How to Paint Squares on Your Walls – Sherwin-Williams

How to Paint Squares on Your Walls – Sherwin-Williams

[music playing] Transform plain
solid colored walls into works of art
with painted squares. They can be one size
with a set pattern or a variety of sizes
in a random pattern. It’s up to you
and your imagination. In this video, we’ll show you how to create
a checkerboard pattern or equally sized
squares on a wall. Step 1:
Preparation. Think about the design
you’d like to create. How many colors
do you want to use? How many squares? will the squares
be large or small Will you use two
different Sheens? You’ll also need to know
the dimensions of your wall. Determine the height
and width of the wall, then divide both
by the size of square you’d like. This tells you how many
squares will fill the wall. For example, let’s say your wall is
8 feet high and 12 feet wide and you want two foot squares. With those measurements,
you’ll have 4 squares vertically and 6 squares horizontally. Once you’ve determined
your measurements and design, gather the right tools
for your project at your neighborhood
Sherwin Williams store. Choose your paint colors,
one color is the base coat and the others are
coordinating colors, which create the square pattern. Make sure you have the
following supplies: 1 or 2 inch low-tax
safe-release tape, a 9 inch roller frame and cover,
mini roller frame and cover, roller pan with liner,
tape measure, carpenter’s level, straight edge, utility knife,
and a pencil. Step 2: Paint the base coat. You can use your existing
wall color as the base coat or apply a new color. If you apply a new color,
let it dry for at least four hours or overnight for best results. Step 3: Mark the horizontal
and vertical lines for the square pattern. Start at the top of the wall and measure and mark
the horizontal lines, according to the size
of your square pattern. Do the same for
your vertical lines. If you’re using a chalk line,
use blue chalk because red and yellow
are permanent. Step 4: Apply tape. Determine which squares you want to paint
the coordinating color and firmly apply tape
on the outside of each square. Then, cut and remove
the excess tape in the corners of the squares
you’re going to paint. The last step
is to paint the squares. Before you get started,
put a piece of tape in the squares you’re
not going to paint for reference. Use a mini roller to fill in the squares
with your coordinating color. Paint every other box
across and down. Let it dry for at least
four hours. Then remove the tape by anchoring it away
from the painted squares. Creating original art
on your walls is easy with Sherwin-Williams. Whether your squares
are equally sized or random, you’ll love how they
shape up your room. For more information about other
decorative techniques or Sherwin-Williams,

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  1. I wanted to paint my house walls like a chess board , then i came across this while searching . please show ( upload ) ,complete video if possible .

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