How to (NOT) be an artist

How to (NOT) be an artist

give allies and gentlemen welcome to draw with Gaza I'm Jazza and I'm an artist and sometimes no we're not an artist I'm an artist that's actually the terrible attitude I wanted to talk to you about because being an artist doesn't require some sort of magical ineffable qualification artists is an exclusive title that not everyone is loud not just anyone can call themselves an artist if you want it and you work for it you can consider yourself an artist if you feel what you're creating is art and you're committed and passionate then don't be afraid to call yourself an artist digital art isn't art comic books aren't art manga and anime aren't art and graffiti most certainly is not odd just because you don't like a medium or a genre that doesn't mean you have the right to discount it as a means of artistic expression my wife is a teacher and once in the school that she was working out a while ago there was a kid who was struggling through his learning and his studies in general and he really wanted to be a graffiti artist and he consider himself a graffiti artist and the art teacher refused to have anything to do with that even though encouraging him cultivating that interest could have helped him develop and refine his interests or even at the bare minimum create a positive outlet for someone to express themselves in fact I personally had a teacher in high school who actually tried to discourage and dissuade me from drawing cartoon characters and comic book characters joke's on you because it's ten years later and I'm still doing cartoon characters and comic book characters and I'm happier than ever digital art requires no Talent traditional art is the only pure form of art there are huge benefits to traditional art it's tangible its tactile there's nothing quite like the smell of oil on canvas or the feeling of a pencil in your hands or the ability to hold and look at a canvas with depth in its layers and it colors and the way it's created but there are also benefits to digital art it's immediate it's hugely versatile you don't need to wait for things to dry you can immediately change Hughes and saturations you can warp and distort you can apply layers and various effects and you can then manipulate it and throw it into other mediums like a video you can using the high resolution for advertising or low resolution for pamphlets and flyers and business cards neither one is better than the other they each have their advantages and disadvantages and if you completely disregard one out of hand you're kind of cutting out your own legs from underneath you you need thick skin to be an artist if you can't add all my criticisms then you certainly aren't cut out to be an artist it's true that to survive in a creative industry you need some sort of resilience and thick skin but the reality is we all start at square one and I'm sure each of us can think of a handful of people who have a nice singing voice or could create interesting art with their hands who don't use those potential abilities or gifts because when they were learning someone pushed them over and said hey not good enough and that's really unfortunate we're all in the same boat we all start in the same way and to help someone actually realize their ability to have thick skin and protect their value as an artist we first need to sort of show them their value as an artist and thick skin is something that is grown and cultivated not something that you just have or you don't to be an artist and to be truly creative you have to be poor and suffering commercial success is selling out making money doesn't make you a sellout and being poor doesn't make you any better making a living out of art is really difficult to do and if you can manage to do it you should be really proud of it and not feel like it cheapens you yes historically there are artists who were poor and suffering and were only appreciated well after their lifetime case in point van Gogh but some of the others we look back at today as the pinnacle of Renaissance and medieval art such as Shakespeare and Mozart and Michelangelo were commercial artists were mainstream and very successful it's also interesting to note that usually when there's an artist who's critical of another artists commercial success is usually because that artist hasn't achieved commercial success themselves if you draw from references or you copy and trace you're certainly not good enough using references and copying and tracing is how we learn we're applying these lessons to our brain for it to remember and understand how these forms work for example the human figure to understand how that Anatomy is put together and how all of the intricacies of the organic human form are to be depicted in different angles and in various ways is really difficult to do especially if you haven't got references and you're trying to do it on your own without having learnt it we all learn from the start and that start is often through copying and tracing and it's a great place to start think of copying and tracing like training wheels on a bicycle you're not going to ride with them on your bike the rest of your life you're going to outgrow them but it's a really great place to start and find stability and understand how things work so that when you take your training wheels off you've had enough help with your copying and tracing or your training wheels so that when you take them off you know how to go about it and you might be a little bit shaky at first but in the end you find stability and that stability is a lot easier to get to if you have a little help to begin with to be an artist you have to have studied at art school and not just any art school with something prestigious I for one studied at the academy of blah blah blah art colleges and universities are amazingly valuable and a huge asset to the artistic community for educating and empowering artists but on the flip side not all artists have access to such forms of education furthermore the traditional academic way of learning also isn't applicable to everyone as well in fact sometimes that form of learning could stifle and box in some people who just learn in a different way or have different ways of developing there are some people for whom the true academic route of education is ideal and substantially beneficial and there are also people who are better at progressing and learning and developing in different ways and both are very valid ways of developing as artists you use cheap no-name brand pencils and muggers quaint you're obviously not a real artist you don't need expensive equipment in either learning or commercially succeeding in art of course the more tools we have in our tool belt the better because it does free us up expressively and creatively but that does not mean you need to have a whole bunch of expensive equipment to start learning you have to be born with talent to be an artist it's innate no matter how hard you try you'll never be as good as me you know it's true that some people are more naturally gifted in certain areas than other people they don't have to work as hard for it but that doesn't mean that they are more capable or more deserving of success than anyone else in fact in many cases that I've seen and heard of there are people who have these natural gifts who actually don't learn to work for it or study or develop their skills because it's too easy and it just happens naturally whereas on the flip side there are a lot of people who don't have it naturally who really want it who through their efforts learn how to cultivate those skills and in the end are led to a more fruitful career or have attained more positive attributes and attitudes through that journey it's also never too late to start I get contacted by people all the time who say I'm 35 or I'm 45 or even I'm 60 is it too late for me to start learning or even become a professional and the reality is no it's not there are so many stories of people who started in their 40s and Beyond who have become huge commercial successes and at the end of the day it's not even just about the commercial success it's about something you want to do you need to do to express yourself that is attainable through work and application you should just give up I'm quite simply a better artist than you I believe that there is no room for pretentiousness and elitism and exclusivity in any artistic community because artistic communities survive and depend on creative potential and those things do nothing but destroy creative potential at the end of the day we are all in the same boat we all have one thing in common and that is that we are artists whether we're a beginner who's struggling and fighting to comprehend the very basic fundamentals of our craft or whether we're an extremely successful and influential artist making a great success off of our craft we're all in the same boat and we all start in the same place and it's hugely important that not only do we embrace the things that make us different but we enjoy the things that bring us together and make us the same thanks for watching this video ladies and gentlemen I hope you enjoyed it and I also want to take a quick moment to thank the community here on draw with Jazza because if there's something I've noticed from the very beginning that's been consistent all the way through it's that you guys have really made this a positive place for everyone I've always noticed and been really proud of how incredibly inclusive and supportive everyone has been on this channel and I want to thank you for making this a positive place and I look forward to continuing to make this a positive place for all of us as well as best I can with your help I love you guys thank you for watching and until next time I'll see you later I can't believe you could stand to watch such mediocre drivel if Jazza was here had asked you to subscribe if you wanted to see more weekly videos not that you could bear it of course he does have more content which you can see there on the right all ridiculous and of course if you really liked his stuff you could support his work by getting something from his silly little shop such a sellout you're not really an artist unless you're starving to death oh I'm sure he also would say that this channel sponsored by an artistic community huh don't make me laugh anyway I've had enough of this place it's depressing me I'm gonna go create works of art and congratulate myself

