How to Paint ANGRON – Part III (Painting The Face)

How to Paint ANGRON – Part III (Painting The Face)

Welcome back to part III, as I mentioned in
the last video we’ll be painting the face today. Now I wanted quite a pallid complexion so
I started off by mixing up some fantasy and games resurrection flesh with scale color
caspian blue and a bit of GW Loren Forest. It gives you quite a murky desaturated colour.
It looks quite dark on the palette but once it’s on the model you’ll see it’s actually
not as dark as it seems. For our first highlight we’ll mix a bit of
white into our base colour. Notice I mix this off to the side, that lets me retain the original
base colour in case I need it later to clean up any layers that go a bit pear shaped. So notice I’m trying to pick out all the most
prominent details of the face. The eyebrows, the top of the check bones, the chin, the
nose, etc. We’ll also do the upper part of the forehead
towards the hairline. Add a little more white, and highlight again,
this time trying to hit a smaller surface area. For the details close to the eyes, try to
pull the highlights towards the eyes, this will help to draw attention to the middle
of the face. With the exception being the nose, draw the highlight away from the eyes
to the tip. Don’t forget to do the ears. For our first shade we’ll add some more caspian
blue into the base colour and we’ll thin this down with some water to a glaze consistency. With a small amount on the brush, glaze into
the recesses, this face is very nicely sculpted so there’s quite a lot of lumps and bumps
where you can target areas with your glaze. We’ll be glazing over this later with another
colour which will radically change the look so you can think of this as more of a pre
shade than anything. Notice under the check bones I’m drawing the
glaze upwards so that it’s darkest just underneath the check. Now we’ll switch to Vallejo Armour Brown and
we’ll use this to pick out some of the details towards the centre of the face. So we’re painting these creases around the
mouth, the little crows feet wrinkles at the side of the eyes and the eye socket itself. Add a little more white to the case colour
and we’ll try to intensify some of the highlights. This one on the lower eye lid is really tricky
to hit, just because it’s so tiny but if you can do it it’s worth the hassle it really
helps to define the eyes. Use white for the eyeballs. I’ll block in the hair with black so you can
better see the face. The mouth was painted by filling in the whole area with Armour Brown,
then I added a bit of red to the brown for the tongue and picked out the teeth with some
tallarn sand mixed with a bit of white. You can see it looks quite nice already, but
we’ll add a bit of OSL to finish it off. To do that we’ll start off by blocking in
those little holes on his neck piece with white. Now we’ll take some sunset purple and mix
it with a bit of Lahmian Medium so that it’s like a wash consistency. Then simply blob that into the holes. Once
it dries it should look something like this. You can see the white is still quite bright
but it has a bit of a purple tint to it. If it didn’t dry correctly and it ends up too
purple, you can dot the centre with a bit of white to bring the brightness back. Using that same purple we mixed with the medium
we’ll glaze down over the left side of the face. Focus on the lower side of all the little
lumps and bumps. The effect you’re going for is that purple light is shining up onto the
face from the light source at the neck. so you want to avoid hitting the upper side of
the checks as the light wouldn’t be hitting those parts. You can see I’ve also glazed over the gold
armour close to the light source. It’s quite a subtle effect but it does look
pretty cool and it’s not difficult to achieve so it’s well worth doing. Alright guys so that’s all from me. Check
back later for part 4 where we’ll be doing the cloak. Let me know what you think in the
comment section down below and I’ll see you all next time. Thanks again, bye for now…

30 thoughts on “How to Paint ANGRON – Part III (Painting The Face)

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