How to Make: Arts and Crafters puppet (Baldi’s Basics)

How to Make: Arts and Crafters puppet (Baldi’s Basics)

(dramatic sting) – Hello, everybody. My name is Tommy, I’m a
mask and puppet maker, and in this video, we will be learning how to make Arts and Crafters. Where are you? There he is! He’s pretty shy. So let’s get started. – Welcome to Tommy’s Puppet lab! – Enjoy the show! – So a lot of you have
been asking me to make Arts and Crafters, so we will
be making that right now. So you are going to need a sock with a gray heel and toes here. So, yeah, and make sure it’s white. You just probably find an old sock that you don’t wear anymore. You also need a small sheet of cardboard. Googly eyes. So you’ll want to use a medium googly eye and a small googly eye. And you will also need
some construction paper. We’ll need the red and black. Put that away. And some scissors, some gloves, because we’re using a hot glue gun. This is a low heat glue
gun, and that is it. There’s absolutely no
papier mache involved, so this is the first time
I’ve ever made a video that does not involve papier mache. So Arts and Crafters is worn like this. And then he’s got something
inside of his mouth, so I will be showing you how to do that. First of all, let’s
get the googly eyes on. So I’m gonna put the sock on,
I’m just gonna find out… Where the eyes need to be glued on. So, where the M, the M
means medium eye, and the S means small, so that’s where
you want to glue the eyes. Any time you’re using hot
glue, please wear some gloves, because I don’t want you
to burn your fingers, especially if you’re very
young, you might have very sensitive skin, so wear
gloves, just for safety. So I’m gonna go ahead
and I’m going to glue the small eye onto here. And the medium eye is going
to go right onto there. There, that takes care of the eyes. Who doesn’t like googly eyes? Okay. Now, the last thing we need to do is we need to give him the mouth. He is a very easy puppet. By the way, if you don’t
want to use hot glue, you can definitely use white glue. White glue will work
just fine, it just takes a little longer to dry, so it
means you need to be patient. So we’re gonna take
this sheet of cardboard and we’re gonna cut out a circle. (ding) So I’m going to put it just below where, that gray tip here, can you
see where it’s gray here? There’s actually a little
line that marks that. I’m gonna just put it below there. And now you want to actually,
see how the grain flows? We’re going to actually,
we’re going to bend this. And we’re gonna bend it with the direction of the grain here. There. That’s how the puppet’s gonna work. We’re gonna take a sheet
of construction paper, we’re gonna take the black sheet, we’re done with this cardboard here. I’m going to actually,
you can use white glue, like I said, but I’m gonna use hot glue, ’cause it’s faster, and
we’re going to glue that right onto the construction paper. Now we’re going to cut this out. We’re gonna cut out this
cardboard that we just glued onto construction paper. Please get an adult to help you if you are using sharp scissors. You can easily do this
with plastic scissors. Or safety scissors, I guess
you’d call it, ha ha ha. Okay, so I’m gonna cut this out. And there you go. You should have something
that looks like this, kind of like a black hole. Now I’m going to bend this again. Okay, so now you should
have something that looks like this, so you should be
able to open and close it. The next thing we need to do
is we need to add the tongue. So I’m gonna cut a small strip
of red construction paper, and we’re just gonna
cut out a tongue shape. Just on a piece of red construction paper. And that’s what the
tongue should look like. So now we’re just gonna
glue the tongue right there. Just at the bottom half of
the circle in the center, right where we folded it. And that’s what you should have. Now what we need to do is
we actually need to glue it onto our sock. So we’re just gonna glue it onto the sock. Just right here, and leave
some room at the top. You can use fabric glue
too, that might work better. So put a little bit of weight
on it while the glue dries. Just, you want to keep
some weight down on it. The better contact you have, the less likely it is going to come off. It will not peel off very easily. But yes, we are now finished. And there’s Arts and Crafters. (dramatic sting) And there you have it, you now know how to
make Arts and Crafters. Well, that was very easy, wasn’t it? Well, I hope you enjoyed that video. Thank you so much for watching, and be sure to check out my
other Baldi’s Basics puppets. I’ve got 1st Prize, Playmate,
and you can even make a Baldi costume and
Principal of the Thing. Don’t forget to check those out. Well, I will see you all next time. Thank you so much for watching! Bye-bye! Take one hand and put
these two fingers together. Put your pinky on top and
grab your pinky with your index finger, and you just
made yourself a puppet friend. (upbeat electronic music)

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