HOW TO PAINT EASY | Sunrise on Winter with Birch Trees in Acrylics

HOW TO PAINT EASY | Sunrise on Winter with Birch Trees in Acrylics

hello everyone my name is John Magne Lisondra today I’m gonna teach you on how to paint this wonderful landscape painting
it is a sunset or (sunrise) on a winter landscape with some birch trees on the right side
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tutorials okay everyone so you can see all the materials you need on the screen if
I see there the 5 limited colors different brushes that we’re gonna need
to use and to paint in this tutorial ok so I’m going to start now and first I’m
gonna do a little sketching so it’s very important to have guide before going to
start so I have raw umber and I’m going to put something white add a little water and make it a little light and
then I’m going to put first my horizon it would be here there so I have a
reference photo now and I’m afraid to show it here but I found it on the I’ll just show you that the link below so that you can see yeah
I’ll just try to copy this one to the can have a better much more realistic
effect okay so we have now the horizon and then here by the way this is a landscape
with plenty of snow yeah I have I need to find some reference because this time
I’ll just go and then I want to make sure that it looks like a realistic
painting and make it look like more realistic if you find photo and sadly
we have no winter here in our place at the Philippines so this one to show this
one copy from both on the internet yeah on the internet it said that in say that it’s free to use no commercial link or no no links
needed so I think this free photo hopefully ok yeah I have that and here
I’m gonna put some birch trees so this birch trees are there’s no
leaves there because it’s winter and some tree and this will be a sun
here yeah yeah maybe that would be and also here the horizon okay so I’m going to start
now it’s been three minutes and I haven’t
said okay so I’m going to put first the sky I’m gonna use this blue color and
even white we need a little alright to make it
purple with water the sky will be a little star and little bit of clouds so this is the second step which is the
underpainting but maybe I will just try to make it okay I’m gonna add some weight and water
I’m gonna put water here on the bottom part I know I mean why it’s not what
better one but we have to do it just playing it blue and red what we have today is perfectly plain it
like this okay the sky will be a little dark but no I think like okay yes I’m
making little your brush because I’m gonna give some more red yeah like this
should be more British purple and then I’ll try to put it here we have to blend it perfectly well there
I think that’s good I like this done by everyone because I
can bling it again yeah anyway I’ve just calculated with
some it’s a trace here chase with no it no in the lips yeah
and now I’ll try to cover it is part with our block or again if you’re
blocking us use block but I don’t really like like like to cover it with it
perfect block there because yeah yes I just want to put some color but not
block the pathway to take black but I don’t like it just I just use blue and
blue in remember yeah it’ll look like black on the bottle and on the camera
but it’s not actually black here yeah I think I’m gonna need to put more we also put a little red now this will
make much more solid colors there because our place not so opaque they’re also much more yourself purple
yeah poor policy okay this part here is a little wet so we get a little try although the blockings first yeah this one almost look like black pipe
assembly it doesn’t it’s not the here absent but this is a purple there put some mounting here yeah I want a
copy so much on the pot everyone because I just almost the same rather just be it
all take my time if I want always to see it yeah because there’s a waiver here so I mean
– no clear I’m going to make it more like diagonal okay yeah yeah maybe I’ll just put some
heaters on the top of the fish-like tip of the pound
pine trees they’re like this there
just just express again remember a flat brush yeah okay okay so I’m going to put more yeah what I like about the people flood
prostitute you can create beautiful fine trees okay
I think that looks good and then here everyone we’re gonna put yeah here I win
to put a yellow let’s make sure you clean your brush
do not let other colors for rain clean your brush ago cuz we’re gonna go
see yellow now and if you’re gonna ruin this yellow it will turn green English
or something wrong something that kid yellow just put that yellow here directly like
that and then I’m gonna mix yellow and red make some orange there okay the only one she says no even uh that’s
why we need to put some a little like purple here or something like weed is
purple but this is just no yeah but I’ll put for some reduce color there in you know some read the bones here a
brownish yeah chaos on summer Browns here are more
reddish brown okay and then I’m gonna use a bigger
brush yeah I think I’m going to hear some more purples here be more much more purple so I up
here something blue and red it should be purple if enough to not blow violet or
something else like yeah I’m gonna put some way more write this a little difficult in this part so
it is just go direct everyone so I’m gonna add more weight and read yeah I just have to blend it here there I’m going to put more red and
white you sleep in it to the top everyone the sort of interest some races in the
background our plaintiff children playing there okay there okay yeah they see our here we
fill it up under here this part should be more less much more
like brownish but I still want to use more red or much more like orange yeah and yes
more yellow and red then white there okay I have to perfectly plain hear how this
part okay I like the blending here is so
smooth everyone so yeah so I think I am done with the underpainting and I’m
going to try now adding plenty of PTO’s I’ve tried out to put more like orange
