How to paint Orc skin? TUTORIAL – Painting Miniatures 101

How to paint Orc skin? TUTORIAL – Painting Miniatures 101

in this video I show you how to paint
miniature Orc skin. So stick around for that! Salutations ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to a YouTube channel Maniacal Miniatures! In this video I’ll show you
how to paint miniature Orc skin, as stated in the teaser, and I’ll show you
how I do it personally, and yeah the results are the same as shown in the
thumbnail and I recently concocted that little recipe and I’m really psyched
about that! So I hope you like it as well! and I hope that you learn something
from this video, furthermore: the video from last week was the first video
I’ve done in the painting tutorial series that I’m about to release a
couple of stand-alones in, the first one was how to paint miniatures fast and
simple, for those of you who have a ton of unpainted miniatures – and just want to
get something done to tabletop standard fairly quickly, and something painted to
a standard that you can go back and revisit later and add more details to.
So I hope that is useful to you! I will put a link up here so you go check that
out if you haven’t seen it and that’s miniature painting 101 this is another
stand alone for Orruk skin or Orc skin as as it’s called more generally. So yeah
let’s get around to painting some Orc skin so guys here we are!
For this skin recipe you will need to have a couple of different Citadel
paints, we will start with applying a base coat of “Death World Forest” then we will shade the miniature with
“Athonian Camo Shade” after that we will apply a couple of layer strokes of
“Elysian Green” and after that some “Nurgling Green”
highlights around the miniature and finally we will glaze the miniature with
“Waywatcher Green” and that is basically *cough* Sorry about that!
I have a toad in my throat, then we will get a result that looks something like this yeah so let’s try! I’m using three
different brushes for this, I’m using a medium, a small layer brush and a medium
shade brush this gives me excellent control of the miniature of this size we
will be painting this guy and just the skin for the purpose of this video so
I’m gonna start with my medium brush kind of start with the “Death World Forest”
then I’m gonna apply it to my wet palette, so I’m just gonna start getting
a little “Death World Forest” onto my brush here and we’re just gonna
lay it on the muscles – applying it in a neatly thin layer. So what I want to do at this
stage is just go back across the entire miniature and just make sure I haven’t
missed any spots in the in behind the armor plates or yeah along some of the
edges and then I’ll just go over the entire miniature and make sure that it’s
an even layer and I apply a second layer a thin layer of of the base coat where
the the primer might shine through so just make sure you have a nice clear
coat of death work for us before you move on to the next step! Step 2: Shade
so what we were going to do now in this second step is just apply “Athonian Camo
Shade” across the entire miniature, or rather all the skin parts so now we’ve
just loaded some shade onto the brush and we’re gonna go across all the green
parts and just apply this quite liberally because we like to darken
him him down, quite a bit! and if you’re not happy after the first
layer of shade, you can always go back and shade them again and add additional
coats to darken his skin down but I would recommend going over it in several
turns instead of just applying more shade in the first coat because that way
you will get a much more even spread of color so what we want to do is just
leave some of this shade in the recesses so those places will pop once we
highlight it later. So having now shaded the entire miniature we’re just gonna
go ahead and wait for this to dry and this will take between 15 and 30 minutes
depending on how much shade you’ve applied you can speed up the process
with a hairdryer so yeah see you after this is dried. So being efficient I
just painted his pants and repainted some of this armor that I touched with
the green and now the shade is almost dry so we can go ahead and start applying
the first layer coat which was the “Elysian Green” and yeah what we want to
do is just apply this in some thin strokes so now we’re just gonna go ahead
and still use our medium layer brush and we are gonna apply some thin layers of
the “Elysian Green” so we’re just gonna go ahead and follow
the textures of the muscles, or rather the curvature, so if the muscle makes
a downward curve you carry the brush along side it, just neatly contouring
muscle making the illusion of texture and you want to use as many strokes as
possible and make them as thin as possible to really get that nice
detailing out this is basically this entire step is just being really careful
making some really thin lines just picking out all the little detailing, and
not putting any of the layer paint into the recesses that we just shaded and
then just apply hundreds of little lines the more the better you could just apply
two or three lines to each muscle but that will simplify the effect and just
applying as many as possible will give you the best results so have fun just texturing the muscles like this. It is quite entertaining to to me, so I hope
you enjoy that as well, but it can become a bit of a chore if you have like 100
Orcs you need to do so just use amount of effort that seems
reasonable to you but of course you could add more lines with your
