How to Draw using 1-Point Perspective: Draw a View of Venice

How to Draw using 1-Point Perspective: Draw a View of Venice

Hi, Tom here and welcome to my new video, How to Draw a View of Venice in 1-Point Perspective, for this drawing I use a 4B pencil throughout, any soft pencil would do, any soft pencil where you can make her dark black tonal grade would be an excellent for this drawing, So the first step in this drawing is to draw a horizontal line slightly lower than the middle point of your page and then to put a cross on a horizontal line for the vanishing point, the next step is to two diagonal lines from this vanishing point, this cross towards the right hand side of the page and this will be one of the sides of the canal with all the buildings on the right hand side, and then we need two more diagonal lines going to the vanishing point, this time they are going from the vanishing point, going left, and they will be the other wall of buildings, now on the left-hand side I can add another diagonal line to show you where some of the windows along this wall would go, and then I can start to add some vertical lines that get slightly close to each other as they go towards the vanishing point, the point in the center, so on the left-hand side of this drawing, along this continuous wall that we have a moment, which will actually be a series of buildings by the time the drawing is finished we’re not really going to see too much detail to the buildings apart from towards the far left of the drawing, where the buildings are closer to us, but to get this sense of 1-point perspective I’ll continue to draw a diagonal lines going towards the vanishing point, they all should touch at the vanishing point, if you extended them that way, and then I’ll make a series of vertical lines along here, and these vertical lines will also get a little bit closer to each other as they go towards the vanishing point and that will give us sort of grid affect to the drawing in the bottom left-hand corner for this drawing and that will be useful for later on in the actual views a statue of a figure on the left, which I’ll put in later on, this sort of grid like structure will also enable me to tell where the windows need to go and these will mark the different places for the buildings on the left hand side, when using 1-point perspective and drawing windows, the windows I’m doing here towards the top left of the picture, the thickness of the window, the top inside line of the thickness of the window will just be a horizontal line which would be parallel to the edge of your page and the horizontal line that we drew it the very first, so now on the right-hand side of this view I’m going to draw a lot of diagonal lines all going towards the vanishing point, the way to think about it really is that these lines, if you’re looking straight on that the wall, wouldn’t be getting close together, but because we’re looking sideways at them, they’re going to be getting close together, now to draw the building on the right we need to put in a series of rows of windows and for these again the vertical line to stay vertical, so once you’ve got one window we can to read them downwards, so they all stay similar to each other, then we just choose another line to the right and do another stack of windows, so basically just trying to keep the windows in neat columns, getting larger they go towards the right hand side of the page and getting smaller to go towards the left hand side of the page, as they go towards the vanishing point, now as this drawing is a view of the Bridge of Sighs, the famous view of the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, we need to draw the bridge so for that, bridge is very high up between the two buildings, so we draw two horizontal lines which are parallel to each other and then we can put a curve on the top and then also put the curve on the bottom as well and it just has a couple of square windows and a few architectural details that we can add later on and that’s what we need to do at this stage I hope you find this drawing useful for your own drawings, and thank you very much for watching, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, Circle Line Art School, where I have over 200 videos on how to draw, and I post a new drawing every week, so if you haven’t already subscribed, please subscribe to my channel, so that you can see all my free drawings on YouTube… thank you so much for watching and have a good day!

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  1. Man, I have a huge copy of this view of Venice hanging above my fireplace. I can't wait to follow your awesome tutorial and try to duplicate it.

  2. Thanks! I enjoyed working through this video too. : -) You do a very good job helping people like me out.

    Take care! Bye!

  3. best explanation i have seen I understand now and its made a world of difference t how i start mt drawings thank you

  4. ¡Es impresionante cómo sus trazos construyen una visión tan compleja y hermosa de esa ciudad tan bella como lo es Venecia! Gracias por compartir sus conocimientos con nosotros!

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