How to Install Wacom Intuos Art (Part 1/3)

How to Install Wacom Intuos Art (Part 1/3)

Hello there. I’m artist Aaron Rutten. In this video, I’m going to give you a quick tutorial on how to install and use the new Wacom Intuos Art, Photo, Comic and Draw. This is the newest tablet made by Wacom and it is really awesome. It’s a really slick tablet. I’ve gone ahead and unboxed this tablet in a previous video. So now we will go ahead and install this for the
first time. You should have your tablet of course and your pen to draw
with. And you should have a driver CD. If you have a disk drive in your computer,
you can use this to install the driver. You’ll need to install the driver
first before you plug in the tablet. So don’t plug it in yet. You can either
install it from the CD or you can go to Wacom’s website to download the
latest driver. I recommend that you do that because then you’re gonna have the
newest driver and it’s probably gonna work a lot better than what’s on the CD.
If we jump on over to Wacom’s website, that’s (you can
also do a google search for “Wacom drivers”) you’ll see over here there’s a
place to choose drivers. And then you can choose the actual model. So we want to
choose Intuos. Then we click on Download Driver. And then it’s gonna say “ensure
that any previously downloaded drivers have been uninstalled. You’ll want to go into your control panel
and uninstall any old Wacom drivers. Next, you can click on OK and it’s going to give
you the appropriate file. Sou want to save that file to your desktop or somewhere where you
can easily find it. And then go ahead and run that driver installation
program to install the driver. And then you can go ahead and plug this thing in. If your
driver successfully installed and everything is working properly, you want
to go ahead and plug your USB cable in. You have a little small end at a right
angle… this goes into your tablet. You want to look on the top-left corner of
the tablet. It actually goes with the cord facing out which makes sense. I tried to plug
it in the other way. Don’t try to force it if it doesn’t go in. It should snap in easily on its own. And then the other end is a USB plug. You’ve probably seen this
before. It’s just plugs into your computer Now the cord isn’t terribly
long so you may have to plug it into the front USB port on your computer, if you have
one. If you’re using a laptop then it’s not going to be a problem at all. Now if you don’t want to use the USB
connection, you can get an optional wireless adapter for this tablet. We’ll
take a look at how to install the wireless adapter a little later in the
video. So let’s go ahead and plug the tablet into your computer. And then you want to test
to see that your tablet is working. So the way this tablet works is, where you hover
your pen on your tablet is going to determine where the cursor is on your
screen. So if I want to point to the top left of my screen, I’ll point to the top
left my tablet. If I want to point to the bottom right of my screen, I’ll point to
the bottom right of the tablet. If you just pick the pen up, the cursor will follow as you move around the tablet. You can also use touch to
control your cursor. If you want to turn touch on and off, look on
the top edge of the tablet over on the right. There’s a switch to turn touch
off. I recommend that, for now, you go ahead and turn the touch off so that
your hand doesn’t interfere with the pen while you’re getting this set up. So
if your pen is moving your cursor, that’s great. If it’s moving the cursor on the wrong
screen or it’s not taking the full size of your screen in to account when
you’re moving the pen… like for instance here… I can’t even see where my cursor is at
when I move it over here. But if I move it over here, I can see it. So my cursor is going onto my other screen that is off to the side. So we need
to go into the Wacom Tablet Properties and configure this. So go
ahead and go into your control panel and you want to look under Wacom Tablet Properties. And this window will pop up here which will let you
configure all of the features on the tablet like the Express keys, the pen
pressure and the touch feature. So let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the
basic settings and we’ll come back to some of the more advanced customization
later. Mainly, we want to look at Mapping because right now I’m having a Mapping
problem. My pen is moving across all of my monitors and
I really just want it to move across the monitor I’ll be using for drawing and painting.
That’s going to be my primary monitor right here in front of me. So we
want to look here under Screen Area and right now it’s set to Full. Let’s go ahead
and change that to “Monitor 1”. Monitor 1 is actually the monitor that I want
to be using here. And the now you can see instantly see that if I point to the top-right
corner of the tablet, my cursor goes to the top-right corner of the screen. If I point to the
bottom-left of the tablet, the cursor goes to the bottom-left of the screen. So it doesn’t
work like a mouse would. With a mouse, when you pick the mouse up, the mouse cursor
stays wherever it was. The cursor moves relative to your movements of the mouse.
This pen is basically like pointing to somewhere on your screen. A lot of people ask
