How to get back into drawing ~ Frannerd

How to get back into drawing ~ Frannerd

are you actually afraid of ghosts a little bit me too like a lot hi guys oh my god I hope you’re having a wonderful day I don’t think I’ve ever film at this time of day because they hate filming one is nighttime or like late in the afternoon because I don’t know why I really like natural daylight and I don’t know why but I don’t like filming with lights and it’s something that I have to get used to especially this time of the year in which it gets really dark very early today guys I am NOT in my best shape to be honest I really don’t want to film right now but I think it’s great to document this type of behavior because even though I enjoyed a lot filming my best times my best days it’s also great to film when you’re not in your best shape I’m really tired guys I arrived I think a week ago to Hastings and even now I don’t feel in my best shape I feel very tired and lethargic and just spaced out the whole time I haven’t got a minute to catch up and sit down and just breathe so it is so nice to be sitting down talking to you guys even not feeling myself quite yet and the problem I don’t know if it’s a problem but the issue with these past few days and this enduring October is that I didn’t draw almost anything during October I feel very rusty guys I haven’t drawn in such a long time I mean I drew I probably do yesterday some post-its but I haven’t sat down and drawn in so freaking long so this video is going to be me and you drawing and what to do when you’re just like very disconnected with drawing maybe because you haven’t drawn in a while maybe because you don’t feel like it maybe because time flew by and you had no idea and it’s been three months and you haven’t like reach out for a pencil so let’s just like dig deep in this adventure and let’s draw together [Music] this room is cold but I don’t really care my feet are numb and tangles have form in my head is snoring in my ear again but I don’t feel the need to complain cuz what do I do next to a beauty like you and what do I say to make you understand that I don’t want to be anywhere else but here [Music] the left Atisha standing in the sink like we really wanted the neighbors to think but we are just too carefree and too young but I know you and me we’re nothing like they want us to be so what do I do next to a beauty like you and what do I say to make you understand that I don’t wanna be anywhere else no I don’t wanna be you anywhere no I don’t wanna be anywhere snow I don’t wanna be anyways [Music] but here hi guys today is Wednesday and yesterday was a great evening actually I realized that when you’re rusty or when you’re trying to do something again after not doing it for a long time it’s very important to take it easy so yesterday I painted and inked a few illustrations that I had ready I mean that I did during my I think I did on a train a couple of weeks ago and I don’t know why but retracing or inking illustrations that I did in the past it’s really it’s like the perfect opportunity for me to warm up and to the rust myself so to speak I don’t know that’s you in a word but you know what I mean just like take it easy or like we draw something that is very easy and familiar for you and I’m trying to get better at this thing of making mistakes because I make them very frequently but when I draw I always tend to I have like really high hopes and expectations about the thing that I’m drawing and it should be like perfect and cute and amazing and today I’m just gonna draw what I want to draw I don’t have any themes but I always save topics and things to draw on Instagram or on my computer or I just wanna I’m just going to draw some fun art and stuff that I have been watching lately but I’m just going to take it easy because it’s been a while guys really for example guys I have been saving this use this article The New Yorker did a few months ago or a few years ago about David Bowie and I don’t know why but I loved this post and I’ve been saving this article for so long because I want to draw the pose I don’t know why I liked it so much but if you’re an illustrator and you find fascinating poses or like the way some pictures look or like the way people look sometimes like the outfits or a hair color whatever just like save it for later because when you’re like me right now struggling and feeling rusty and wanting to draw something you will really appreciate this type of thing so thank you friend of the past so it’s officially the end of this day and I wanted to share some reflections and things that I’ve been thinking about this entire day that I wanted to share with you guys because we’re in this together as they stay and I don’t know guys I feel super rusty right now I remember that and I don’t know if you remember this but in the beginning of this year almost a year ago well I felt that I was not in top of my illustration game but I was very loose I hate that word because it has a totally different meaning in English but in Spanish when you loosen up drawing wise it means that you are constantly warmed out warmed up and I love the idea of that because it happens only when you draw a lot constantly every single day and since I lost the practice of drawing this past month it’s been really hard to get into it again I guess what I’m trying to say with the is take it slowly or take it easy because it’s it’s let’s face it it’s really uncomfortable to face something that you’re doing wrong or something that you feel very rusty or like I don’t know clumsy in the beginning so take it easy and slow and also I think embrace the awkwardness and their mistakes I think once you know you’re going to do mistakes is amazing like when you do mistakes on purpose and this is something that I really need to work on guys because I I like pain right this is like a deep flaw that I have by the way I love being right all the time god I can’t believe I’m even saying this out loud to you guys but I love being right and making mistakes on purpose it goes it goes entirely in the opposite direction of what I like and what I inspire every day in that oh my god that sounds so weird I hope you know what I mean so making mistakes on purpose I mean not on purpose but like to loosen up and to warm up and draw and embrace the idea that you’re going to make mistakes makes everything easier for me right now it’s kind of like going out of my comfort zone because it’s drawing and making mistakes online and you guys can see all of those mistakes the artist or the illustrator or creatives in general they don’t share that much the mistakes and I found that is the most interesting and not the most interesting thing but a really interesting thing about a person’s career so that’s why I am sharing kind of my not my worst mistakes but some of them also guys start from something familiar something you know when I started drawing and doing like this tiny doodles I tend to go for the things I know and then I try to experiment it’s really hard to be really rusty drawing wise or like painting wise and then for something that is challenging for you so you know exactly if you are not new to this channel you know exactly all the things that I need to work on on the next couple of months for example like scenery or like old people or stuff like that so I highly suggest that you start with something you know how to draw or you’re very comfortable with drawing in the beginning at least and then you can lose up and like warm up and start drawing the things that you are not so comfortable drawing I was going to say don’t forget to have fun and be super cheesy and corny about it but what I meant was try to make it enjoyable what you’re doing right now is super uncomfortable and it’s really hard to make it enjoyable while you’re making mistakes so if you can put your favorite podcasts on the background or like your favorite album if you can watch I don’t know some Gilmore Girls or whatever and make it more fun I guess it’s it’s a more it’s a less painful process to do that while you’re embracing this rustiness in your drawing so I highly suggest you make it as enjoyable as you possibly can and I think that’s basically it guys I’m so sorry if all of these um advices were really obvious but I’d say but I think when you say it out loud it makes it makes the total sense I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you enjoyed seeing me drawing it’s weird to be an illustration channel and never draw so I’ll do my best to draw on camera more often and that that is going to make me feel more comfortable about drawing on camera because it’s something that I need to work on and thank you for making me company in this very dark and abdominal day and yeah thank you so much guys to all of you who have purchased a planner so far icon like I am so freaking grateful I know I say this in every single video but thank you so much thank you so much to all of my patrons because they allow me to sit down on this carpet in front of the fireplace that is not working and film this video and share all the things the tiny things that I’m learning with you guys even the uncomfortable things but yeah thank you so much patrons and I hope you’re having a wonderful day thank you so much to all the people that suggested questions for upcoming videos in relation to having an online shop I read all of them so stay tuned for a video about online shop not online shopping that’s a different thing I am not very good at online shopping but on having that online shop yeah that I think I can help a little bit so thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next week bye bye guys oh my god just like look at these guys look at this look at this this is a girl’s life everyday 24/7 this this thing this thing is happening look at that that’s her job right there I want this this this job

