19 thoughts on “How To Marble Car Paint Using House of Kolor Marbilizer

  1. always just used black base, then like a silverย  with a slow reducer but you have to move fast still lol..

  2. Have done a fair bit of this myself (hard to find good tutorials, so thank you!) I found, to avoid the problem of finger-touch marks, where you've pushed the plastic wrap down, is turn your air pressure way down low and use your shop-blower/air-duster to gently lay your plastic down.
    Using bubble-wrap also gives an interesting, if some-what uniform pattern.

  3. I remember working in a repair shop 20 years ago. Went nextdoor to the body shop and watched a guy do this method. I was blown away

  4. Question, if I use the hok neutral marbleizer can I put pearl in it or would I have to do it first then use the pearl in the clearcoat? Thanks for any help

  5. Oh my God. That technique is amazing and the candy Grey paint is awesome. The time is the most critical part.
    I will paint my car rims using this technique and leave the inner border like a mirror finish. Thanks my friend.

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