How To Make A Pen With Recycled Skateboards

How To Make A Pen With Recycled Skateboards

Hey guys, Dan Rees here from
and in this video I’ll show you how I made this funky pen out of recycled skateboards. To begin I removed the hardware and grip tape
from a broken skateboard which was easily the most tedious part of the process. I used a hair dryer to heat up a portion of
the grip tape to soften up the adhesive. I was then able to work a razor blade under
the grip tape to peel it off. First I started with the edges and then worked
on peeling off the rest. I had a few rips but I just did my best with
the hair dryer and razor to strip the grip tape off. Next I moved over to the band saw to cut the
skateboard down. After cutting away the parts of the deck that
I didn’t need I set up the fence on my bandsaw so I could slice the board down into 35mm
sections. I cut 8 sections from the center of the deck
so the shape of each slice would be similar. This made the glue up easier as they would
all fit together seamlessly. My adhesive of choice was Gorrilla Glue as
it is seriously strong and expands to three times it’s volume to fill any gaps. I simply applied a generous amount of glue
to each section, smoothed it out so that I had even coverage and then placed the next
section on top. I repeated this until all of the sections
of deck were glued and then I clamped them up over night. When the adhesive had cured I cut away any
dried up ooze on the bandsaw until I was left with a block of glued up skateboards. I pencilled a rough outline of my pen blank
on to the block and cut it out carefully on the bandsaw. Next I drilled through the center of the blank
using an 11mm drill bit and glued the brass tube from my pen kit into the hole. I used super glue and a sacrificial paint
brush to make this part nice and easy. Before turning I trimmed the edges of the
blank flush with the brass tube by using a standard barrel trimmer. I also knew that the skateboard would be a
fragile material to work with so I sanded the corners and ends of the blank on a sanding
disk to minimise the risk of blow out. To start making my skateboard blank round
I mounted it on a pen mandrel with specific bushings for the “Sierra” style pen kit
I was using. I began with a roughing gouge to eliminate
some material and I tried to work delicately so as not to ruin the blank. And all was going well until (BAM)…. The morals of the story here are
1- Always wear eye protection because when pen blanks explode they go everywhere! 2- Skateboards are fragile when you start
poking them with chisels so be gentle and … 3- If at first you don’t succeed, try and
try again! After exploding my first blank I made another
and turned it down to a good width for the Sierra pen. To give the wood a smooth appearance I sanded
it through progressively finer grits of sand paper up to a 1200grit and cleaned the grain
off with a little surgical spirit when I was done. Time for a tea break with my favourite “Slave
To The Lathe” mug! My finish of choice for this pen was super
glue aka “C.A finish”. I changed to using tapered bushings to avoid
the pen blank getting glued to them and cleaned up any dust from my work area. I applied a few drops of glue to the blank
and rubbed them in quickly with paper towel. To speed the process up I sprayed a little
activator spray in between layers. After 10 layers were applied in this fashion
I ran a sharp craft knife between the blank and the bushings just to release any glue
that was attaching the two. Then I wet sanded the blank through progressively
finer grits of abranet and micromesh until I had an even, smooth and shiny surface. A quick rub down with a little burnishing
cream was the final stage to make the pen glassy smooth! Finally I used a vice to assemble the end
cap of the pen kit and the rest of the pen was easy enough to piece together. The end result was a very swish pen with a
unique story and in the end it made a great gift for my friends brother! I won’t be in a hurry to make another of these
but welcome you guys to try! I’ve included Ebay links to tools and materials
I used in the description of this video so if you’re interested in pen turning or feel
inspired then check them out. I am a member of the Ebay partner network
so if you use any of my links to make a purchase then I receive a small reward. This will not affect the price you pay in
any way, and just helps to support me to make more videos! I made another crazy cool pen with coloured
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20 thoughts on “How To Make A Pen With Recycled Skateboards

  1. I'm from the u.k for sure, this is sick
    what is this burnishing cream i hear you say you put on last??
    what is it ? and have you got a link

    thanks man keep it up

  2. Amazing Dan! Love, love, love up cycling and man, that was perfect. You were right, cool story and the beauty shot at the end was beyond fitting. Make's me want to go out and turn some pens.

  3. Love the end product but I think you should know that the gorilla glue expands but ends up full of bubbles, hence the colour which give the material a massive weak point. Just a thought. Pen turned it great!

  4. Hi Dan! I'm excited to do my first pen this week. I have all my skateboard decks cleaned off…but question… did you sand the decks at all before gluing? Thanks for the video!

  5. I bought excellent handbook from woodprix website. Just google woodprix and start your journey to the better life

  6. Hey.. Im turning rings… using all said methods… the problem Im having is the final few steps of superglue and sanding to get that shiny look. Im applying a few coats.. then sanding with micromesh thru 12000.. but after that.. one they dont look as well as yours did.. and two.. I dont have that last white substance you buffed it with. Please advise.. and or can you make an in-depth video on that final few steps of shine and polish.. possibly with a super close up cam?

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