100 thoughts on “How to get back into drawing ~ Frannerd

  1. Hola, soy nueva en tu canal. Debo de decir que me han encantado tus dibujos. Me preguntaba que marca de marcadores utilizas, o si tienes algún video donde muestras los útiles que usas para crear tus dibujos. Por favor y gracias.

  2. Fran, yo sé que va a sonar medio cursi pero, en serio muchas gracias por hacer estos videos, tengo tanto miedo y tantas dudas sobre todo lo relacionado con la ilustración como profesión, creo que es por un evento particular en mi vida en la que alguien agarro todos mis dibujos y los botó a la basura cuando tenía 9 años…desde entonces he estado intentado recuperar ese sentimiento de disfrute al dibujar y me ha costado muchísimo…viendo este video agarré lápiz y papel, y bueno, no sé como ordenar/escribir bien lo que estoy pensando, pero gracias! PD: Cereal es muy linda <3

  3. Does anyone know if she has a video or blog post anywhere about the art tools she uses? Or maybe y'all can give me some of your recommendations for art products. 😊

  4. This video came at the perfect time. I haven’t seriously drawn in a year, mostly because I reached a block in my progress and just lost all inspiration and drive to draw and be creative in general. It’s been a struggle because art is such a huge part of my identity and I feel like I’m not a person without it. I’ve tried getting back into it a few times but really I was forcing myself to do it and it never stuck to me as it did before. But recently I’ve been much more inspired to get back into it so hopefully things will turn out good.

  5. I really, REALLY enjoy your videos even though I don't know how to draw or sketch – I'd love to learn! It is so calming to watch you draw and I wish I knew how but I'll happily settle for watching you and other creatives do it. You've just become one of my favorite youtubers.

