How to paint photorealistic clouds – Trailer

How to paint photorealistic clouds – Trailer

When you’re painting clouds the edges are very important because they allow you to create a soft and fuzzy
appearance. Almost every cloud has a soft edge a transition between the blue sky and the cloud itself You better start working on this at an
early stage when the blue of the sky is still wet. Because I use a lot of medium I need more than one layer to get the color intensity I want, layer upon later to finally get a
radiant white Glazing is an ancient technique developed in the fifteenth century by
painters like Jan van Eijck. In the twentieth century it fell into
disuse but with with modern materials like Liquin and transparent white it still gives
great results. These details are pretty important in
order to make the cloud look real, little bulges and dots that got separated from the big cloud interrupt the shape and give it a sense of movement. My final decision is to lighten the sky
below the clouds on the left side to connect the sky and the beach In my years as a painter I discovered that
no painting ever goes according to plan that there will always be moments of
doubt but that most of the time things
will turn out fine if you just keep on painting.

74 thoughts on “How to paint photorealistic clouds – Trailer

  1. Absolutley Awesome! I have never ever seen any painter that could produce photo-realistic clouds like Janhedrik Dolsma! If I found out that he was teaching a class, I would have been on the first flight out of town! Thankfully, I was able to get a hold of the "How To Paint Clouds Video" and couldn't be more happy! For the price of a hamburger this video teaches step by step what otherwise would take a lifetime to discover. Thank you Janhendrik Dolsma for making this video available!

  2. Thank you, Marc! I'm really touched by your comment. I wanted to share what I learned as a full time painter and I'm so pleased to hear that it worked for you!

  3. Now HERE is a video I would pay to watch!

    The gentleman speaks clearly, in complete cogent sentences with well-modulated voice.

    He uses real painting techniques instead of gimmicks. He shows his compositional and observational skills with the sensitivity of a real artist, instead of a retired house-painter.
    If painters learn how to paint better and knowledgeable buyers refuse to buy art-fair daubs, perhaps this will help stop the irritating pandemic of amateurish two-dimensional "Bob Ross" skies we see all over YouTube.

  4. I loved watching this and tried to go onto the website so I could get the video, but I got diverted to another place and warned that this was a virus. It said the site did exist but not with the link given. Any suggestions?

  5. Ignore my previous comment I just tried the link in the response to Pat Barker's comment and it worked 🙂

  6. Wow! This is absolutely amazing! I am doing a large beach artwork on a canvas for school, and turned to this video to help me paint clouds. This has truly inspired me, and I am amazed by your extraordinary artistic talent! Truly beautiful!
    Thankyou for inspiring me!

  7. Wow! just wow! never seen a clouds like that on painting before..  Thanks for the tutorial and gonna start with my abstract clouds 🙂

  8. Your clouds are amazing and although I do mainly acrylics, I think it will help me alot with my clouds.Thanks for your videos!

  9. I have just purchased your cloud painting video, which is great.  Can you please tell me what brand of oil paint you use?  Kings blue seems a lovely colour but it is not in any brand range I am familiar with.  I am from Australia

  10. I bought your videos on painting clouds. What a great video! Where can I buy your badger sable brush and stipple brushes? Thank you.

  11. Beautiful paintings sir, and thank you for the tips. Hopefully soon I can learn to slow down and take my time to create something more realistic

  12. Thank you so much for so generously sharing your talents and knowledge.

    I too love clouds, sunsets and the beach but my paintings have always lacked a finesse that you seemed to have mastered.

    After downloading and viewing your videos on Painting Clouds and Painting Sunsets, questions for which I have been seeking answers for a very long time have been answered. This includes, using Liquin, blending, softening, reflections, mixing colors, composition, glazing, layering, and more. It is all there!!

    I really appreciate the clarity of your presentation and camera angles that show your brush strokes and palette close-up.

    These are the BEST painting videos that I have ever watched, and I have watched a lot of them. Please consider doing more.

    Thanks so much!!

  13. Thank you so much for your compliments, WhattaCat. I'm really happy to hear that my tutorials have been helpful. And, like you suggest, I'm consideirng to do more. Maybe next year…

  14. Always a moment of doubt? Every time I start a new painting! 🙂 Never goes according to plan!!! Every time!!! Thanks for the magic!

  15. Thanks for your kind words, Douglas. I'm sure every painter has them, these moments of doubts. Wouldn't it be boring without them?

  16. Thanks Jon! Yes, my fingers are an important painting tool, especially my thumb. Not expensive and always available 🙂

  17. Clouds are my favorite thing to paint but I haven't yet learned the shading in a great way, love this video thank you! You are brilliant and so talented!

  18. Not trying to sound rude(I promise) he just really sounds similar to the guy that says "3 hours later" in spongebob

  19. This is amazing, did you use oil paint? If you used acrylic would you still get the same effect?

  20. Hello, I bought your full video and I am very impressed. I really love the color and luminosity you put into your paintings. Can your techniques be used for a long wall mural (1m high and 12m wide)? I'd like to get that good color transition from top to bottom – a fairly clear sky with a few scattered/distant clouds. Thank you very much!

  21. what colours did you use on these clouds, and is there another way of getting hold of detailed instruction other than video as i don't have a video player or dvd player in my study

  22. Geweldig tutorial Jan Hendrik! Mooi om jou in actie te zien. Ik hou ook van schilderen met olie verf of waterverf❤️

  23. The process you outline in this video may be the most fun I have yet had experimenting and discovering new things. I've been practicing for a couple of weeks now and am starting to get better and better at understanding what it is I am trying to do.

    Anecdotally, while watching I couldn't really understand why you were using your thumb so much. So one day I was feeling quite dissatisfied and stuck with my development. So I literally just stuck my thumb on the edge of some paint to work on blending it and it was like a light went on! I spent most of that day becoming a huge mess finger painting my clouds. Using my fingers and thumb literally revolutionized my learning curve.

    Anyway, thanks for the inspiration. I am really enjoying myself and this is money very well spent 🙂

  24. I have been unable to get “How to Paint Clouds or How to paint Sunsets.” Any help would be greatly appreciated! I can’t get the email address to work.

  25. I can't work out what I am doing wrong! Sometimes it's necessary to just put the brush down…..and walk away. Watch the video again. Yep,the moments of doubt …keep on painting. Don't get discouraged. I lecture myself!! Try,try again.

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