How To Have a Career In Languages | Bilingual, Multilingual Career etc... | AMBIE

How To Have a Career In Languages | Bilingual, Multilingual Career etc… | AMBIE

oh how do I do this okay hey guys let you go ambi from the channel sampling and baby I think I know so today I'm going to be talking to you all about how to have a career in languages basically how to apply for any jobs jobs and higher fighting for people how to start your career as a linguist if you're someone that speaks multiple languages so before we get started I do want to say if you have not purchased my favorite self-study video guide click the link below to take you straight to the website where I teach you how to learn any language if you want to learn and if you want to see difference and Somalians with people that try it out so I'm going to check out hashtag and be some study on Instagram which brings me to if you're not following me on Instagram what are you doing because my whole life being on YouTube okay I'm usually on Instagram more than I am on YouTube so make sure you check me out as well ambulance Eilish okay guys so how to have a career in languages so a lot of language learners often wonder can they get paid to speak the languages that they love there was a point in my life where I was thinking the same thing I wondered you know how can I get paid to speak Spanish how can I get paid to speak just Portuguese and because it also gives you the practice in the language if you guys are familiar with my channel I've talked about a lot of language learning topics here on this channel and I've always been a big advocate for if you're learning a new language if you're already at level conversational level it is very important to obtain a job speaking at language right and if you're someone that wants to debate that logic then just do me a favor make sure you call your bank customer service after three and tell me if those the person on the other line don't have the accent is there missing words on your t-mobile customer service call whatever customer service in America you're going to get four that can their English is just okay and that's fine because they're still bilingual right they're still they're still able to converse in the language and that's the goal or this China where I want to get you out to a level where you're able to converse and it's obtain a job in that other language nothing else really matters quite frankly only thing that matter is that paycheck saying that you're bilingual I always tell you guys to obtain a job speaking that language because it's great to get the practice in that's how you will enhance your vocabulary that's how you will make your fluency better so one of the things that you want to do is you want to apply to jobs that need your language skills now it makes a big difference if you're applying to a job close that says Spanish speaker wanted technically they might not compensate you for that skill so you want to apply to a job that would say like you know Spanish speaker needed because usually when a job need that skill they're willing to pay for it right so first we want to know the difference with that we're looking at job post also be careful with titles that they prefer a French speaker prefer a Mandarin speaker because once again preferring one Singh it kind of falls in the same category meaning hashtag you ain't he'll get paid for the skill because it's not needed so you want to make sure you apply to a job that says need this is this now keep in mind if this is your first time actually working a job where you're going to be using a skill you might want to lean towards the jobs that just want the speaker versus need the speaker because keep in mind that you're still growing and you just want to get the practice in okay so that's important to know the difference with that also the severity of the job so if you are trying to apply to be a medical interpreter obviously don't want to for something that's important between the patient and a physician so versus if you applied for a job that they need a Finnish customer service rep for a TNC right that's you can get away with that right because all you have to do is study that terminology customer service terminology business transaction telephone terminology you need to just study that and you're good for the job literally you just have to be fluent in that job title if that makes sense okay make sure that the if you are a beginner in the language you're just at conversation you never use it on the job before you can apply it to those job so just want the skill if you're already advanced in the language that you speak meaning that you can hold a fluent conversation talking about any topic you're able to comprehend you're able to respond and I would definitely go towards the Spanish speaker needed or the Portuguese speaker needed applies to those type of position so that should be compensated for that skill so that's one of the main things that's number one you want to apply to these type of jobs so another way to have a career in languages is something that we all do as linguist out here we always are very big know getting certifications certificates any documentation saying that you can speak that language or if you're not a speaker saying that you can translate that language so there's the difference between interpreting and translating well interpreting is voice is talking back before for example ma'am what are you doing today Senora abaca say a toy that's the turn I'm repeating out loud back and forth in languages now translating is document it's written is everything not speaking so just to put that out there in case anyone else confused between interpreting and translating there two different things two different work okay one of my friends he's a certified translator for English Spanish and French so he has a certification for that he does not speak the language like he he can understand the language but he's not a great speaker so he chose the perfect career for himself because he could read it he can write it he can translate it but he's not a good speaker and he's very fine with that he's content with that because he's been able to have a career off of being a translator instead of an interpreter so it is important to know that difference and know that if you're better at documentation and written reading or writing then you might want to focus on getting a career in translating it might be for you if you're someone to enjoy speaking the language and you can actually speak the language and it's hereford the language understand the language etc then definitely a career interpretation might be for you in my opinion what's more difficult this is just me I believe that interpreting is a lot easier than translating okay and I know a lot of people might be like what reading and writing is easier okay but for me I think speaking it it's better as far as interpreting because I always use the same example because this like the first example they teach you in interpreting training right someone said oh it's raining cats and dogs I could say it's raining heavily it's raining very hard it's a lot of rain those three things mean the same thing as it's raining cats and dogs right I just interpreted in three different ways when you're interpreting it leaves room for not only say mistakes but it leaves room for you to play around with the language if you don't know how to say something if that makes it if you're an interpreter out there you totally get what I'm saying you kind of have the freedom as long as you get that message across you can interpret it however you want as long as that mess does not change okay so rather I say is raining cats and dogs rather than I say it's raining heavily is raining car is raining a lot that all means the same