How to Paint From the Imagination – Watercolor Fantasy Art – Painting Birds

How to Paint From the Imagination – Watercolor Fantasy Art – Painting Birds

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto
and today I will paint out of my imagination,
in fact this time I am not going to give a tutorial,
or a lesson… I just want to paint!
and I invite you to watch. First, as you can see I am
sketching a figure with pencil, I use a cup
to draw a circle for the sun. In fact the whole thing today
is going to be a rapid sketch and if I like it a lot,
I may do a big painting on it later. First let´s get the whole
background wet. You see the water
slightly purple because I was mixing the color
and it was on the brush. By the way I like that
because sometime is hard to see the water if it is
totally transparent. Ok, now let´s drop the color! A shadow… and some skin
on a back light. Good! Now some shading
on the dress. A slight yellow tone
to the sun… and I´ll erase the pencil marks. Let´s get the paper wet again
to then, put some more paint. Once it dries, it looks like this. I get the paper wet once more
and with a sponge lighten some areas. Then work on a little bit
of detail. Let´s paint some birds
flying away expressing movement and freedom. Nice! This is really enjoyable to do, I love it! Let´s redefine some parts,
a little bit better. ¡Excelente! If you enjoyed it
please give it a LIKE and subscribe to this channel. You know where to follow me,
the links are bellow. And I will see you…
on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

97 thoughts on “How to Paint From the Imagination – Watercolor Fantasy Art – Painting Birds

  1. I'm kind of upset that I missed the past 2 videos because your uploads were not displaying on my subscription page. I thought you quit your weekly routine. I'm glad that you didn't. It's finally back on my page now. I would have checked back earlier but I'm mostly at work using the computer at break for 5 minutes and your videos always relax me. Ah, again, great work of art; as always.

  2. How to Paint From the Imagination – Watercolor Fantasy Painting
    Как рисовать картины своего воображения: фэнтези арт акварелью
    Hur man målar ur fantasin — Akvarell Fantasi Konst
    Як Малювати з Уяви – Акварельна Художня Фантазія
    How to Paint From the Imagination – Watercolor Fantasy Art – Painting Birds

  3. This is so simple, and so difficult. So beautiful, and so honest. I wish I weren't handicapped. My problem is, I ask my hand to paint like this and it never receives the command. How wonderful that you are able bodied. :o)

  4. Very fast and beautiful.I do a lot of computer art work, and you just helped me understand my birds 52 and I'm still going. I have Parkinson's Disease and drawing helps me with my concentration. Thank you for your tutorials.

  5. I love that you challenge yourself and have a genuine desire to practice different techniques. Beautiful results!

  6. Для меня картина похожа на ночную прогулку, а не на дневную)

  7. hello… always do such an amazing job, thank you for teaching us….. can you please do a video about paint brushes and what every shape is good for, and which ones are for gouache and which ones are for oil paint….. thank you 🙂

  8. Absolutely beautiful. I love just watching as you paint, with such ease.This is the first of yours I have watch and now I'm looking forward to watching more of your videos.  And yes I did subscribe.

  9. I'm really impressed by all your drawings and you're a big inspiration for me.
    And how do you film it when you're drawing?

  10. I'm really impressed by all your drawings and you're a big inspiration for me.
    And how do you film it when you're drawing?

  11. 2 people dislike this?!?!!?? For a beautiful masterpiece such as this, 2 people not liking it is crazy. How can you not LOVE this man's work?!??!?

  12. Krásné. Velmi romantické. Velké díky za Vaše videa. Jste můj vzor a učitel. Pomáháte mi splnit si životní sen 🙂 . Děkuji. 

  13. CuteAnimals: It is because they do not know great art.  LP is an incredible artist in all mediums.

    That being said I hope LP can help me with Schminke Pan Paints or Tubes.  I am leaning toward the pans.  Also looking for 4 brushes with which to use (I have brushes but they are not teriffic).  I have been using W/N tubes but would prefer the less messy approach and pans seem more reasonable.  Any suggestions Mr. Pereznieto?  Or anyone for that matter.

  14. Please do some more like this. I had both fun and success doing this one. I will do a larger one now and frame it. Thank you for taking the time to do these videos for us, xo

  15. Hey check out my instagram jonathan_coc i post my drawing from this drawing thanks +finearttips for the inspiration u give to me

  16. I painted this image as a practise piece and will give it to my painting teacher to thank him for helping me to find freedom of expression with watercolour.  Thank you for painting this image because the symbolism contained within it is the perfect expression of what I wanted to say to my teacher.

  17. i love your paintings and i was impressed by the painting you have on your channel picture.I would like to ask if there is any video related to the way you painted it,it is a challenge for me,thank you in advance.

  18. I attempted to paint along with you for my Art Class tomorrow!  I love fashion illustrations, however, I had to keep stopping, the birds were  challenge for me, I also love it too, especially the birds.  I think I'll try it on a larger scale!  Thank you for your expertise, ciao, Patriciaa

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