How to Make Wood Art : How to Make Wood Art Outlines

How to Make Wood Art : How to Make Wood Art Outlines

Hi, my name is David Clemen on behalf of Expert
Village. Today we’re going to paint on a piece of scrap wood that you find anywhere. Now
that we got the bases of the bottles and assorted stuff for the shelf I would like to go back
in and outline these things. So basically I’m going to take a smaller brush I’m going
to get a little bit of black paint and get it pretty heavy with paint and I’m going to
come in and around the edges. If it’s not spreading like you like you can dip it in
water for a little bit and it will spread a little bit for you. Almost like a watercolor
even though it’s acrylic and with the black paint you can actually add texture, you can
designs to the glasses, coffee mugs. I’ll come in here and it doesn’t have to be a perfect
outline you are just indicating. You can even go outside the lines with the vase you can
come in here and a lot of vases that antiques have that kind of textured rough feeling.
Almost like a golf ball you can kind of indicate that here and get a little bit more for the
base of the vase and the top of the vase. It has a couple of bars in the middle and
then a label for this bottle you can just do a quick line on the top and bottom of the
label. Then for these regular glasses you can come in and you don’t have to get every
line you are just indicating that there is an edge there. Another thing you can do is
when you are doing these outlines you can actually make them squiggly which is an illustration
technique just to kind of show movement and life with the lines. There you have outlines.

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