  6. I feel you Fran. I feel you. I'm coming out of this face too. It is really helpful to watch this video. Thank you for making this. And yes the kitty's job is to look cute and fluffy 24×7. I miss my cats. 🙂 🙂

  7. No podía concentrarme para nada el día de hoy, pero puse como cinco de tus videos uno tras el otro y fue como magia. Tu voz me relaja mucho y tus videos son simplemente algo que me encanta ver una y otra vez. Love you and all that you do <3 Saludos.

  8. I love this video so much because it had finally motivated me to draw again! Also, I really want to know the song title because it's so calming and beautiful!

  9. your editing and song choices are so beautiful and seamless, sometimes i listen while i draw but your art is always exiting/nice to watch. ^~^

    so i get distracted from drawing! haha anyways, you’re the best Fran.

  10. Just feel so stuck lately.. Haven't really done any drawings for a long long time and there's a kind of fear to start again

  11. NO sé si es idea mía, pero los subtítulos son muy "español chileno" Jjajajajajjajjaja Te sigo hace un par de meses y de verdad adoro tu trabajo: tus dibujos, tu planner (que está tan linda que me da lata rayarla, por la crestaaaaaa), tus videos… hasta tus gatos <3 Saludos desde Chilito

  12. Thank you so much for this video. For some reason it feels like sometimes as an artist you look at all the amazing artists and illustrators out there and there amazing work and not be disheartened and feel like they never struggle. And it's good to know that other artists struggle with this as I struggle a lot with perfectionism in my work and I love 'embrace the awkwardness!' ❤️ love this vid and all your vids.

  13. I have just discover you channel. Your reflexion is very interesting and I love looking at your videos !
    Thank you for the advises !

  14. I had to go back and re-watch this video for inspiration. I LOVE to watch you draw online. Uncomfortable things or easy thing – it is helpful to see your process.

  15. i have stopped drawing for more than 1 year biggest mistake of my life. Thank you so much for this. I am really motivated now! 💖✨

  16. I really love your art. I mean, is so cute and minimalist in some way. You're amazing Fran, remember it every day.

    I know this maybe will sound weird but… For me (and for one hundred nerds more) you are a inspiration, a model. I needed this video, i was need to heard your words.

    Thanks for everything Fran!
    I love you so much.
    Sorry, my english is still awful, but i try my best!

  17. What an inspiration you are! You have such a nice and friendly aura Fran 💗 I will try your advice 🙂 btw I just realized that I always gravitate towards a color palette veeeery similar to yours. I found the only pencils I brought with me when I moved, and the palette is so similar that it is freaky hahahaha

  18. Aaaah! My most active account on Instagram is about cards but I also drew a lot before I started shuffling papers. I really needed this sort of video so I searched on it on youtube and you were the first result.

  19. Thanks! I kinda needed your advice, well really needed.. It's been monthes since i really haf the urge to draw. Kinda got burnout from inktober. Getting frustrated that I'm not able to draw like back then, lol. Welp time to go draw some old people, that's my comfort zone lol.

  20. As an artist, you are so unique. I have never seen the way you do your videos in any other artist. And that's what I love. Stay unique and remember to always be yourself ♥

  21. lo genial de tus videos es que son "atemporales", me los puedo repetir cuando hagan falta. Este video lo vi cuando salió el año pasado y hoy lo estoy viendo de nuevo pues llevo unos meses sin dibujar. Gracias!!!

  22. Hi Fran! So I’m taking a course next year for art and I’m worried for idk “exposing” my art style. It’s not realistic and it’s a lot like your style and I don’t think that people will accept my style? I’m really worried and I was wondering if you have any tips for feeling comfortable sharing work and all. Thanks and have a great day/night!

  23. I think art community needs an event for sharing not-the-best work. Because It gets a little unhealthy when everyone puts up their best works only and it starts to seem like artists you aspire are gods who never make mistakes.

  24. Oh and i loooove your art style it’s so cute 😍💓 I’m happy that i stumbled upon your channel 💓 such a sweet person

  25. This was really inspiring. I haven't drawn in idk like maybe 10 yrs. Drawing was something I loved to do it came natural every since I was a child. I would like to get my creative juices flowing again with sketching again. I'm sure it will happen for me.

  26. Thank you. I may not have found this video 7 months ago but it really helped me feel motivated to draw for some reason(maybe your take it easy made me feel more calm?). Lately I've been feeling terrible about my art and felt like I was un able to draw. So once again, thank you.

  27. you should try making a pinterest board for things you want to draw, that's what i do in case i experience a rut.

  28. Anybody have any idea what kind of markers are used in the video? I love how subtle they are, great idea for a subtle background without being too invasive behind the mark making with the pen.

