How to Draw Yourself: Adventure Time style

How to Draw Yourself: Adventure Time style

Hello hello, my name is Echo and today I’m going to show you how to draw yourself in the style of the glorious cartoon: Adventure Time.
YEAH! ENTHUSIASM! Let’s get started! The first step in drawing yourself in any style is to figure out and define what YOU look like. I know it sounds kind of silly, but just go with it.
If you were a character in Adventure Time, what would you look like? Do you have curly hair or straight hair? Do you have long hair or short hair? What kind of clothes do you wear? Do you wear tank tops or hoodies? Do you wear t-shirts? It helps to make a list of all of the things that define you as a visual “character”.
Take me for example, I wear a lot of red and black. I usually wear things with sleeves. I love clothes with hoods. Usually have side bangs but I always have these things hanging down by the sides of my face. And if my hair isn’t down then it’s usually in a ponytail. The next thing you’ll need to do is define your body type. Maybe you have curves like Fiona, or maybe you’re tall & thin like Marceline. There are lots of characters in the show that you can take inspiration from. Sometimes it can be helpful to have a picture of yourself as a reference. Once you have a list of characteristics that define your personal appearance then we can start drawing! All great works of art begin with a circle. This will become your head. After you have the circle that’s going to become your face you need to move on to the rough outline of the body. Once you have the basic outline of the head and the torso, then you can add the neck and arms and legs. This will give you a base to start with. Something very distinct about the Adventure Time style Is that the arms in general are very noodley. Very technical term there, Echo… If you’re not completely comfortable with drawing the basic figure for your character or it’s just not coming out the way that you want it to, You can always Google image search
“Adventure Time base”. This will bring up tons of images of the basic form for Adventure Time characters Tracing other people’s work is a fantastic way to start to LEARN a style. When you find an image you like you can print it out and then trace over it, or you can just put your paper directly on the screen and trace it from there. Just be careful not to break it [glass cracking sound] Once you have a base in pencil, then you can start adding your features. For me, we would add my ponytail, my side bangs, my side hair, What do you call those things? And then we would move on to the face. Usually Adventure Time characters don’t have noses except for the Ice King, who has enough nose for everyone. you get it?… cuz he’s got a big nose?.. okay… Usually Adventure Time characters just have two black dots for the eyes. Next for my character I’m going to be adding my black tank top and my red a black jacket because everything I wear, and everything I own, is black and red because one day it just took over like a disease. moving on Remember when you’re drawing your Adventure Time character that you should only have four fingers, because no one’s had five fingers for 20 Blabillion glaybels! Then once you have a completed pencil sketch Just go over it with pen, wait for it to dry, and then erase your pencil marks. After that you get to color it in however you want! Personally I like coloring my sketches digitally. Awesome! Finished! Now you can make creepy fanfiction comics with your favorite characters! And now, for the sake of an added example, I’m going to be drawing a couple of my YouTube friends in the Adventure Time style. SWIPE LEFT If any of you try this, please let me know! Post a link in the comment section or you can send it to me over Twitter. I would love to see all of your awesome artwork. If you want to join my awesome little community, then you can click here to subscribe. You can click here to see one of my previous videos, or you can click… well, you can’t click here…. But you can go to any of these places and just look for “echoisweird” and find me! I think that’s everything so hopefully I will see you next week. BYE!
HELL yeah, let’s go! WOOOH!!!

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  1. I wear slim jeans with a V neck I have a somewhat scrawny body torso and my hair is sort of a undercut so how would I draw this hmmmm…..

  2. It’s real good cuz it shows how to do it on point but it isn’t too long. It’s too hard to find vids with alll talking so this is real good!

  3. I tried this one with some gendered Yugioh arc-v characters, and Sora turned out pretty good! I did better than I thought I would with this style, honestly.

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  5. Why would you want to make yourself into a tentacle monster eith dome teeth, no joints, and a molar shaped helmet? That show is nightmare fuel.

  6. I like hoodies :I, I wear them in summer, I wear them during my whole life, and I have short hair ;_;, and I struggle on doing the hands, and the face, sometimes ;-;

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    They're also my favorite colors. Also, how do you get the gradient hair? I can never really figure out how to do it when I'm coloring digitally.

  10. I have the same side hair thing going on. I refer to them as my tails because it makes me feel like a sonic character. 😂

  11. I am so confused! At the beginning of the video I only saw her head, neck, and arms! Behind her was her bed with black and red stripes. But her body was missing….. wut

  12. I drew Myself but instead it's my character Gem from my role-play. She has curvy legs with a short puffy sleeve and curved skirt dress with sneaker like heels and red hair and noodle but kinda curvy arms and stripes on her sleeves and a little star icon on her dress

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    I'm more musically oriented but I like the way you approach visible art.
    Keep going Echo!

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    It’s literal dark dots, not the eyes u can see :0

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