How to Paint in PROCREATE – Painting a Portrait from Start to Finish

How to Paint in PROCREATE – Painting a Portrait from Start to Finish

in the last portrait video I showed you all the tools the menus the gestures and everything that you need to know to get to know procreate in this tutorial I am going to use dosing tools to guide you on how do I make my paintings in here [Music] what’s up guys look us here I’m a concept artist and illustrator working for videogames and this channel is all about developing yourself as an artist so that’s something that clicks with you punch that subscribe button and now let’s get into procreate ok I so let’s do this dividing it into five steps step number one is going to be of course sketching I’m not using anything fancy here just simple hard arbors that comes by to fall with with procreate you don’t need anything else just make sure that your structure and your proportions are right before moving to the next one
okay so step number two and remember this is just my way of working with procreate you can work in whatever workflow you want but here what I want to do is what I like to do is create a new layer for each part that I’m painting separately for example here the skin is one part front of the hair is another one and back of the hair is another one once you have all your parts separately you want to put some color variation in there for example put some greens some blue some yellows and and some just some random colors in during the skin to give some texture and some life to it you can see also that I’m putting the makeup in here and some some funky colors for her because I like funky colors and that’s it for step two let’s move to the next one [Music] step number three is going to be the shadow and the light of the character to paint the shadows I create a multiply layer on top of everything and I just clip it to the character that way I cannot plane in the background you can see that the first thing that I’m doing is making a line dividing that the shadow and the light this is called shadow mapping it’s a super efficient way for you to create a three-dimensional look for your character or whatever you’re painting painting in minutes then I’m coming with an eraser and willing those pockets of light that heat on her cheek and on her eye and here’s the reason why I use this workflow so often and why I like it so much is that you can simply put a hue/saturation layer and change the color of the shadow in an instant [Music] because I want a very outdoorsy look I went with a warm light and cold shadows but you have to remember that this workflow works perfectly fine for any type of a light situation that you want to create here you can see that I’m adding the specular of the character the way I’m doing this is creating a color dodge layer on top of everything and painting those little specular for the eyes the nose the mouth and of course it works super good if you create the same thing for the hair [Music] now we’re ready to start with the real painting with step number four now that we have the base of the colors ready we have the curved light the color of the shadow the local colors of each of the parts of the painting we’re going to start painting for real the way that we are going to do this is I usually merge all the layers that I have been creating until this moment and I create a new one on top of it and with straight up paint no more blending modes no more anything I start painting in this step I used as much brush a lot and this is something that I that really doesn’t convince me from procreate and it pains me so to to say to say so because otherwise I really love Procrit but this much brush just just doesn’t work as in Photoshop and and because I used this tool so much I find myself going back to photoshop and and and smudge in there a lot but this moment I thought that the painting was over so I started adding some some little elements here and there like the background that I was referencing from from Pinterest and some noise and sharpening effects from from procreate itself but as I told you so unfortunately the painting was not over so we have another step step number five that is going to be the corrections so what happened is that the next day I opened the eye panel look at this portrait and I realized that this girl just doesn’t have any personality it is just this random as a girl looking at the distance so I show it to a couple of friends and one of them told me that the only thing that I could do is accessorize her to give her a little bit more more personality so I took some inspiration from suicide girls and not not suitable for work and and yeah I gave her some some tattoos and some piercings a little choker maybe an expansion in here and yeah I love how girls look with piercing especially especially in the nose and and yeah that helped a lot now she has way more personality and before and I’m really happy how it came out [Music] that’s it for me guys thank you so much for watching this video till the end please tell me down below if it was useful I really love reading your comments of course subscribe if you want more content like this and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye [Music] you

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    Actually I love all his brushes, very similar to PS in behavior.

  3. i love you for your videos but i hate you for making it look so easy! lol
    your shadowing technique blew my mind!!

  4. Thanks. I have a question, "After the sketch, you tweaked it slightly by pencil. Is it done by finger tool?"

  5. THIS IS SO HELPFUL. What tool did you use for filling in and sketching out the shadow? I can’t figure out anything but soft brush but it gets looking layered and wonky 🙁


  7. I wanted to ask cos im dyslexic have u ever done a video on what photoshop brushes u use for each part u do? I know how to do the way u colour I just feel like im taking the long way around because im self-taught and not being able to find the right tutorial that explains brushes

  8. I felt like this wasn’t to helpful because there was so many unanswered steps that were skipped and also doesn’t help when it’s a sped up video

  9. Народ есть кто русский?
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    Im sorry bad i not spik English!

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    Me: Wait.. so that masterpiece he was creating was just a sketch…

  12. This has been really helpful, hopefully you'll make a more detailed step by step guide without skipping any of the process. Thank you very much for this!

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  15. im struggling with texture, do you have any tips? i love the texture of the skin and the mouth, what did you use for those parts?

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