43 thoughts on “How to make cappuccino at home! – Latte art with italian moka

  1. Hahahaha how to make a capuccino at home… buy a $15 moka pot for the coffee… and a $20k industrial espresso machine to froth the milk.

  2. Let the coffee come out first and stir it. Otherwise the first cup get the ristretto shot the other cup get the weaker shot. This is not ideal. Also you need to take off the heat quicker as soon as the coffee starts to bubble out. Also use boilng water this will eliminate over heating the coffee. This method seen in the video is ok but not perfect. Use my above tips for a better taste.

  3. Congratulations for your technic and your art friend! I got the same italian coffe system..i hope learn of you! I salute from the coasts of Mar del Plata in the Argentina Ferni

  4. Da italiano , secondo te quello dovrebbe essere un caffè all’italiana ? Ne saresti sicuro? / As an Italian, do you think that should be an Italian coffee? Would you be sure?

  5. With the title "Latte art with italian moka" it should be the way to make coffee with latte art without using any machine.

    What the point to use moka pot if you still need to use coffee machine to stream milk? Why don't just use that machine for coffee too?

  6. So you have dozens of fancy coffee machines at your place, but no regular stove to put the espresso maker on? Or does the gas burner make "better heat"?

  7. Este video sin voz es como ponerle la crema perfecta al café/ this voiceless video it's like pouring the perfect crema into the coffe.

  8. Most difficult for me is that trick with milk… 🙁 it never looks it like flower.. Heart or something like that.
    What about temperature of milk? Warm? Hot?

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