How to Make Mosaic Art : How to Grout a Mosaic Work of Art

How to Make Mosaic Art : How to Grout a Mosaic Work of Art

It’s been twenty-four hours, I did this
yesterday for the purposes of this demonstration and you can see the design here and I think
it looks really cool. I did the front and I did the sides here and the next step is
going to be the grouting process, which is what really holds the pieces in place. The
glue sets them; the grout really holds them and keeps them permanently in place. Okay,
I like to use colored grout because I think colored grout is a lot more interesting than
just plain white grout and I match my grout color to my piece. So there is art involved
in that you want to coordinate the colors, everything should look really complementary
to each other and again that is where the art part comes in. You can go lighter grout,
darker grout; I’m going to use a very neutral colored grout. This is a very dry grout, you
can see and this particular grout is un-sanded, you can get sanded grout or un-sanded grout,
this is un-sanded and I prefer working with this, it is smoother and I just really enjoy
doing these projects with un-sanded grout. So this is the grout, water and we’re going
to mix it to a constituency of thick oatmeal, so what I do is mix some water in, mix it
up because all, because grout absorbs liquid differently, some grout. “That’s not making
sense”, okay, so I’m adding a little more water, there was not quite enough water, so
I’m going to add more water till I get this grout to the consistency that I want it. If
I add too much water, if it gets too liquidly, I can add more of the grout to it so there
is no harm, no foul, you can’t really make a mistake on this, and what I do, is I mix
it up and I let it stand for about five minutes, five or ten minutes until it’s really a
nice thick constituency, it will thicken as it stands. If it stands too long it will harden
like cement, but this looks like it’s going to come out to a perfect consistency. All
right, the grout is ready to go, the surface is all prepared, I have plastic underneath
it so as not to make a mess all over the place. I apply my grout with a brush, I don’t get
my hands in the grout because grout is very abrasive to the hands so avoid getting the
grout on your hands, if you prefer to use gloves that’s not a bad idea, I just use
the brush to apply it. And now I’m going to lob this grout onto my piece like that
and take my brush and fill in the spaces. And again, this is what is going to keep the
shards in place, is doing this. Because when this dries and this dries very quickly it
hardens up and keeps everything right where it is supposed to be. This is the fun part,
this is like playing with clay doing this, it’s like being a kid making a mess, but
a neat mess. Okay so you can see that I am filling in all
the places, I don’t want to get it on my flowers so I’m going to use a smaller brush
right around the flower, but I’ll be wiping this off while it is still soft so anything
I get on it, I’ll be able to wipe off. The smaller brush works really nice too, because
it really gets in between the pieces. When this is all done being applied I let
this sit for five to ten minutes, maybe longer, depends, depending on the moisture content
in the air it can take a little longer to dry sometimes, but then I am going to wipe
all the pieces off, I’m going to wipe the grout off the shrouds so that it is only in
the gaps. Well I’ve spread it out and I’ve actually taken off some of the excess with
the brush to allow it to dry because I’m going to eventually wipe it off of all the
shards but in the meantime I’ve taken a brush and brushed off the excess and the next
step is going to be getting rid of everything that is on top of the shards and just leaving
the grout in between.

63 thoughts on “How to Make Mosaic Art : How to Grout a Mosaic Work of Art

  1. Your piece looks really beautiful before the grout was applied but I'm sure it's even better afterwards. My questions:
    -How long should you leave grout on a piece before cleaning it off?
    – Does it depend on the type of piece, such as glass, wood, or ceramic?
    -I've seen books that talk about knowing the thickness of pieces to use. How do you know the amount of grout to use for a certain thickness of your cut pieces? Thank you!

  2. @serialdad Well said, Plus there are far too many mosaic videos, not warning people of the chronic illnesses one get get from inhaling grout.

  3. Why are expertvillage vids generally so crappy? This one may have been helpful but someone got the bright idea to place the writing all over the screen. I should have known better than clicking on a NOTexpertvillage vid. My bad.

  4. I enjoyed your creative ideas and now working on some mosaics with my grand kids. I also love the color of the wall behind you and would like to paint my bedroom this way. Could you please tell me the color you used, was it a glaze? thanks, Kira

  5. @ekocentric you can buy grout colorant. You could use a pink colorant in white grout if it is for a baby girl. hope this helps

  6. join my group on fb to support new artists! it is called art & upcoming artists! because you all deserve a chanche to be promoted!

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  8. I LOVE grout, and cement, I love mixing it, and the way it fills in the crevices. I LOVE your mosaic, I want to make one just like it!

  9. I learned a lot and felt better making my first mosaic. Let me tell you where there is more fun in this application: 1) using the hammer and 2) wiping the grout off with your hands. It's fun to make a mess and hit things.

  10. Thank you so much for posting these instructions! I am new to the wonderful world of mosaic and your videos saved me from many MANY mistakes!

  11. I'm not so sure the grout holds it into place.  but it does give it a "finished look" and allows the hard edges to be covered.  Otherwise those sharp edges could cut.  While the grout does set 'hard'…it doesn't really hold them in… That is why the glue has to be good, and completely set.

  12. thank you very much for sharing this beautiful video with us please put numbers to be clear the orde

  13. i love your videos & your demonistration is very very good.i love it very much your art.thank you.

  14. Yours is far superior to others..very imaginative..beautifully artistic.masterpieces..nothing average about your work..i wish we were art to you Marcia

  15. How do you grout around pieces that are more three dimensional and protrude beyond, don’t lie flat, against your pot?

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