the question, “how am I supposed to know where to draw if I can’t see anything on
the tablet?” You will have your tablet right in front of you and you will be drawing on it
while looking up at the screen. You can see your cursor while you’re drawing. We’ll
take a look at some demos of drawing a little bit later. But for now, let’s just
make sure that our tablet is working properly. So now that we have the mapping
issue worked out, there are a few other things that you might want to tweak here.
If we go into Options, you may want to switch this to left-handed if you’re
left-handed rather than right. If we look under the Pen tab, this is where we
can change the pressure sensitivity. If you just press with your pen, you can see on this
little gauge here is actually showing you the level of pressure being applied. If you’re having
difficulty getting a nice range of pressure, you may want to change the Tip
Feel. Now I tend to press really firmly when I draw, so I like to set this
towards firm. So if you press firmly, you’ll set it towards firm. If you draw
lightly, you’ll want to set that more towards soft. And now it’s easier for me to get
that range of pen pressure that I want while I’m drawing. If we look under
Tablet, there the options for the Express Keys. And if you want to set these up now,
you can. If not, we can come back to these later and set them up together. I have some
suggestions on what will work really well for these express keys. It’s
important to note that when you’re setting up these presets, there is a
preset for “All” which will control everything. And then you can add
particular applications here… For example, I can have particular shortcuts set up
just for Photoshop. So when I open Photoshop, the tablet’s express keys are
gonna work a certain way in Photoshop. To have them work differently in Corel Painter, I can
add an application preset by clicking the + icon to add another program to the list.
You want to make sure that you have the right application preset selected when you’re
customizing this because it is easy to have the wrong one selected and mess up your
presets. Let’s go ahead and just exit out of the Wacom Tablet Properties and
let’s go into the digital painting application of your choice. If you have
the bundled version of Corel Painter Essentials, you could open that up. Or you can
open up Photoshop or ArtRage. Or you can get a free trial for Corel Painter 2016 if you
want to try that. There is also free program called Krita which you can
download. You just need something that you can use to test to make sure that your pen
works. You’ll want to make sure that application supports pen pressure because things
like Microsoft painter are not gonna support pen pressure. So if your tablet is moving
the cursor properly, that’s good. And if you press it down with your pen, then you
should make a line. And if you press down lightly, that line should get thinner. If you press down hard, it
should get thicker. If you’re not getting that pen pressure, you need to double
check and make sure that your tablet Tip Feel is set properly. And you want to
make sure that you’re pressing down hard enough or light enough so that you can
actually get a range of pressure. You can press down pretty hard… not so hard
that your gonna break anything, but definitely make sure that you’re
pressing down hard enough. And if that’s not working, then you may want to try
installing a different driver or reinstalling the current driver. Or
possibly unplugging the tablet, then plugging it into a different USB port. Or
restart your computer. Or a combination of those things should
get your pen pressure working. You should also make sure that pen pressure is enabled in the
application are you using because in Photoshop here, I can actually disable
pen pressure. Now I don’t have any pen pressure after clicking on this icon at the
top. So you want to make sure that pressure is actually turned on in that application. So forgive me because I’m just gonna draw scribbles. I’ve had people
make fun of me in previous videos saying, “This guy doesn’t know how to draw.” Well, as a
matter of fact, you can watch many of my other videos… I have 500 other
videos where you can watch me draw some pretty awesome stuff. I’m
just trying to make this tutorial as quick as possible so I’m just showing you how the
tablet works. So pen pressure is working in Photoshop. That’s excellent. We’ll try
some other programs a little bit later. Now let’s go ahead and take a look at
touch. We can go and turn that back on by clicking on a little switch here. And
then let’s try touching and let’s see what happens. Now this works just like a mouse
would. If I pick my finger up, it doesn’t matter where I put my finger back down on the
tablet. It’s gonna move the cursor from wherever it was. So touch works just like
your mouse. And the cool thing is, you can pinch with two fingers. And see how I
can zoom in and out? I can also a rotate the page by twisting with two fingers.
And if I double and triple tap, I can activate some different gesture-based commands, depending on
what I have set up in my Wacom Tablet Properties for the touch.

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