How to Make Embroidery Hoop Art (using Scrap Fabrics) | Style Pile #20

How to Make Embroidery Hoop Art (using Scrap Fabrics) | Style Pile #20

Hello, welcome back, and we have skipped the
intro again so we can just get right into it! This is a 4-part mini-series-within-a-series,
where I try and reuse a bunch of scrap fabrics from my “Style Pile” box. That has become… boxes. In the last 2 episodes, we made a fox plushie
and an eyemask, and in THIS episode, we’ll be using our scrap fabrics, and two new materials
– embroidery threads and a wooden hoop – to make some embroidery hoop art. Scrap fabrics are GREAT to use for embroidery,
especially as you can get embroidery hoops in just about any size you need. So those really pretty but TINY fabric scraps
that you can’t bear to throw out, well, you can get teeny tiny hoops just for those! These little hoops are from an Etsy store,
and they make cute tiny hoop art knick-knacks or pendants for necklaces. So, this is how to set fabric into an embroidery
hoop: First I found a piece of scrap fabric that
was slightly larger than the embroidery hoop that I wanted to use. I cut this scrap down to size, but I also
made sure that it’s at least a couple of inches wider than the hoop all the way around. Then, I opened the embroidery hoop up… and
I placed the small hoop down at the back… and I put the fabric on top of this. The bigger hoop then goes on top of this… “pop!” – then I tightened the screw to hold it all in place. And if your fabric’s really cute, you could
even leave it like this, or you can paint on it, draw on it… or… you can do some
embroidery! Which is what I’m going to be doing in today’s
video. And I’m going to do some timelapses for
a couple of the hoops that I made, showing you some essential stitches that I use all
the time in embroidery along the way. So – let’s go! On this floral scrap piece of fabric, I free-handed
a heart shape with some erasable chalk, then I did an outline of this heart using a back-stitch,
and I filled in the shape with a satin stitch. And I’ll have links to more detailed videos
showing you how to do all of these stitches, as well as how to thread an embroidery needle
and how knot your thread, in the description box below. So you’ll be totally sorted to make your own
hoop art. On this plain cream-coloured piece of scrap
fabric, I drew an outline of a tree with a water-soluble marker, and then I did a satin-stitch
for the tree trunk and branches with brown thread, and an OUTLINE stitch for the tree’s
leaves, and then I filled in the tree’s leaves with a long-and-short stitch. This stitch is really similar to satin stitch
but it’s useful for filling in larger shapes than what a regular satin stitch can handle. Also, I did little guide stitches around the
circle-shape of the leaves, to guide my long-and-short stitches. And I actually put this one into one of those
mini-hoops – I’m going to make it into a necklace pendant! Lastly, to finish off the hoop, and to make
the edges all nice, first I folded them in like this and I REALLY roughly hand-stitched
it into place, pulling the thread tight to make the fabric all fold in, all around the
edges, like this. Now, I know it doesn’t look that pretty,
but that doesn’t matter, because I’m about to cover that up. To make it nicer on the back, I grabbed some
more scraps that were big enough, traced around the hoop with some chalk to get the approximate
size of the hoop, cut this out, and cut it smaller around the edges, abouuuut 5/8ths
of an inch from the edge, and then I placed it on the back of the hoop, and I hand-sewed
the edges to the first piece of fabric, but I did this a bit more neatly this time. I’m… still not that great at hand-stitching,
as you can see… and I did kind of rush this one… but that doesn’t matter. Because you can’t see the back of the embroidery
hoop once it’s hanging up anyway. To hang up the hoops, I got a piece of twine
and I threaded it through the top of the hoop, and then I tied a little bow, and then I put
it on a hook on the wall! I’m currently making a little section of
embroidery-art and photos on the wall in my stairwell, and these are all the other hoops
that I’ve added to it so far! This daisy one here was made with fabric from
an old pair of black jeans, and I did this cute daisy stitch on them – I showed you
all how to do this stitch back in Style Pile episode 17! This daisy stitch is useful for covering large
amounts of fabric really quickly. I’ve also made this little guy, also using
that scrap jeans fabric… Luci requested that I make this one for him,
because one of his favourite animals are frogs. I made this rabbit one with a checkered fabric
leftover from Style Pile episode 14 – now after this experience, I don’t recommend
using fabric with stripes or checks for hoop art because it’s REALLY hard to get it to
sit in a frame without the fabric going all wobbly and wonky! I might end up cutting this one out and making
it into a patch instead! And the most recent one that I’ve made is
this floral pattern, that I traced out of a Japanese Embroidery Pattern book, on that
same cream scrap fabric as the tree pendant. The outlines are done using a split stitch,
and the flowers are all French Knots! And I’ll put links for all of these stitches
in the description, so you can all learn how to do them too. So I’m going to keep adding more embroidery
art to this wall, because I’ve recently fallen back in love with embroidery and have
been practicing it, like, everyday! So, get ready to see some more embroidery
videos pop up on my channel too, because I’m currently obsessed. Thanks for watching, stay tuned for part 4
of this scrap-busting mini-series, and I’ll see you all next time. Bye! Psssst: Do you love puns? Does your sewing machine need some punny stickers
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  1. Tip 1 – Iron your fabric first
    Tip 2 – Make a sampler of stitches as your first project
    Tip 3 – Use iron-on interfacing on the back of any thinner fabric to stabilise it
    Tip 4 – Collect images you like to keep in a sketchbook as inspiration

  2. A tip for larger pieces (and this would probably help with the striped/check problem too) is to use a plastic hoop because they usually have grooves that lock the fabric in place so it doesn't slip out of the hoop! These are a little bit more expensive than the wood ones so you could do the embroidery in the plastic hoop and then frame it in the wood ones.

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  17. If your fabric is very thin and/or smooth (like satin or chiffon for example) you should think about wrapping your hoop. For that, just take a loooong strip of scrap fabric or some fabric ribbon and wrap it around the inner ring all the way until you can't see the wood anymore. Since fabric on fabric creates a lot more friction than fabric on wood, this will make the fabric you're stitching on keep the tention in the hoop a little better. It also reduces permanent marks from the hoop a little bit, if you plan on taking your embroidery out of the hoop.

  18. This is awesome! I have some old embroidery hoops and lots of pretty scrap fabric. I used to hand draw these intricate damask and paisley designs. I'm thinking I might break out the old lightbox and trace my old designs then embroider them. 🙂

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  29. The mini hoops look like earrings! You could probs figure out how to attach an earring post to it to wear your embroidered art!

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