or yeah especially the sky there on the top okay so I’ll be using a smaller
brush number eight no – I have here the yellow in the red we have a little right
now that is fine and I’m going to add some weight there and we’ll put it on this guy yeah yeah it is a problem it yes don’t have to blend it here yeah just let those spread it here and a
family part so that it will annoy diminish okay yeah yeah now I would say more yellowish yellow in
white yeah yeah so far I like it okay I will type Google domain okay so I
think that is perfectly close and I’ll try to put somewhere somewhere yellow
yeah usually here this will be our son here okay and I
will ship to a smaller brush and they’re gonna mix yellow and red to make some
orange so we can put the sunrays here I’m using
a smaller brush I’m gonna hear some more British color
Thanks damn
oh yes more British okay there and then I’m going to use
yellow I know first I’m going to use some orange I should be later or in someone because the sons would be here yeah you should use try bus everyone saw
that huh all your strokes will be trying yeah here I’m gonna put some more zero yeah I think much more yellow yeah still wet
okay and then I’m going to use some white just a plain white everyone put it
here just like a big white there but more way yeah and then I’m gonna use yellow so I
need a little photo here yeah okay yeah another yellow here but maybe later
going to me to intensify this part there okay so you have know some sunray yeah I
like the sunrise yeah right I’m going to light in here no yellow okay and then here we’re gonna make it
much more serious I’m gonna do some orange yeah I spot a tiny detail here yeah okay you know try to put some white
yeah this part was a reflection okay they put some yellow or orange just here okay chalo and red he’s on this part we look more range yes okay maybe I’ll just do it later on and then I have here some orange try to
put it here yeah maybe I’ll just use a bigger brush yellow and red vixen orange and white Oh yellow and I’m gonna put it here yeah just have to make this part or like
orange British person better sons some sense
light golden light or something here put a little deeper like this okay I’m not sure if you can still see
it oh yeah okay I’ll try to zoom out okay I hope that this is really clear
for you okay everyone so I hope this is that you
can succeed early okay and in here I will try it I’ll try to
put more Hardy toes when I use this yellow in a little red and blue make
purple okay I will put it here there this is some bullshit or some some plans
here a little distant so I’m just using a little purple color okay and this purple color I’m gonna put
some white or much more red yeah I’m gonna make this a lighter I just hope they make it lighter here
everyone okay so far yeah it’s good this one is a little purple color okay I think I love this one
yeah and here understand I’m going to put
more an idea low I just put some tiny details here in the
distance okay and then after that we’re gonna put some reflection I know I mean casted shadow
so I’m going to use more bluish purple so it’s from here has its shadow from
the Sun yeah this is much more blueish okay yeah and using this we put some more some three here what it
all three that make the custard shadow okay yeah yeah the beginning is very
good yeah so probably like it okay I’m not sure if I’m going to put some snow
there or some tiny details on this but maybe I’ll just have to put yeah just a
little everyone let’s all just have to cover this one need their own some snow
there Holly this is a river here but later after Barbara I also put some
brownish red and rubber stop and yellow some brownish on this top of the tree
this forest they like that it’s just there
sorry also here on the trees you can see a little brownish own some highlights
from the from the Golden Sun okay so I’m not making them Pistons
there so proceed here I’m gonna put more yellow yellow hand right hand anyway I will just put some highlights here you seen the bigger brush that’s why we get a little more British you know I can you can make it not so
not so fine because I put some tiny details here by exam yeah just like that there okay yeah so far it looks a little kid okay all right now hi I will not put
here some tree and of course I will use a smaller brush but no flat brush a ombre and a little red thinkin was
fuckin bro it’s a bit dark but luck there can make it a kiddie killer okay I will now here’s a smaller brush
down brush and in this number I’ll just use Oh amber perfect directly I don’t
blue yeah now put some red yeah I will put more I’ll put more branches hopefully the later burst around yeah okay now I just have to put plenty of
branches here in the top so you can just do like this let me take a lot more
little branches okay dear okay yeah you can see now there are
plenty of there are plenty of something like plenty of branches there so yeah it
should be plenty because those branches of leaves few months ago so should
always wait take that okay so what’s next I am going to add those first race
yeah here yeah I’m really excited to add this one I’m not sure how much time I’m gonna
need mean it’s just one I like to put more time here so I have some raw umber
red and yellow raw umber right thank you yeah we’ll put one here there
another one here another one here so be bigger this time
is so should be a little Peter and then this one when you got a smaller one here yeah in your brush up in my brush okay
everyone so I’m going to start adding some highlights here on this the left
side of this page first fish okay yeah I’m pretty excited because I think it’s
really good I think I’ll just use this I’ve got
brush I have here some yellow and then white yes put it in the left side it’s a little yellowish urban village there and they’ll also here okay so just use white and yellow make
these highlights and I wanna say thank you also to prepare this photo because
I’m not really sure who’s the photographer here because I just I