  29. This helped a lot, thank you! I've been really low and not drawn much and it sucks so watching your video and drawing along to it was really awesome ♡

  30. I really like this style of drawing I don't really know what my style is though. I know you can't "choose your style" but of I could it would be this style

  31. Hi! You are such so inspiring 💕 your videos, drawing and colors are 👍🏻👌🏻 You made me wanna draw and color everyday. Thanks!
    And what marker do you use ? isit like a paint kind?

  32. What are those white markers you used at the start of the video ? And those small pens ? I could use some like that 😌

  33. seeing you draw made me realize what I did wrong when drawing my hands when sketching and getting back into the rhythm of drawing again

  34. Hi! Thank you so much. I actually sat down and drew something moderately cute while listening to your video. It's been more than a year since I had drawn anything and all my practice has gone to shit but this really helped me on picking up my damn sketchbook and actually draw something, even if it's small. Thank you again 🙂

  35. ughh Thank you. It helps so much to not feel alone with times like this. What you said about wanting to be right struck a chord for me. I put so much pressure on the first drawing session after a break to make something amazing, it sucks to feel rusty. I loved your tip about collecting stuff to draw! What a nice way to stay excited to draw. Gonna try to get "loose" and awkward <3

  36. Haha…. Can I tell you something? I love being right too…. It’s hard for me to ‘make mistakes’ when I am drawing or doing anything in fact even though I know that it’s ok and we are supposed to be more forgiving on ourselves. It’s just hard. So I totally get you 🙂

  37. I have been yearning to get back to what I used to do when I was a child into my early 20's. Now I'm 44 and watching your channel took me back when I was younger and I had an emotional moment. It's time for me to pick up the pencil and draw out the images I see in my mind.

  38. i used to draw every day when i was 13 yo my teacher at school told me i was pretty good and that i should consider studying art but one day my mum discouraged me and told me i wasn't good enough and that i wasn't "special" after that i quit drawing. Now im 17 yo and i regret so much when i try to draw it is really horrible like i can't draw anymore… (sorry for my english lol)

  39. I woke up this morning just wanting to draw. I hadn’t done it in 9 years and i finally did it today. Haven’t been this happy in a long time

  40. Your style of art os amazing. Its been a long time since I have drawn because I felt pressured and I really never improved but I miss it guess I will start over.

  41. Gracias por compartir estos procesos. Yo he estado casi tres años sin dibujar. De pronto, ya no me satisfacía nada de lo que proyectaba. Creo que el haberme pasado a lo digital influyó, porque el exceso de simetría y perfección fueron minando la experimentación, el descubrimiento que los errores permiten. Por fortuna, pese al tantísimo tiempo transcurrido, al fin he encontrado el modo de desbloquearme y he girado también mi estilo. Un nuevo comienzo ♡

  42. I'm rusty too…its been 3 years. Since my dad died. Im very slowly starting to get my love for art back…the first step is the hardest… 🖤

  43. I have been going through a lot from having kids to become very sick with lupus and depression I really want to draw again I loved doing it before but now I have no motivation

  44. I know this is an old video, but it showed up at a good time for me. I haven't drawn properly in months. I have been avoiding it like the plague and feeling frustrated with myself because I'm afraid my passion is gone. There are times when I feel a small spark, but then I push it away because I don't want to expose myself.

    But this video is helping me see that I'm afraid of failure. I'm afraid of feeling the rust and drawing something that isn't as good as it use to be. But also, if I don't start, I'll always stay rusty. Thank you for this video. Time to take it slow and regain my passion. I know it's still in me.

  45. I really needed a video like this. Thank you for creating this because I haven't drawn in so long and my abilities as an artist has deteriorated over time. I recently got into sports, video games, trying to change myself to make new friends, and started studying more that I haven't taken much time to think about my art. Now here I am. My sports season is over, I beaten all my video games, I'm alone, and schools out, now I'm just here with an endless spacious amount of time and this is when I saw my pencil and paper again. And when I drew again, I remember why i love it but my skill is not what it used to be and it hurts to see that.I wish that I could just talk about art with someone, I miss those times of my life.

  46. Your video might be really helpful in terms of my situation right now I suddenly stop drawing 4 years ago in order to focus in college. But because of not being able to draw made me a different person in college and I can't seemingly focus on all throughout the year…I wonder why I didn't fail throughout semesters… then it also made it worse when I failed on my last exam, it made me depressed. Then when I started drawing again there's nothing comes to mind. All I did on that day is to stare in a white paper while my hand holds a pencil.

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