How To Paint An Eldar ShadowSeer – Part I

How To Paint An Eldar ShadowSeer – Part I

What’s up guys, welcome back! Today we’re going to be looking at how to
paint an Eldar Shadowseer. There’s quite a lot to go over so I’ll split
it up into three videos This one will show how to do the fade to black
diamonds, the gold and the gemstones. Part II will go into the yellow purple fade. And then in Part III we’ll tackle the base Alright so on our palette here we have Black Deep Blue This is from Scale Color it’s a very dark
blue, you can use any dark blue you like. Again just use your favourite bright blue A saturated red Sahara Yellow So this is basically a yellow ochre and you
can get the same sort of colour by mixing a bit of averland sunset into zandri dust,
or if you have it you can use Vallejo Japanese Uniform. Then we have Rhinox Hide Mars Orange, again just use any bright orange. Vallejo Ivory And some white. To start off we’ll be using some Deep Blue
and some Sky Blue. Now we’re going to do a wet blend so if you’ve
never tried this before the basic principle is to place one colour on the model, and then
while it’s still wet grab the next colour and move the paint into the other, allowing
them to mix and then by keeping the brush moving back and forth you can pull the colour
across the surface forming a blend between the two. Alright so start with the dark blue on the
lower part of the leg. And then we’ll quickly grab some light blue
and begin mixing them together. So just keep going back and forth adding more
of the either the dark or the light tone, until you get the blend that you’re looking
for. Just make sure to keep the brush moving and
you can’t go wrong. When it dries you can clean up any flaws with
a bit of a glaze. So in this case the thigh is a little bit
patchy so what we’ll do is make a glaze of our bright blue. And simply glaze over these areas. Now we’re going to paint the foot black. And we’ll fade the bottom of the leg into
the foot by making a glaze with black. And then simply glazing towards the foot. Alright so we’ll essentially do the same thing
on the other leg, except this time we’ll use a red and a dark red, which we’ll make by
adding some black to the red. Now we’re going to wet blend again, placing
the dark red tone towards the top of the leg this time. And we’re going to create a fade into the
brighter red towards the foot. Again try and keep the paint moving until
you get the blend that you want. If you mess this up don’t worry too much,
just let it dry and then give it another go. So to paint the diamonds what we’ll do is
we’ll take some black and we’ll paint thin diagonal lines over the leg. Making sure that these are parallel to each
other and evenly spaced. Alright so just continue that over the entire
leg. Once you’ve done that you’re going to turn
the model round and do the same thing in the opposite direction. And that’s going to give you these diamond
shapes. And again just continue that over the entire
leg. So once that’s finished we’re going to fill
in the diamonds. Try and stay within the lines but if you do
make a mistake you can just use your blue tones to clean up the edges. We’re going to move onto the gold now so just
take some of your sahara yellow and add a little black. Now we’ll draw this up over the surface to
where we want the highlight to be. You want to actually create a bit of a fade
into this so don’t use it as a base colour as such, you want to look at it as more of
an initial highlight over the black base. So the highlight’s going to be here in the
middle of these two bands on the belt. And on the lower corner of these little funky
bits at the side. And then we’ll do the same sort of thing on
the other side. We’ll switch over to sahara yellow now and
we’ll start building up our highlight. So again we’re going to focus on those same
points we did before but we’ll try and cover a smaller surface area. Ok so now we’re going to mix in some Ivory
and continue to highlight. So once we’ve finished our highlights, we’re
going to make a glaze with Rhinox Hide and we’re going to use this to glaze towards the
black sections. To finish off we’ll add some very small white
highlights with white. For the gemstones we’re going to base in the
same dark red that we used on the leg. Switch over to your bright red and paint a
U shaped highlight following the curve along the lower edge of the gemstone. You’ll need
to do this in a couple of layers before the red starts to stand out. Use some of your orange paint and add a smaller
highlight along the bottom edge of the gem. Add some white and simple highlight again. Now just use some white to add a very small
dot on the upper edge of the gemstone. Alright so that’s the end of part I, I hope
you enjoyed it. Let me know what you thought in the comments
section and I’ll see you all in part II. Thanks again Bye for now…

26 thoughts on “How To Paint An Eldar ShadowSeer – Part I

  1. Really need to give wet-blending a try sometime soon, but thanks to this I am going to give painting gems on Eldar another go! πŸ˜€

  2. Beautiful work on the NMM and the gemstones. Have you ever won any painting awards, like golden demons etc? πŸ™‚

  3. beautiful work as always mate, very interesting to watch your videos will you be doing a tutorial using a true metallic colours at some point. cheers Dave πŸ˜€

  4. Been loving your videos. I wonder on the red leg if you considered darkening the red with green to achieve more contrast from the black diamonds or if that was exactly what you were trying to avoid.

  5. Great tutorial, first time I've ever seen to make NMM straight from the black priming (a great time saver if you have good brush control), only a complaint, could you do a more extended tutorial on wet blending? The wet blending part of the tutorial is a little messy. Keep on doing such good tutorials! πŸ™‚

  6. Thank you for your tutorials! Wonderful as always. Any chance you can take about source lighting, and the effects it will have on your color choices, shadows and highlights?

  7. I absolutely love the tutorials. Stumbled upon them with your fat glazing technique vid.
    It's not only helped my self, but also a great deal of friends where I've been able to teach them as well.
    Excellent job either way, keep it up bud!

  8. I'm jumping on the "Do us a wet blending tutorial" bandwagon as well! Watched numerous videos on youtube but just can't seem to grasp it, would love to see your go at trying to teach us πŸ˜€

  9. Beautifully realised tutorial. Wet blending is a tricky technique to 'get down' you've certainly helped my understanding of it, thank you!

  10. Great videos. Both in term of moving image quality and miniature painting content. What brush sizes are you using? How do you keep the bristles so dense, concerning you change paints often and also mix straight with the brush?

  11. I had just subscribed to your channel (awesome by the way) and gonna start watching all your vidz, starting from the first video that you had uploaded. Keep up the awesome work

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