characters and your special units and than you would with your core infantry,
so just be practical about it, and yeah apply those lines as you see fit! And now
I’m just gonna do his hands – I’m just gonna pick out this knuckles first, to
really make those heightened edges pop so you want to do this for the entire
miniature – so the highest peaks of any point of the skin, you’re just gonna pick
out with this “Elysian Green” when you go over the miniature. So I’m just gonna
continue with the lines along his fingers and I’m just gonna get back to
you after I’m done with that. So now I’m just done with the entire face also. You
just want to go ahead and if there’s one point on the miniature that you really
want to do a little more color it’s really the face because that’s where
most of the character is in this miniature! so I hope you can see all the lines,
might be a bit difficult to see on camera but in real life there are
hundreds of little lines going across his muscles and features so that’s the
layer when I reach the face I just switch to my small layer brush because
those features are quite small, so now we are on to the
second step of layering and that is the “Nurgling Green” which we will apply
less off than the “Elysian Green” but in the same manner so as many thin lines
as you can, accentuating the muscles and features of the miniature, and just be a
bit more liberal with this around his his brow, his lips, his ears, the tips of
his fingers and the edges of the muscles just to accentuate all the the
little features and the grimace on his face and stuff like that, of course you
could go for even smaller brush if you wish to do these lines really fine. So
that’s his hand done, the other side at least, I’m just gonna go ahead and do
that to the rest of the body and when I get to the face I’ll just show you again
so now we are done with the main body as you can see… progressing nicely I’ve added many more lines to this than
I did my last miniatures, as I’m also personally improving in this technique, I
like to make a flat brush so just drag it along so you get a flat brush and
then going against the flat you just drag some gentle lines if you
do this with an even lighter color you could criss cross it and make it look
like he is scarred so if you went ahead and applied the “Ogyn Camo” or perhaps
even some sort of beige color, you can make it look like he has seen some
battle, yeah and that’s that’s basically this step done!
If you went ahead and did this with an entirely different color you could
actually make tattoos on him as well so if you went blue or orange at this stage
you can make it look like he was tattooed. So the next step is glazing and
we’re just gonna apply this like the shade with the exception that the shade
is meant to go INTO the recesses and this is meant to go ON the flat areas so
kind of try and keep this out of the recesses it’s a bit more syrupy so
it should not be impossible! So while you apply it just drag it onto the muscles,
instead of into the recess, or around the muscles. So there’s a thing to
be mindful of while applying the glaze this is supposed to go everywhere and
just keep him a bit more consistently green and we apply in the shade (GLAZE) because
it blends together we already applied colors and it makes the colour
transition a lot smoother so this is why we do the glaze and just be sure not to
let it pool, this is the most important thing, in glazing you shouldn’t allow it
to let that pool in the eyes and the ears and stuff like that, because it will
obscure a lot of detailing like that, so just make sure that it goes on top of
the muscles and not into the recesses like a shade because this is not the
purpose the glaze if you like a more sickly looking Orc you could always glaze
it with the “Lamenters Yellow” Glaze and instead, which is a yellow glaze. As you can
see here I’m just letting my brush suck up the glaze from the recesses and I’m just gonna apply it – reapply it to
the muscles. So that is the glazing done! and now in we just need to be careful
not to let it pool in his eyes and ears so just be mindful while this is drying.
So yeah he’s totally done now! and I’ll just let him dry, and then I’ll put
him in the light box for you and I will show you the finished result once he’s
dried So guys! I hope you liked this video
tutorial how to paint Orc skin and if you find this video useful and you liked
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as it really helps me out a great deal and I really appreciate it a ton! – and
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me out a great deal, and just – if you missed the first week’s video on a
miniature painting 101 you can check out how to paint them fast with
this video right here, and yeah! I hope you enjoy that as well! And all thats left to do is – just remember in the immortal words of Winston Churchill:
“Success is not final – and failure is not fatal, it’s this courage to continue that
counts!” – so continue! And see in my next video ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. Thank you very much for watching! – I hope this helped you get on with painting your orcs as well! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Do you have any wishes for some upcoming video? – let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Great vid, but I really wished you would zoom in like 3 times. It's impossible to see what you are doing. Also, a shot of how you thin your paints (with what and the ratio) would be nice.

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