How to Paint an Eye Step by Step (Painting Tutorial)

How to Paint an Eye Step by Step (Painting Tutorial)

bjbjLULU This video will give you step by
step instruction on how to paint a realistic human eye. Just follow my step by step instructions and
pause the video at the end of each step and you will surprise yourself with the end result. Lets begin. Step 1: Draw the almond shape and the U shape
to begin your eye. Please note that I am using a regular pencil
on canvas paper. Many painters prefer to use a charcoal pencil
for when they draw their under drawing, since the charcoal will blend in to the paint. Step 2: Add the circle for the iris and then
the line for the fold of the eyelid. Step 3: Add the shapes in the corners of the
eye. Step 4: Add the eyelashes. Be sure to notice that the eyelashes on the
top are more full and longer. Step 5: Add the eyebrow. Notice that it slants downwards towards the
inner corner of the eye. Be sure to notice its placement in relation
to the eye shape. Now its time to paint. I chose a simple palette with very common
colors such as Lamp Black, Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow
and Green Earth. For the next section, pause the video every
30 seconds and observe the image on the screen. Also be sure to listen to the hints that I
give you as I narrate. h]/b This video will give you step by step
instruction on how to paint a realistic human eye Owner Normal Owner Microsoft
Office Word Microsoft This video will give you step by step instruction on how to paint a
realistic human eye Title Microsoft Office Word Document MSWordDoc Word.Document.8

100 thoughts on “How to Paint an Eye Step by Step (Painting Tutorial)

  1. Yeah this is great until you actually try to paint it >.>
    I just threw it right in the trash and have now concluded I don't have the patience to paint.

  2. Jesus, thanks for the simple break down of the colors. Other videos go on with billions of colors that i didont even know existed. :3

  3. You're very good. I know I'm nitpicking but you could have stopped painting before you finished your lesson. I'm a perfectionist also and it's difficult for me to be satisfied and just walk away from the painting.
    Thank you for this helpful video.

  4. Wow. Ive always had a problem with painting Eyes, this is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! Love that the tutorial even goes step by step with the first sketch! GREAT STUFF!

  5. I am a fan of the skin, the tones within the painting. You even helped me with mixing of the colora, However the eyelashes in my opinion separate the painting from realsistic and not realistic. if they were thinner, perhaps with a colored pencil, than it would make your painting pop even more

    Keep up the good work

  6. Thank you for the video – I wasn't sure about skin colour but now I know how to do layers till I get the right tone.

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    I believe to be competent to Summit Freedom pleasant.

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  9. Thanks, wish you could have shared more of the colors you were blending to create the effect. Guess I just have to practice my blending more.

  10. Yeah, same here. I find painting more easier/enjoyable than drawing. That is why I usually skip drawing and go directly with color. For some reason I find drawing 'too slow' :D. Some people might feel different. Anyway, nice video. Subbed.

  11. I have never painted before ….I kick the idea around but didn't know the start up cost .I've always draw few different pencils and paper. …..great video love your style. 🙂

  12. so glad to have found you, and your videos.  Just about to paint my dog, who looks very much like your puppy video.  And have been anxious about painting a predominately 'while dog"     you are a great teacher and artist !! thank you 

  13. thanks alot this is the first time i can paint when i saw your tutorial hope u make like this video always , als for face and blending the colors of face

  14. What a GREAT teaching video. You are a VERY GIVING PERSON. The way you teach is very thorough and clear. I can tell you like to share your talent with others. I hope you put more videos of painting other eyes. Thank you.

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