How to make sunflower with paper ||Art&Craft with PRATIMA

How to make sunflower with paper ||Art&Craft with PRATIMA

I have taken 22×15 inch chart paper for making a sunflower, you can take according to the flower size you want to make. I have taken a round cut out of 6-inch diameter from cardboard. A rectangular cutout of 10×4 inch dimension. Now fold the chart paper lengthwise to its half and cut it out. So we get two pieces of 15×11 inch dimension. First fold the 15×11 inch paper lengthwise. Again fold it to its half. Now fold the paper diagonally and draw the shape of the petals and cut it out. Now repeat the same with another half of 15×11 inch dimension paper. Now trace the petal shape from the previously cut pieces and cut the petals 1 cm smaller in size from the previous. Now arrange the petals and fix it then give the embossing effect using a scale like this. cover the circle cutout with green paper like this. Take a dark brown 5-inch diameter circle cut out and fix it in the centre of the flower. Now cover the rectangular piece with any colour of your choice and you can write anything like month name, seasons, event name etc.. Now take a green paper strip and make the stem like this and fix the stem with the flower and rectangular cutout with glue and masking tape Take a 6-inch dark green paper for the leaves and cut the leaf shape and fold it like this to give a realistic effect and fix it with glue.

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  6. I loved your video but to what extent should the petals be

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