29 thoughts on “How to (NOT) be an artist

  1. I once had a lady tell me that as an artist I must have been born gifted. I really don’t believe that to be a good artist you have to be naturally gifted. In fact when I first started my drawings were just as bad as everyone else’s.

  2. The irony of needing to be a poor artist who use expensive brand materials to not be recognised in your lifetime to be a "good artist"

    I am glad I am a bad artist 😂

  3. "you don't need to be poor to be better" Oh come on Jazza that's the one thing the snobby guy said I needed that I had! :p

  4. People: You're not an artist!
    Me: What I make is called pixel ART.


  5. I look at it this way, if drawing comes easy to you , you are supposed to do it , if you have to work so hard at it, it's not for you !!!

  6. I had an art teacher in collage that told me "you can't make fine art with a mechanical pencil." I then only used my mechanical pencil, which happens to be the same one you use, to pass that class.

  7. I cant doodle until i subscribed to vexx
    I cant get details until i sub to zhc

  8. If you’re doing something creative you ARE an artist NO EXCEPTIONS
    I’m not a digital artist myself, but that doesn’t mean it’s not art…

    Edit I mostly use cheaper supplies because that’s what I can afford
    My inking pens are black and metallic silver sharpies and if mistakes are made… Bic white out
    (Ultra fine [both colors], fine [both colors] & chisel tip [just black] if you’re interested in trying them out)
    My sketchbook is basically one step up from printer paper (Norcom brand)
    My charcoal and paints are mostly Artist Loft brand… same for my brushes and occasional canvases

  9. I know someone who really makes me mad, for my grade I'd say that I'm an ok artist.
    Theres a girl at my school who traces art and calls it her own, then says it's a gift.
    Tracing is ok, but calling it your own and putting other people down because "they cant draw like you" is wrong
    Years later she never learned much… Kinda felt bad for her but KARMMAAAAAAAAAA

  10. Everyone knows that Rembrandt became true artist ONLY when he became poor. He wasn't an artist when he was successful, he was just SELLING HIS SOUL! Oh, that stereotypes…

  11. one of the reasons some art teachers dont encourage students to draw anime (least ones outside of japan and asian countries) is that in the UK and US, or in Europe, Anime isn't as looked for nor as popular as people seem to think, and its tough to get a job for it too in those areas, but like if the kid really wanted to live that dream, they can work to move out to Japan when they're able too. its just so many people are harsh, and instead of giving constructive criticism, they just bash on it instead.

  12. just as it says anime and manga isnt art my middle finger is already up


  13. I think that if you'd go to an art school you might find drawing an obligation and that might make u quit… just my opinion

  14. I actually thought that if i'm not born with the talent i can't be as good as my friend who's a really good artist. But with time i learned to accept myself even if i'm not as good as her. I'm good in my own way, and even if i'm not talented i made it trhough work. It is my passion since i was like 3, i started with ugly drawings and now i'm making progress from a month to another. The point of all this is that no matter how yoh were born or how much talent you have. If you want to do somthing, just do it and work hard. Everything will be better!💙

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