100 thoughts on “How to Oil Paint, FREE Oil Painting lesson 1 With Michael Thompson

  1. what did you use on the canvas before starting the painting. I couldn't get what you said. Also, is it possible to do the painting over a few days? will the next layer hold on the older one?

  2. I tries watercolor painting, and I just cant seem to get it to do what I want. Maybe oil is more my thing. I'd like to try, I wonder how much a basic set up is.

  3. Hi Michael,

    thank you for sharing this wonderful lesson. I have a question: is it possible to follow your tutorials using acrylics instead of oils?

  4. what kind of tips you have for a person that hasn't painted before,well last time painted with oil paints n on canvas was in high school art class back in 1982-1984,art teacher didn't realy teach us anything about painting..go find a picture in magazine and paint it.

  5. I thought you were doing alla prima, but you say in a comment below you thin your paints with linseed oil. Could you elaborate a bit on this?

  6. You are amazingly talented!!! You painted a poem on a canvas. Though it is not easy, you made it look very easy!!
    Thank you

  7. Lets leave Bob Ross rest in peace, by the way William Alexander was teaching Bob Ross all he knew about painting. Betsy.

  8. Askuse me sir for oil painting special brush is coming … if coming than what's the name of that brush

  9. is he not using mediums? I just started painting and I'm not totally sure how to mix them in with the paint

  10. I love this channel, you guys inspired my to get comfortable with oil painting , I always used to doubt using it in my coursework and exams as it is very sophisticated and hard to correct.But after watching your videos I thought , yeah why not give it a go, so I went along and decided to go from water colors for my final exam to oil painting for my final exam:))) I am sooooo grateful for the confidence I got from your videos and I hope others will to.

    link to the vid for anyone who wants to see the outcome and result of these videos:)))

  11. subscrbie i have 30 years experiens in oil painting i like to do oil paintng lot of fun i like your viedo would you subscrbie to mark rob thank you

  12. Hello sir!
    Thank you for the teaching.
    Did you apply any oil in the canvas before applying colour?
    Many thanks in advance

  13. Hi there, how long does it take you to paint something like this. I see that there are a few videos getting to the end. Each of 10 minutes. But how long did you leave the oils to dry in-between painting the next level or adding details?
    To complete a painting like this one, on average would be how long.

    When the video cut, did you wait for the background layer to dry – Before starting the next layer, if so how long does the oils take to dry?

    And how long to dry properly after you have completed the painting in full?

    Thank you, great work!

  14. Gorgeous work here – feeling humbled. Will anyone please come and critique some of my own offerings. Thankyou.

  15. When I try to paint a sky using wet-on-wet with a white background, I just get a solid blue sky that does not mix with the background and get lighter. I notice that when you stroke the brush, I can hear the scratching against the canvas, almost as if it is dry, My brush just silently glides. Would this imply that my white background is too thick? I also have a problem with clouds in that the white just mixes with the blue and I get light blue clouds. Skies and clouds are supposed to be the easiest things to paint, but I can never get it.

  16. Your very talented, I love art so I asked my mom for art supplies and we got oil paints. People keep on telling me they are pretty hard to use..this is very helpful. Thank u.

  17. Super cool! Would you mind checking out our collection of oil paintings and support us:

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  19. What kind of brushes are you using? I would like to start painting with oil colors, but have absolutely no idea when it comes to the brushes. Which brush would you recommend for a beginner?

  20. Michael is a very good painter,had a chance to see some of his painting in person.they are awesome..I'm from the same state Michael from,good Old Georgia..hope one day to do a painting with him…Damon Cash

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  22. Hey Michael, would you mind show us the picture before you're gonna paint to let us to have a rough idea what kind of picture you are going to paint instead just directly touch dip brush into the oil paint, please. So this is kind thin oil painting ?

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  24. I am actually quite at ease with his instructional video. We all learn from each other…and this gentleman definitely learned and became his own. I see an artist named Michael Thompson, inspired by painting..nothing more. Stop comparing and learn to appreciate his dedication.

  25. I also followed Bob Ross and Bill Alexander since I was a little boy and I love to paint I watch many because everyone is a little different and it helps me grow thank you 🙏🏻 for this video I find myself taking lots of pictures now do you also take a lot of pictures

  26. Just like William Alexander then bob ross this technique belongs to just about everyone and no one. What people are reacting to and certainly not hating him for is the script is the same as bob ross and bob ross got William Alexander his teacher angry for “stealing” his script I.e.almighty tree phrase. I think everyone should watch Jon gnagge he taught first on tv how to draw.

  27. In the light of real painting and the classics this kitsch makes rembrant turner and vermeer spinning in there grave . It is realy hard to get why anyone would be inpressed with this crap , so sad …..

  28. How can I wash off my brush with oil paint soap n water n wipe down that would be my first time doing oil painting at home this year. Can I use my palette for my oil paints?

  29. Bob Ross can you show us how to wash off my paintbrush while doing oil painting? Thanks!! I'm artist also do drawing, painting, making crafts & sculptures

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