thing it's all interpretation so for me interpreting is a lot easier than translating because now now you have translation for translating is more difficult in my opinion not my friend he translate all three languages English Spanish and French he was seeing here an RV you down and say no translating is a lot easier cuz I ain't got to speak the language for me it's a lot harder because I need to be exactly on point as to what is being translated it has to be a direct translation unless it's unless it's an expression that should translate me that's different right an expression is this kind of like interpreting you have to make it make sense in the other language so but yeah for me translating it's a little hard but yes so you definitely want to get certifications certificates saying that you are proficient in that language or you can translate that language I mean those type of things along with your resume definitely enhances your chance of getting that job and it also shows the employer or whoever's hiring you or your client that hey this person has the ability to get the job done and addresses notes here on my phones oh and my don't mind me if I'm looking down so another thing is so there are differences between certifications and certificates on certificates you can have a certificate in business Spanish break saying that you completed this course or you can have a certification in business baños saying that you are certified in business Spanish like you've taken a course you completed the course you've been tested etc so there's a difference between that now does it matter if you have one or two other it depends on the job and depends on what they want for a medical interpreter most places want to see a certification see you they want to see it your certified medical interpreters they want to see the certification I'm going to tell you right now there are hospitals there are physicians there are medical offices out there that don't ask for this stuff and one of the reason is because they don't want to pay what they need to pay a certified interpreter a lot of times just because you don't have that don't be you want this job okay so the same has happened with me I've had interpreting jobs before I've had the certification you don't have to have it is it good to have it yes well the certificate do absolutely I've been to jobs where I was brought certificate saying I completed a Portuguese course I've got certificate saying I've completed of medical Spanish our courses for medical Spanish and that was enough for me to get the job okay I've had a certificate saying well actually I have certification for not business Spanish okay it's actually big is certified with that but bottom line is my certifications versus my certificate the employers look at on the same way all they see is okay this person can speak the language so there are some people that are certified that might disagree I said no and that's fine that's understandable that's just the same as the person with a degree saying I hate I deserve this job versus the person that don't have a degree but at the end of the day it's the employers decision you know your opinion don't matter you know your opinion really don't matter so it's some happy if this employers say I'm gonna hire this person with the Spanish certificate first is this person that's a certified level block it's really up to that doctors up to whoever wants to hire you so I'm here to tell you starting offer certificates is great if you can afford to get a certification if you can afford to go through that training definitely do it having balls is great having one of the other is great it's really up to that employer how well they like you and I'm gonna tell you this if you're someone that could speak three languages four languages five languages six languages more than likely that employer is still going to choose you over a certified person only in two languages okay so more than likely I know this from experience I have been lined up with other people that that have degrees like master's degrees and have this and study Spanish on their life and probably can speak better than me however I've had an employer saying nope I want her because she's not only know Spanish now making expensive Portuguese have a few Portuguese speaking clients and just within the past couple of months I've gotten opportunities with my Korean and with my Mandarin but I'm still learning Mandarin but my fiancee who used me for site translation a lot so he'll have with document English and he of having me to say to him in Mandarin and he pay me for it but bini in China in jail a just doing that for my fiance you know how many doors that's gonna open up for me in the business mandarin world like okay so basically what I'm saying it'll just stop at the second language um if you are already at your proficient level with Spanish why not add another language on there it's hot in here it's hot here in Puerto Rico man oh I'm in my living room anyway so another thing guys last but not least I want to say so back to the first tip that I gave on my blog post about this if you're a beginner in the language and let me not say beginner if you're like intermediate and you can have a conversation right you definitely want to start offering your services for free okay I was just telling a friend this a couple weeks ago offer your services for free on the side like if you already have a main job that you do even if it's in retail if it's a fast-food restaurant whatever still have something that you do for free on the side offer to work for a hospital for free and make sure your job title says Spanish interpreter or offer to work for a physician for free but hey you need a translator for your office I can translate documents in Spanish or I can translate the documents in Korean operate your services for free that way you get the practices make sure you pass it through a professional translator for Spanish or whatever and just let them double-check your work right or pass it through a negative speakers to have them double-check your work this is how you learn offer your services for free even if it's for one Saturday at a hospital like hey I can translate you don't have to pay me I'm just trying to build the skill and I just want to help right what that does is it enhances your resume as well it gives you that experience that you don't have so if you don't have experience already as using the language it that experien that's important so this is how you have a career in languages guides and I hope that you all enjoyed this video I know I went into detail I just want to make sure I didn't leave anything out I will be posting links for you all to click on in the description box where you can get certificates where you can get certifications and things like that I'll have that language stuff ok so any last although I hope you liked this video muchisimas gracias love mo audio you

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  2. Certificates of Completion / Certifications / Licensure / Degrees (all levels) / Technical Diplomas : Know the differences. Whatever educational path you choose, whatever career you go into, Do your research on these terms now. Muy importante!

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  4. Thank you sis! While I'm an entrepreneur, I didn't think to get certified as fluent in BR Portuguese until hearing this! My language partners are studying for the TOFEL.
    I definitely love your 3 month program it's a great resource!

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  6. Thats why I love you Ambie… What is fluency anyway?? Was I understood or nah?? Plenty of people have accents and incorrect grammar but they are understood

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