How to paint a portrait in oil paint. Summary of the long video.

How to paint a portrait in oil paint. Summary of the long video.

although I start with an under
painting my technique is based on the alla prima
technique. I’m looking for that fresh, single, strong
brushstrokes rather dan the glazing technique. I take my time the real painting of the portrait in oil starts tomorrow, so at ease I can do the underpainting. A small window that enables me to concentrate on the colours that I gonna make. I take some oxide green, chromium oxide green and once again I have a look. and after finishing the first layer of the hair I blend with my fingers the
hairline to connect later with the background. I need a lighter and a cooler hue so I add
white and mauve, In my portraits almost always I I want to draw a maximum attention to
the eyes. So I ty to make that zone the most active place in the painting. How? Noticed that there is no paint on my
brush. I’m pretty sure that chaos on your
palette, and chaos in your hand is a reflection
of the chaos in your head. On the lower lip I want to settle the
round form and I add a touch of red. I have retarded a long time, But now it’s here: pure white
for the highlights on the eyes. These are the key part in the painting
that bring alive the person. And I want the red of the colour of the shirt that I painted yesterday, comes shining through.

43 thoughts on “How to paint a portrait in oil paint. Summary of the long video.

  1. Nice, very practical way to nail down values and color.  Thank god you didn't go crazy with white like others do.

  2. Do you know that exist a tool named Color Checker ? Is very easy to use, if you find in Internet the "Carter Method" you can watch the video, how to made one. 
    I use that Color Checker, for everything.

  3. Your such an amazing painter sir wish I can paint like that but I can only draw I need to learn both painting and drawing portraits hopefully I learn the way of making portraits

  4. Wonderful art!! I love it, please do not stop painting- the world has been a better place because of it. I'm so glad I've come across your clips. Thank you.

  5. Hi Ben, I bought your DVD of the little boy but had a hard time doing it on line. You sent me a PayPal link to purchase. I would love to buy the DVD of the little dark haired girl with the kerchief on her hair. Could you resend me the link to PayPal at this email address please.
    [email protected]
    Thanks ……love your work!

  6. Hi…I noticed the tones of the skin on the face could easily be seen where they meet. Then suddenly they blended in nicely on the video. How is that done?

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