How to Paint a Chrome Sphere With Oil Paints

How to Paint a Chrome Sphere With Oil Paints

Hello my friends and welcome
to the 2017th and to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today we will paint a chrome sphere. We begin by drawing a circle with a compass. Priorly I toned the canvas
and it is already dry. We trace a line with a ruler
which will be the end of the table. And we mix the color for the background. I´m using Zinc White, Ultramarine Blue
and Ivory Black. We paint the background with these and
we will be adding some other colors. I usually use the Zinc White
when mixing colors, because it is more gentle and it keeps the color you are
mixing with, more vivid. While the Titanium White
which is whiter, is also more opaque and makes other colors pale
when you mix it. So I use the Titanium specially
when I need it pure, like for the brightest reflections. If you want to learn more about materials´
properties, like these, or painting techniques, I highly recommend you to subscribe to
the Winsor & Newton, Masterclasses. They are a series of short videos
with great tips, like these ones. They are free. You just need to subscribe
and you will get a Masterclass, every week in your inbox. I leave you the link in the information
below this video. As you saw we painted the main color of the
table, and now we do the shadow and
begin with the sphere. I normally do the things that go behind
first, so that then we can paint the ones that go in front on top of them. We do a reflection of the table
on the sphere, which is a bit distorted of course. Al right! Very good! We paint the dark reflection of a door
and other curving dark reflections. Now we mix a light gray for the
wall of the background. But first I will add some pure
Titanium White, a reflection of a window, and of some lights on top. Did you already set some
good artistic goals for yourself for this year? If not I recommend you
to do so, and to work out how to reach each, so that every day you can be working
on those goals. We keep building the sphere
with reflections of an office. This is not going to be super precise,
as you see, I´m painting pretty much ¨alla prima¨, that is, on
ones sitting. With wet on wet paint, almost all
but not totally because at the end I will do some layers or glazing. I add more objects and some trees
out the windows to make it more interesting! As for my goals I want to learn
more techniques, that I will be passing to you or course, I want to produce
beautiful drawings, paintings and sculptures and exhibit them
in a few cities internationally. And I want to grow this channel to a
Million subscribers! To serve a lot of people, all over
the world, who´s dream is to learn to draw or paint. Here I mix some Phthalo Green
with glazing medium, to glaze the background of the painting. This will make it more greenish
but it is a transparent layer, so we will se what is behind. With this change I hope the
sphere will stand out even more. I was mentioning the goal of
bringing this channel, to a Million subscribers. As you may know
my other channel in spanish, Arte Divierte, this year reached
the 1 million. Thank you for that! Now with the glazing medium
and some Burnt Sienna I will also glaze the sphere. This will make it more vibrant! By the way there is also a Winsor
& Newton Masterclass on glazing, so don´t forget to subscribe. We are almost done. I will love it if in the comments
you can let me know, what do you think about it. And what else
would you like me to cover in the tutorials. Thanks! I think painting is so
amazing, I love it so much! The last details and it´s ready! If you enjoyed it, please give it a LIKE! share it to your friends, and subscribe to Fine Art-Tips and to Patreon. You know where to follow me, the links are below. And I will see you, on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

100 thoughts on “How to Paint a Chrome Sphere With Oil Paints

  1. wish I'd seen this earlier. I did a chrome sphere for my painting project for school 😀 great video, beautiful work!

  2. To reach a Million subscribers, you should do collaborations with popular youtubers which may or may not be related to art…

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent and skills with us! I want to learn how to paint with oil, finding your channel helps me reach out for my dream 🙂 I also ordered your book, it's on the way! I can't wait to learn more from you, your videos explain everything step by step, which is very helpful. Thanks again and take care!

  4. Thank you! I am a photographer and I use spheres like that sometimes. Did you use a photo to make that? or all from your imagination?

  5. hola buenas Leonardo 2.017 peras a usted. de hoy es magníficamente patrón de belleza, ya que hay dos técnicas de pintura y dibujo en la esfera se lleva a cabo en el hermoso diseño del sorteo e improvisan y sigue a tu corazón. Leonardo hola y el siguiente video

  6. Amazing as always! Perhaps you can make a video tutorial on hiw to paint portraits using oil, the ones I've seen isn't nearly as good as I imagine you'd do.

  7. wow i have got to learn more about glaze! thank you for the beautiful work! it makes me want to paint ever so much more! do you have any tips for watercolors,making them a bit more vibrant or even getting a darker color with out losing or muddying up the main color? i get so frustrated, it feels like i waste so much time & material trying to get the colors right.

  8. Fine Art-Tips, could you check out my Batman drawing of Christian Bale and Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio. It took me about 15 hours. I am 16 years old.

  9. can u make a video about the shades and dimension…plese I draw evry daj but I am realy bad at this and dont know how to do it..I'm 11 ( this month 12 ) and I rely want to learn so I can practice.😀

  10. Sir, first of, congratulations for your outstanding classes and works.

    If I may request something, do you mind showing yourself working?

    I'm asking because I'm still a huge mess while painting! Seriously, I can't organize myself. My brushes are always dirty, mixing collors, the water is usually dirty, etc.

  11. Did you do this without an example present? Whenever I do something reflecting I must have something to look at while I draw

  12. Hi Leonardo! Nice Work as always!
    Different question: When is the Tutto3 being shipped to Norway? Is there still a delay?
    Love and light from Norway

  13. I love this videos, it is fascinating to see that there are people who still like good art and personally, master leonardo I am glad to know that you are an excellent artistic expocitor, I would like to know what my paintings look like. They are on my channel tanks 😉 and happy new year

  14. Is it harder painting with oil or water colors?
    Also, do I need specific paper or something to paint in with oil colors? Do I also need specific penels (I mean can I use some cheap ones xd)?

  15. Thank you for this very helpful video!! I'm planning to do an acrylic painting of a chrome sphere with the reflections of trees in it, your videos about spheres will really be a big help 🙂 Your painting and drawing are so beautiful, really stunning!

  16. wow so simple when you know how and how effective .less is more thank you so much. I have subscribed for more.

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  18. You are  truly gifted.   I love the way you explain things and take the mystery out of it so that it becomes  an achievable challenge  for a novice rather than a huge mountain to climb.   I purchased your book and find it  a really helpful guide and would recommend it to anyone reading this who has not got a copy.  It is called "you can draw"  and  it doesn't in anyway interfere with your own style just guides you on a suggested approach.

  19. Thank you so much. I think a lesson on how to paint a sword would help me. I've painted a picture of Lady Justice and the sword looks pretty bad.

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