little into my phthalo. Just creating these light little spaces into the chiffon that I’ve already started to define You can see I’m using the edge of the brush to get this sort of light Almost calligraphy like lines. John: Oh yeah. Cinnamon: that’s gonna help me. I’m using the tip here to get a little kind of gentle delicate little edge I’m here and make this little sweep coming in Let’s just come back to the waist and again pull that little sweep And that’s a lot of like what we’re thinking about is like that little sweep right that little space that little thoughtfulness I can always get back into my glaze with my Prussian Anytime I felt like I lost something I needed I can put it back look So you’re not stuck. you’re not trapped Now I’m gonna get a little teeny tiny brush I’m gonna get right into my white I may even treat myself to fluid guys because sometimes Thinning my heavy body paints with the small brush is a pain I’m going to definitely get some blue pigment on here What I want is some very light almost nearly white pigment Now I’m going to Talk a little bit around this dress About these filigree lines Oops move my easel sorry, babe. We’re still okay on camera? John: yeah. camera can move Cinnamon: I’m making these little filigree lines. John: Yeah, we can see them, Cinnamon: so that’s to me you know that’s an important touch of this particular dress, so I’m you know I want to get right into that and John: Let’s see what I can do here for a second. Cinnamon: how are they seeing everything? I’m taking this little brush and You know defining some of the highlights and John: Let’s see if I can get a little zoomed in there Cinnamon: I’m not being like particularly realistic because that’s not my way Not that it can’t be my way it can be every artist as They’re going through their learning Figures out that a lot of stuff is open to them is an option to express creatively You’ve just got to decide is that option what you’re about what you’re excited about John: Now I’ve got a really big picture in picture there, but we can show it’s showing a close-up of the filigree work there Cinnamon: Yeah, so that’s what we’re kind of just talking about that a little bit I’m doing it in such a way as to not Be as specific as the photograph is. You could sit there though and be exactly Specific. John: This is just to give you a idea. You know you’re just trying to get the feeling of like some Cosmic filigree work. Cinnamon: yes Just trying to get that expression out I’ve got a little Prussian into my white And I just want to talk about it a little bit You know, you might want to talk about it a lot most of our quest have the entire month So we’re really able to just break them down into little segments You know and do this this was probably the shortest month for us And so we’re just probably putting in an extra day Just kind of tucked in here and there so that she gets finished up at the same Level everything else is going to be because in my in my dream world for this project You guys have entire collections you have all 12 of the pieces That you are proudly displaying in your home John: There we go, I think it got it nicely set there Cinnamon: I love that we paint artwork together in this way John: I love that we have such a global community. Cinnamon: Yeah Cinnamon: I think for me too, one of the things that I really like is that it’s not just you guys buying a painting I’ve done It’s you guys painting a painting with me. that to me is incredibly interesting and exciting John: Now you’ve got about 10 minutes left here today. Cinnamon: will be just about the dress We’ll do about 10 more minutes on the dress. John: Okay. Cinnamon: I imagine and We will meet up tomorrow. I’ll just schedule it after we get off. John: that’d be great Cinnamon: You guys can just all iCard that all in And we’ll finish up her beautiful face and her floral crown You know you guys can go as deep with the calligraphy and the filigree and all the little fabric design as You want today John: mm-hmm Cinnamon: Now, I’m certainly having a good time with it I could do five hours of this I could just be so drilled down deep on this for like such an amount of time, John: You just you’re just going back, and you just getting more of that filigree color. Cinnamon: yeah, John I keep talking about like how many hours Do you think you could just paint? And I’m like, I don’t know, do I have to sleep? If I don’t have to sleep like I could just paint and paint and paint John: Paint in your sleep Yeah So you can see I’m just using this brush and I’m trying it. Let me see it big. I’m trying not to disrupt too much. Oh, she’s starting to look.. isn’t she looking lovely. John:Looking really good! Cinnamon: Alright guys, this is a good space my eyes are getting tired, and I think too I’m still healing from this mouth thing But let’s meet up tomorrow and finish her up, and then we’ll be so ready for The next month which is the flower elf? To be up and ready for us to go. I really appreciate you guys showing up today to take part of this I can’t wait to see the next leg of your journey on The Facebook group The Big Art Quest you know go by there and join that or on our website John: So we’re gonna schedule this up so that everyone will know that. Cinnamon: like immediately after. John: ok so we’ll get this up on the schedule so everybody will know when when to look for this and If any questions check the link in the description down below for the website. on our website of course We’ll have links to all of the wonderful things like traceable the reference material and like cool stuff Cinnamon: Yeah, tomorrow it’ll be a video about a way you can come and paint with me Live. John: yep Cinnamon: We’re gonna talk about that a little bit and then after that I’m gonna schedule is okay alright Be good to yourselves be good to each other and we want to see you at the easel really soon, bye bye You

28 thoughts on “How to paint with Acrylic on Canvas Celestial Princess part 2

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