How to paint White Fur – Malifaux

How to paint White Fur – Malifaux

What’s up guys welcome back. Today we’ll be looking at how to paint white
fur. We’ll start with mixing some Vallejo Ivory
into some Secret Weapon Old Mud, and we’ll add a bit of tallarn sand in there as well. This will give us a similar sort of colour
to the one we used on the Dreamer, if you remember. So just go ahead and splatter than on there. Then we’ll use some Army Painter Strong Tone
to just wash the whole surface. Once that dries we’ll mix our first highlight
by adding a bit of ivory to the base colour. And we’ll just pick out all the little hairs,
pretty simple stuff really. There’s a fair amount of snobbery about using
simple techniques like washing and drybrushing but I think that’s all a bit shortsighted. The techniques you use don’t really matter,
techniques are just tools, it’s the end result that counts, if it works, it works. We’ll add some more Ivory and continue to
build up the highlights. I’m trying to target the centre of these hairs,
as they’re rounded the centre point is going to be catching the most light so I want the
highlights to be strongest around that middle area. For the last highlight we’ll use Ivory on
it’s own. And again we’ll target that centre point around the hair. Alright guys, congratulations for making it
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14 thoughts on “How to paint White Fur – Malifaux

  1. I think it'd very true in what you say about it doesn't matter the technique, if you get the result you want.

    Ben Komets did a Shield Maiden series on Painting Buddha and if memory serves, the main brown colour he used for the tunic she was wearing was done with Army Painter tones. The result he achieved looks amazing… like actual leather. πŸ˜€

  2. Great video Kujo! I really look forward to these videos. It would be great if you could show a final shot at the end of the finished product though.

  3. Another great video mate! Thanks again for all your hard work. I do genuinely think yours are some of the best tutorials on YouTube πŸ‘

  4. Another awesome video really like the way you go throughthe colours and blending the colours and the graduation in them

  5. The music made me astral project, so I had to go back and watch this again.

    On a side note, my neighbors are very weird behind closed doors.

  6. Snobbery around technique is a very strange thing. Techniques are like tools they all have there place. It's best to know as many techniques as you can and then pick the one that will help you get to the result you desire. Anyway great video as always. It's a joy to watch you paint.

  7. Also, this really helped me with painting hair that is grey. It's pretty weird how there are so many tutorials on every hair color, but grey/white are just not very popular. Since I have been painting longfangs and wolf guard, grey and white hair is common. A lot of your videos (this one included) have helped me make the hair and beards look good. Much appreciated.

  8. Amazing as always, watching your videos has really helped me step up my painting. I was wondering if you had any guides on painting black (black armour) on the horizon. Really struggling getting a finish im happy with. Keep up the great work.

  9. I just discovered your videos last night, and I am loving your approach. Very intuitive, and the music is top shelf!

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