How to Paint a Cherry Tree in Watercolor –  Splatter Painting Trees – Paint a Tree – Sakura

How to Paint a Cherry Tree in Watercolor – Splatter Painting Trees – Paint a Tree – Sakura

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial. I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today,
by popular demand, we are going to paint a cherry tree. We begin by preparing our tones. With red, purples, orange and white. Then with the brush,
lightly tap on a solid object to splatter paint. First, practice on newspaper
or other surfaces that you can waste. Until you feel you got
the hang of it and you can control it. In this way create the shape
of the foliage of the tree. Now I´m using a lighter tone
to create a light and shadow effect. Don´t try to get a uniform
surface, as the flowers usually happen in clusters. Now we use an even lighter pink. Good! This is so fun! If you wish to keep
your piece of paper cleaner than what I am doing
right now, you may use masks of different sizes
and shapes like this one, in this way, you will
be able to control where the paint lands… But I
recommend that you continue to move the mask, so that
you don´t get an unreal line and don´t place the mask
on wet paint, wait for it to dry. I´m using watercolor
but you can employ this technique for different
types of paints. And make sure to protect
your working area against unwanted splashes. [laughs] The list of materials is in
the information below the video. And now, some lighter drops. I love it how you can build
the shape, in this way. Good! It is time to paint
the trunk. With brown of different tones,
we can paint the lower part, as well as a base. And the branches. We do these, specially on
the blank spaces, where there are no flowers. In this case we are doing
the flowers of a cherry tree, but you may use the same
technique for the leaves of another tree. With a finer brush
we do the thin branches toward the ends. And give
some shading to the trunk. Good! Now, so that the
trunk and the branches look more natural, we do
some light drops, on top of them. Like this, not too much. This makes it look more lively and real. Excellent! If you enjoyed it, please give it a LIKE, share it to your friends
and subscribe to Fine Art-Tips, and I will see you on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

100 thoughts on “How to Paint a Cherry Tree in Watercolor – Splatter Painting Trees – Paint a Tree – Sakura

  1. Bonjour from France. I have a good result with scatching my finger on a teeth brush also because you can have soft, medium, and hard brush

  2. Hello! I tried this technique and I hope you would see the result I had with it. I painted a blue cherry blossom 🙂
    Here is the link:

  3. Ya I really enjoyed.. I love paintings 😘😘😘😘thanks for this video I try my best thankuuu👍👍👍🙌🙌🙌

  4. This technique makes it look so beautiful. By the way, I used this for my Chinese Scroll Art. I was thinking of ideas, until my brain flashed back into a weird vision, cherry blossom trees, and some how I knew exactly what they were called. Anways, I searched up videos on how to paint it, and this video appeared.

  5. Awesome tutorial. Thanks. I am just a beginner but I love to paint. This will definitely keep me motivated to keep going. And your voice is just awesome too.

  6. I'm not a painter but you made this look too easy, simple and "stupid" to paint!!! great technique !!!!! love art <3

  7. Thank you sir for such a wonderful tutorials. Your voice made it even more pleasing to listen and learn. So enticing as if I'm a child listening so intently to someone narrating a beautiful story.

  8. Amazing video!!! Sad to say someone by the name of Creative FOX stole it and posted it on his/her channel without linking or crediting you

  9. You need to tell people what consistency, brush. You gonna have some pissed off folks that just quit painting. Not done right this technique comes out like shit.

  10. For the ones disliking this. Hey ART is what you make it. THERE ARE NO RULES! Whatever you make if it makes you happy. If it makes others happy. Art is not about being Sheep. It is about exploring your inner feelings. Fine Art Tips… are amazing I have followed your tutorials. When I thought I could not even accomplish a straight line I finish and am amazed by how good it feels. My families like and I enjoy it. Thank you for taking the time To show this technique. I Love your work!

  11. You're voice makes me really happy, and I love you're video, thank you! ❤️😍 I'll painting this awesome tree! 🙏

  12. واااااوووووو 😍 حبيت الطريقة حجربهاا
    i well try it because its so beautiful 😍

  13. Thank you for your video! It is appreciated you taking your time to share simple techniques for beginners to learn from, and in a kind way.
    It also looks like fun to have a try and not to hard to get a result 🙂

  14. Oooohhhhhhhh youre such a great teacher sir.
    Encouraging, generous when teaching and your voice, does great to make one want to do better.
    Thank you Mr Leonardo.

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