didn’t see any link there when a big sign on the big Hoss comb so maybe I’ll
just put the link on the piece of stuff from website and now I’ll be using this
number and blue to make some dark color make almost black yeah okay okay and he also yeah so here again we put some like feeling
with the plants like this I have to make it look more realistic yeah just put more a little more details
there okay I think that looks great and I will
now use smaller brush but I’m going to yeah I wasn’t going to put more branches
here and it’s going to use smaller brush Oh amber and new yeah yeah but Melbourne says we do bring the branches on this tree
everyone there okay so we just have to put my knee to go these branches this will make hold
a deters here look more realistic sort of like the double cream I see
maybe and here you can hear the dogs they’re outside yeah I like the portable
prices here I’m gonna see now the like the rush yeah I’m going to put more so everyone
if you’ve been here just loud oops my microphone cannot cancel
everything yes hopefully this dose right that’s get quite now yeah just keep on putting pinky off
I just have to copy the guides but I will not copy everything there because
if improperly exactly the those little stairs would be I don’t know how we will
finish it five months I’ll just put plenty of branches here
make like to make it look like chaotic leave chaos like that yeah
I’m a chaos the better they’ll become yeah yeah and now I will put some a
little orange and first I want to know someone read orange what he here yeah
let’s make it one I garnish you know see you when you spare some little orange colors prophetic year
it is not just like the other one but it’s a little orange yeah yeah I’ll try to put more right yellow I just
want this one to be really really bright okay for everyone
does my uncle I just let the penis this one what I think you can finish it
faster okay so any people yeah I want to blow this park with orange cute and then yeah unite how try to put some
highlights here you you you everyone so I’m going to put lots of
details here like shadow shades or or some some barricades or whatever we need
to make this as realistic okay so I will be using more blue and then right make
some purple a little white I’m gonna let the white and what there yeah okay so
I’m what yeah this should be poor for everyone so so I
didn’t put in more you there and then also this one I put some
J’s okay and in this one we’re gonna put some plastic shadow you so I will make a little blurry or plural
Shanti yeah okay little looks pretty nice I’ll make
this a little picker okay yeah and then this one here I also put
somewhere we’ll add a little white here blue and
red you and here also want to check the boots on shit so this should be like protruding patrolling something like what building
snows okay and in here I try to put our shadow and in the shadow here the shadow is up
to put into shadows there you and then we’re gonna put some footsteps there yeah there are little darks here yeah
but it’s a little dark here with the bottom whitening and red just to make this a little lighter this one will make it a little lighter
with some red yeah so everyone is there are some nice is there gonna put some Purple’s here like
purpose you okay I think this is really good
yeah so far it looks pretty good and realistic for me I really love the
result yeah maybe this part is to be placated to see okay I will find out
somebody highlights on the on this part I’ll put more highlights I will put some
yellow and red and wait right okay here you yeah
well I will put more highlights here there’s a few highlights just to make
this right and also here on a footstep there yeah I just put some highlights here in
the highlights you I will try to make it a little darker
side more red and yellow yeah just to make it look orange you know just little lights here but it
should be more like reduce orange everyone just put it like this there are
some few lights that practice this ground here and it’s really really work
done I just I just follow the patterns but I
didn’t follow everything they’re my reference so it’s important everyone I
can just to make it the finish up faster and it’s better also okay
so I will just put some retouch and I think I am almost done so who amber and
white this one burn white I’ll just make this part a little lighter you you okay I will try some orange also yellow and read you yeah I’ll just try and get them I just try to put more let’s here maybe
I also uh you can’t support them down under I will put also on this when these branches sway bruh
sometimes I come out the words but I like the foot more here make the playtest part game yeah I think I am done everyone I’m not
sure what else I’m gonna can I do here I brought some more okay yeah I think I
am done everyone I am I’m so so contented with the entire result looks
great it looks birch trees here like the first race this looks pretty simple but
it looks pretty realistic for me yeah okay so okay I wanna say thank you so
yeah I think I’m done yeah thank you everyone
yeah if you’re watching with me just wanna say thank you for giving your time
and I hope you learned something after this tutorial I learned that to get what
you want can learn and you cannot so pain you see in this tutorial so I wanna
say thank you also to the owner of this photo and the photo couple it says just
it’s pixels come but I don’t know I don’t know but as a thank you and okay
everyone so I wanna say thank you for watching this video today and I hope you
get something out of this and my only advice is to keep on practicing keep on
painting the more you do it the more your sore breasts the one you will know
how to mix the colors that’s why I’m using limited colors a palette because I
want you to learn to know the mix and get the decide colors you won so place
it like assume comment subscribe for videos in the future okay once again
thank you have a nice thing can be shown all the glory and honor and peace always
belongs to the

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