How to mix green acrylic paint

How to mix green acrylic paint

Hi class and welcome to the great green shootout. Here we can see how to really get a nice green
and the ones that can cause trouble in your painting very easily. To start with I’m going to use burnt umber
and yellow. What, no blue? no you don’t need to start with blue it
can really make terrible greens that can ruin your paintings quicker than you think. Okay here we go with the burnt umber. So here with the burnt umber you can see you
can get these very subtle greens, okay they’re not green greens but when your painting the
landscape if you look at the side of a tree this will be perfect for highlights on foliage
so this is really really handy when you are first blocking in so that the bright green
doesn’t put your eye out when you are trying to judge tones and colours. The next one which I often use is black. This is a carbon black, still with the cadmium
yellow light. And you’ll see how that effects it. Black has got a blue undertone so it is like
using a very very muted blue to get a green. You only need a small amount of black to make
a big difference to your yellow. This has got a lot higher tinting strength
than the yellow. Especially if this was a transparent yellow
like Hansa Yellow or Lemon Yellow. So here you can see with the ultramarine blue
it goes,well obviously, alot bluer you’ve got a lot bluer green here but this black
and the yellow makes a very nice green in-between these two. if you don’t want to go as subtle as the
brown black can often be a very good choice Again with the Phthalo blue be very careful,
you only need a small amount to change it. so here you can see when we look at the mass
tones of the colours and how dark they are the phthalo blue green looks very dark, darker
than the ultramarine blue. but mixed with the yellow it suddenly gets
a lot more vivid what I would call an acid green coming especially on this one here. so as far as the shootout goes my money is
on the black and the yellow, this is the one I’d probably use most to create a nice balance
and a tonal painting. I might use a bit of the ultramarine blue
just for an odd punch but more than likely I’d use a glaze to warm up the colour rather
than using a pure opaque finish. If you’d like to learn more about color
mixing and how to get the perfect landscapes have a look at my website at will kemp art
school dot com. which ones your favorite? let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I found this video because someone stole it, named it a popular title (Rainbow highlighter review) and posted it on youtube. Kinda glad someone was being an asshat because this was a very useful video and I'm not sure I would have been able to find it.

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips! I'm inexperienced and I always stick with using ultramarine because I didn't realise that black was an option. I'll be experimenting with that, thanks 🙂

  3. I'm really shocked by the black & yellow mix. Then again, I don't know a lot about color mixing. 😀 The black + yellow mix does look the best in terms of natural green, but I prefer really bright colors — so the last row is my favorite. 😉 Thank you for all your color mixing videos. They are extremely helpful to someone like me who is learning.

  4. This helped me a lot. I was trying to make the right chartreuse and you showed me what I'd never have considered: the black. It's just what I needed, thank you!

  5. Squeee!…Will we love your video! All the kittens were very excited to discover we just googled you out of blue! ☺️

  6. Hello from France, Will, and thank you sooo much for your help with colours. I'm a beginner, and I decided to do a birch forest, but could I get the greens I wanted???
    I remembered watching one of your videos on acrylic mixing and just found it again.
    Pheeew, I found exactly what I was looking for, a kind of slightly khaki shade, with the Carbon black and Cadmium Yellow Light…
    So, it's back to the canvas with my grateful thanks.
    I think you're a brilliant teacher, clear, concise, and your demonstrations speak for themselves. I particularly appreciate your putting in the video as subtitles the actual colours your use to mix.
    With kind regards,

  7. Wow well that was great demo. Very helpful, I am selecting my first colors for acrylic painting , currently I doing pastels, I am less into the natural colors and love those vibrant greens you made in the lower right.



  8. I just love your work Will, and you make things a lot simpler and easy to understand from Wendy Baldwin Strathdale Australia

  9. Youre presentation about mixing green is absolutely a delight. It was very easy fir me to be able to moddified what I havv done with my sad acrylics greens. Now I need to know how to paint greens in the background,; I don't get the right effect by adding white or black, it gets muddy.Thankss, Ezio

  10. thanks for this…..i made a ton of green to change it to olive green and slimy green and i still did not get the right green i need…i'll try this tomorrow.

  11. Hey Will. I am currently painting a pond and is in need of the proper green for the water. Your burnt umber/cad yellow and the ultramarine blue/cad yellow mixes are just perfect. Thank you. Laurie.

  12. Super helpful info for a newbie to mixing acrylics. I like the top two rows of green. Much more natural looking.

  13. and my teacher told me leave my black paint out lol
    Well I can understand his motive because often people use black for the wrong purpose, but now I can certainly use it right. Thanks!

  14. I like the black added to the yellow.
    Never would have guessed that combination. Thanks for the video.

  15. I've been searching for a way to make Phthalo Green (blue) and I think I got it. Phthalo Blue (Green Shade) with a touch of Cad Yellow Light, or at least as close to it without buying it. I only need a touch of it for a floral painting.

  16. Excellent presentation and hues of green. I specially loved the green obtained by mixing black carbon and phthalo blue with yellow.

  17. Been looking for the right colour in underpainting my northern seascape and you nailed it with burned umber and cad. yellow. Appreciations are in order!

  18. I really appreciate your style of teaching. I have ADHD, so long winded chatter in tutorials makes me skip through. The limited, but perfect use of instruction really gets through to me, and it's more visual than anything. Plus the videos all being under 5 or 10 minutes is a plus. I'm learning a ton , woo! c:

  19. This video is a gem! I've just fallen in love with colour mixing. Made me realize how amateur I am (been painting for 4 months without mixing much). I love this old-school approach to the colour. Thank you so much!

  20. I Love them thank you so much just started painting and have to learn all these beautiful color combinations

  21. this is really helpful. I’m buying paints but trying to keep costs low, and found a beautiful green I wanted to buy, but I figured I can just learn to mix it. these are wonderful.

  22. I'll personally take your animated colorfully green painting instructions style suggestions from you for My Mural playgrounds wall 🖼 🎨work The Berenstain Bears, Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog, Rupert Bear & his chums from Nutwood, Paw Patrol, & stuff like that beautiful style, sir.☺

  23. Trying to match wall paint to fix a few holes. The paint i bought is close but i can see that a little black will get the right colour. Very helpful. My dog didn't create the holes in the wall.

  24. "FOR ONCE I WAS BLIND, NOW I CAN SEE!" Bravo! It really makes it clear when put in such a simple way, but GD if that still doesn't make you giggle like…. well you know! BE well, Be real, and Be you!!!

  25. Well butter my britches and call me a busquit! There's the chartruse I have been trying to mix, and you use carbon black! Thanks!

  26. This is a great tutorial. I've just entered the world of painting …. and mixing color is definitely a challenge. I prefer the black and yellow (even though I was told by my art teacher to never use black) but I still don't see a really dark evergreen color. What color would you use as your first dark layer?

  27. This is amazing…….all this time I’ve been using ultramarine blue. Thank you so much for thus lesson🎨

  28. I need moss green, which looks like the first example (top row). I would never have thought of combining yellow and brown. Thank you! Brilliant.

  29. My favourite shade of green is the Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Yellow mixture. The reason why is the colour of the green that everyone can see when making green for painting grass and leafs in trees.

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