How to Drawing illustration without drawing pad, only pencil and mouse (with English Sub)

How to Drawing illustration without drawing pad, only pencil and mouse (with English Sub)

hello… welcome back to my video here with me again Hery from Bazzier Graphik STudio A problem for some people who want to start learning design is… tools. drawing pad, pen tablet etc… they think good tools… …means good result There’s a quote… ‘man behind the gun’ you are the determinant of a good work or not some new beginner and people who starting learning design… …think they can’t start without the proper tools. they don’t have any drawing pad or don’t have a budget to buy it. Or maybe don’t want to spend money for it… …because they not sure can using it or not. that’s why… …today i will show you something. I will making the design just using the basic tools… such as… paper and pencil for sketching… Your smartphone for photograph the sketch.. and then… laptop or computer.. and i will use adobe Illustrator that’s all the tools ah sorry..i forget to mention mouse because using trackpad on laptop is almost impossible.. so…i just using mouse for processing the design… click by click… usually using ‘pen tool’ on Ai Curious about the process? before i start… ..for new viewer don’t forget to hit the subscribe button …and also don’t forget to hit the bell.. you can keep updated for my next videos That’s also supporting me … …to keep me active producing more contents Okay… Let’s get this started first step is sketching… then take the photo of the sketch… and send it to computer for digital process. okay…c’mon hii i’m in the desk now… i said before i won’t use the drawing pad So i need some tools to starting this process The first is… paper.. pencil.. eraser.. laptop..mouse. and let’s start the process… Firstly we must draw the sketch honestly i’m quite a while didn’t drawing on paper…. … this tools are brand new just for the video looks it’s still have the plastic wrap it’s gonna be simple thing… …something mirroring technique ..i want to start to draw the skull because no… ‘undo’ we need eraser here so we must take carefully.. and also i don’t take huge effort… ..on this sketch because… it’s will digitalize later because my pencil is not sharp so it’s feels bad … okay i think the skull looks okay It’s might be… …some adjustment will applied on digital process i don’t want to make standalone skul, that’s not cool… i want to make him wearing… hmm… …wearing samurai helmet.. … i think that’s will be cool. *(Samurai idea just popping up without any plan) let’s draw the samurai helmet sketch… It’s same thing as the skull.. it’s same using mirroring technique just make this easier… Okay i think the sketch is done… we can take the photo using your smartphone ..then process it on Adobe Illustrator If you don’t have Adobe ilustrator you can use… corel Draw or any other vector application okay.. let’s check the next process… Now i’m in Adobe Photoshop… ..with sketch that we already made before ..i use this adobe Photoshop just… … for made some adjustments with the sketch. because it’s photo not take by scanner… …so not looking good image. i want to rotate this counter clockwise. And then… go to layer..then make selection and cut to new layer. and the new layer i can flip it horizontally.. so we can se the mirror from the other side when in sketching process mirroring style we drew it’s just prediction in this photoshop we made the mirror style more visible not quite clean.. it’s okay.. i crop this to smaller size By the way my laptop is laggy… working on this, maybe because it’s recording or maybe after i update the OS… …updated it to Catalina OS A bit regret.. it’s quite old macbook Look this mirror technique now visible damn it’s laggy Okay.. now the helmet visible let me adjusting the dimention… ..cause look a bit slim I don’t care about this is rough sketch, the visible transparency effect and else. At least i know and understand the sketch after it mirrored. same thing on the skull piece made a selection then copy… copying this.. ..and flip horizontaly drop down the layer style to ‘multiply’ to make this visible. multiply is for eliminate the white see… you can the both side can be seen.. .. because it’s less white can still can see the dark grey effect okay it’s look better okay… this are the mirror result of the sketch at least after this mirrored we can see the result and double check the sketch… and made adjustment if needed like this part is a bit weird, skull jaw looks small… ..and the top part look big i made a bit adjustment using wrap then testing out… ..with his helmet before i exporting this to illustrator Because this sketch is very rough.. Because the mission is.. take more effort on digital process As i said at the first time i don’t using drawing pad here.. drawing pad… or any pen tablet just …mouse it’s fitting process fitting just like before wedding πŸ™‚ Okay it’s look good now.. save this sketch… damn..laptop getting slower …go to Adobe Illustrator because from this point the magic begin… let’s start this vector process For me there’s no size guide the pros thing using vector is.. easy to rescaling… don’t worry to scaling in any size We have this sketch here… drag to our new canvas here scale it adjusting to the working area lock the layer first i will begin with the skull hmm i will adding the guide line here… … at the centre of skull show the ruler (cmd+r) then pull from the horizontal line on left to the centre of the skull then make a new layer… we dont need fill color so make this ‘none’ ..only using black outline, using ‘pen tool’ on keyboard just press ‘P’ just let’s go we start the digital process.

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  1. mas, bikin tali helmnya, setelah di duplicate, kemudian supaya bisa menjadi melengkung dengan ukuran yg sama itu pake menu/perintah apa ? thx

  2. 2tahun mnerapkan trick kyak gini di coreldraw , ,πŸ˜… tp klau gambar nya g simetris lma bnget inking pake mouse , , 🀣

  3. greetings from philippines here, i would like to say your work are so amazing and is very helpful, i am inspired with your videos, and yet you are so humble in giving tutorials..God bless you man

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