How to Get Back Into Watercolor Painting | Simple Ways to Warm Up to Get Back into Art!

How to Get Back Into Watercolor Painting | Simple Ways to Warm Up to Get Back into Art!

80 thoughts on “How to Get Back Into Watercolor Painting | Simple Ways to Warm Up to Get Back into Art!

  1. Hey! You haven't painted in ages or you finally want to get into painting? In this video I'll talk exactly about that! Don't forget to grab your FREE Color Combinations Cheat Sheet here 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the info! I know this is a bit off topic but I’m starting to finish my artist loft set, do you recommend any other sets?

  3. Omg I haven’t painted in so long because I’ve been busy, but now I have inspiration to!! Thanks Mako. Luv u!!! ❤️❤️

  4. Thank you so much for this video! Even though im only 14, im slowly losing practice with watercolours 🙁 drawing and painting relieves so much stress but again when i judge my work or compare it with others it doesnt relieve stress as much so i think i just oainted less and less. Im also slowly losing free time to draw. 🙁

    But i wont stop practicing because i know that thats the only way to improve. Instead of judging i guess i feel like im doing something to improve my skills.

    Wow. That was random😂

  5. I haven't painted in years, partly because of life/work and mostly because of fear of failure. Yesterday, I decided to pick up my cheap brush and barely used watercolor set to dust off some basics. This video couldn't have come at a better time, and your other tutorials are really helping me understand my mistakes, as well as demonstrating techniques I never knew. Thank you, Mako <3

  6. This was so needed by me! After my examination (recently) i was not even able to think about drawing. I had such an art block, that it ate my mind. It was so painful, to not be able to do something I love to. I will give a try to it today!

  7. Another awesome video. I like that things were kept simple and effective. Drawing lines of varied thickness using same brush was the favorite part and a trick that I have forgotten about completely so that was really awesome. Another favorite part of the video was the swatches part I often struggle with deciding on backgrounds for portraits and I think that can help me a lot. You're doing an amazing work Mako. Keep it up 😀

  8. 🙏I would love to get a video from you where a girl is sitting in a dark room with a bottle of lights or lighting insects in her hand!!!!!❤️

  9. Ahhh same here! Can you read mind? I thought i will request this video today!😍 I haven't been drawing or art coz my exams are going on…i haven't seen or touched my art supplies for almost more than 1 week.. Its too hard to stay away.. I have to stay away until 4 th december coz if i sit to master a art,i can't study..❤😞

  10. I really needed this right now, thank you! I’m painting some pieces for Christmas gifts cause I want to get a head start on Christmas!

  11. I have followed your channels for a while and really love your videos. They are really detailed and helpful. This one is what I've always looking for coz I'm just a beginner and still find it difficult to control my brush strokes most of the time.
    Thank you for your videos ^^ looking forward to the next

  12. speaking as an artist on the brink of hiatus and barely having done watercolor before: this really makes me want to try again.

  13. Mako! a urgent question!
    first watercolor set: windsor and newton cotman travel set (12 litle pans) or aquafine travel set (18 pans)? In my country the price difference between these two brands is pretty huge. W&N is pretty expensive… Please advise me!!

  14. I SO get the feeling of waisting art supplies on practicing, I get so frustrated when I mess up and lose motivation easily, I'm trying to work on that and your videos are really helpful💕

  15. That video was really helpful and I really needed that , because in these past weeks I’ve been having a lot of exams and and I’ve been really stressing out the whole time and that’s why I didn’t have enough time to sit down and relax while painting, so really Thx 😊❤️

  16. Very nice work, thank you so much! You encourage us in the best way! Your videos and your guides are so nicely refined! Excellent effort, congratulations!

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