How to Make Wood Art : How to Draw on Wood

How to Make Wood Art : How to Draw on Wood

Hi, my name is David Clemen on behalf of Expert
Village. Today we’re going to paint on a piece of scrap wood that you find anywhere. Now
that I decided what I want to do I’m going to take my pencil and I’m just going to loosely
draw out a bottle and bottles comes in all shapes and sizes so I’m going to come down
here and just draw a bottle. I’m actually going to draw two bottles really loose but
I’m going to change the shape of this bottle and I’ll probably make this a round bottle.
Then I might come over here and do a coffee cup typical items that you might see on a
shelf and I think with the way that this is going this would be a cool piece to hang in
the kitchen. Then I might draw a glass here, it looks like a beer mug maybe and I can add
some depth here by adding a glass behind the glass. I’m going to make sure I get the bottom
of the glass and then I’ll probably see through that glass. Then over here we’re going to
do another coffee mug
and maybe there are some wine glasses over here. These are real simple drawings and then at
the end I might do a vase, then have a small bottle behind this coffee mug like an old
medicine bottle or something like that. That’s drawing onto the wood.

20 thoughts on “How to Make Wood Art : How to Draw on Wood

  1. OHHHHHHHH, THATS HOW YOU DRAW ON WOOD!!!!! You pick up a pencil, and ….. *drum roll*……DRAW ON THE WOOD! WOW.

  2. They should have numbered these as "part x" of whatever series in this particular project. It's hard to watch them not knowing the order, and the titles are a bit ridiculous on their own.

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