How to Draw Yourself: Gravity Falls style

How to Draw Yourself: Gravity Falls style

Hi, my name is Echo and today I’m going to show you how to draw yourself in the style of the amazing cartoon, Gravity Falls. Gravity falls is a disney cartoon about Two twelve year old kids named Dipper and Mabel Pines. These kids have crazy supernatural and magical adventures while staying at their great uncle Stan’s mystery shack. The chances are if you’re watching this you already knew that, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before we can begin growing in the gravity fall style, we need to break down the gravity falls style. Let’s me breaking it down. Yeah I’m a loser ha The characters of Gravity Falls come in many Shapes and sizes. But they can generally be organized into three age groups: Kids, teenagers, and adults. If you feel like you’re not the best artist or you don’t really know where to begin I’ve gone ahead and I’ve made some basic outlines that you can use as a starting point. If you want to print trace or download these images. I put a link to them down in the description. The body of the citizens of gravity falls can be large, small, big, thin, and sometimes just flat-out strange. So don’t feel like you have to confine yourself to these basic body types. For example I have pretty big hips and thick legs, so I might draw my body type more like this. This is why I rarely film my legs. The head. When it comes to the facial shape, Gravity falls characters have a wide range of diversity. In general, younger characters tend to have round faces while adults and teens tend to have more developed chins. New we’re going to talk about the face. Starting with the eyes the eyes. The eyes in the gravity fall style are almost always perfectly round circles with black dots for pupils Although many characters have various types of eyelashes and eyewear. Does your person wear glasses? That’s an old board game reference. Something worth noting is that almost every main character has their eyes right next to each other although there are some background characters who have space between their eyes. When it comes to the nose, most noses are shaped kind of like a “c” blocking the bottom section of one of the eyes But this is once again something that comes in all shapes and [sizes] so you should probably take a look at the show and various characters to see what they’ve done. A great example of this is grunkle Stan What is that nose? The last part of the face that I want to mention is the mouth. Which is usually just a simple line although there are a handful of female characters who have been designed with lips. And now a brief intermission Now let’s move on to drawing hair. Hair is a very complex thing to draw in general just because there are so many different ways to draw hair styles. When I was first learning how to draw, I used to buy hair Style Magazines, and then use those as a form of inspiration. I’ve also made a video drawing a bunch of hairstyles So if you want, you can go watch that and use any of them as any form of inspiration Or you can just trace them I am totally fine with that. Hair is really complicated. And now a brief analysis of limbs In this art style, arms and legs are drawn in various thicknesses So don’t feel like you have to confine yourself to a certain thickness when it comes to the hands of the gravity falls art style Everything goes out the window Because apparently gravity falls characters can have four or five or even six fingers. In the show, most kids and teens have four fingers while most adults have five so do they just grow a finger at some point? And now the last thing I want to talk about are shoes. Usually the shoes in this show are Extremely simple. Sometimes just being a dividing line in a foot shape I might be making a draw 50 shoes video just for the sake of making this a little bit easier. The most important thing to remember when you’re trying to draw on the gravity fall style, is to be creative. Not even character designers themselves follow all of these guidelines down to the last detail. A prime example of this is the character bill cipher He goes against every single observation that I just made. He doesn’t fit into any age group He doesn’t even have a body, his facial shape is a triangle, he only has one eye that isn’t round, he has no hair or fingers at all, and his limbs are just lines. How am I supposed to critically analyze a style when he goes against every single aspect of it? You just enjoy going against the natural order. Don’t you. And that is why bill cipher is my favorite character So now that we have an unreasonably in-depth understanding of the gravity falls art style, let’s put it to good use. First thing I’m going to recommend. Is that you get a photo of yourself to use as a reference I’m going to be using this one. First thing I usually do in under any new characters to start out with a pencil sketch of the basic figure That way if I decide that I want to change something or if I don’t like something I can just erase them redraw it without having to completely start over. Then once I’m content with the pencil outline, I go over it with a fine felt-tip pen and thicken the lines as I see fit. Then once the ink dries, I can erase the pencil and scan it for coloring. At the moment I’m doing all of my digital coloring with a free program called gimp which is a very strange name for a software. If you’re coloring your character, it’s worth pointing out that gravity falls as a show doesn’t usually incorporate shadows into their character animation, but uh If you decide to make use of this tutorial and either draw yourself or an original character Please send me a link over Twitter or put it in the comment section of this video Here’s some of the awesome artwork from the last tutorial You’re cool. Subscribe if you want more of my face and I’ll see you around. Bye! Is anyone else still desperately waiting at the very last episode of gravity falls to come out? I know I am What the heck man? Cat bug bug bug you’re a cat bug you’re a cat bug let’s be a cat bug together cut bug

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  1. Back when I first watched the show my favorite character was a tie between bill and Dipper. However after the show ended and I watched every episode and read a million fan fictions to fill the hole in my soul my opinion changed to an odd one. My favorite character is actually fiddleford. Closely followed by Bill, Ford, and Dipper.

  2. OMG you should do over the garden wall!!! and if you don't know what it is at least watch it i think it's right up your ally!

  3. Hay I just saw this in my recomended and I had to watch because my name is Echo too so yeah
    Oh ps. you are funny and I subscribed to you

  4. You know you should collab with goonzquad they are in Georgia two of them who rebuild wrecked cars perhaps you can come up with a fun graphic or design for their Lamborghini hurricane or their 370z drift car

  5. New to your page but will hopefully try out a drawing style of myself one day. I draw with black charcoals because I’m not a huge fan of colors in my own drawings. Maybe I just love that medium or maybe colors have always looked fake. Idk but I’d like to give this a shot one day. ✌️

  6. Here’s my body in the show: Wendy Courdoroys base, hair goes a little bit past shoulders, straight until the end, tank-top, long black pants, skin is white. I want you to draw me please!

  7. That’s so talented!
    So cool of you!
    Yes, that kind of styles of artistry is cute and funny convienyent appropriate.
    That style is soft and somewhat easy on the eyes.
    I’m glad how fluent you sound explaining your insights and experiences.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

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