How to Draw The Impossible Triangle with 3d Cubes: Optical Illusion

How to Draw The Impossible Triangle with 3d Cubes: Optical Illusion

Hi, Tom here and in this week’s Circle Line Art School video I will show you one way, a simple way, to draw the impossible
triangle out of cubes, first draw a simple diamond shape, it needs to be
wider than it is high and the diagonal lines need to be parallel to each other,
they don’t get wider or closer together, next draw a vertical
line going down from its middle base and then we can draw two more parallel
vertical lines, one on the left and one on the right, from the points on the left
and right of the diamond, the original diamond that we drew, now we can divide
this column of three lines into cubes, each cube is just made by drawing a
diagonal line which is parallel to the diagonal line of the original diamond
above it, we need in total five cubes, all stacked up on top of each other and each
cube needs to be the same height as the one above it… next, from the baseline on the right, we
can extend this baseline we can repeat this for the next two
diagonal lines which go towards right extending them further off towards the
right, now we can divide this shape into equal sized cubes with vertical lines
and also diagonal lines that can link up with the diagonal lines on the left hand
side of the original column of cubes that we drew, we need four extra cubes
going in a row towards the right, next we can join the last of the two
cubes on the right to the first cube that we drew, with three parallel
diagonal lines from the second cube in our column we could extend the second
and third diagonal lines to the right and this will create our last three
cubes, next we can just erase two short lines and they need to be the right-hand
side of the first cube, its base and the right hand side, the right hand vertical
side, we can just tidy up the impossible triangle now a little bit too, now starting in the middle base of our diamond, we can darken this central line,
next we can darken the left hand vertical line here,
we can darken the left-hand baseline at the base, next to darken the two
right-hand vertical cubes from our column, next we could darken the three
diagonal lines on the right… and then the three diagonal lines from the diamond going right, we now have the impossible triangle a shape that you can
draw in the two-dimensional surface of a piece of paper, but you can’t really make
it in 3d, it’s an impossible shape in that sense, now we can make this
impossible triangle into a series of cubes, to do this the first step is to
make each of the lines which isn’t an outside line of the triangle, into a
double line, to separate all of the cubes that we already have,
so they don’t quite touch… as we do this we could also check and
make sure that all of our diagonal lines are parallel to each other! in this drawing they’re only actually
three different types of lines sort of lines, there are vertical lines which will parallel, the diagonal lines to the left, which are all parallel to each other and then they’re
also diagonal lines to the right, which are also all parallel to each other… once you have doubled up all of the
lines that separate the cubes, we can carefully erase the outside line just at
the end of each of these double lines, then once we have done that we can add
the missing bits in these little areas to each of the cubes to make it look 3d
and separate from its neighbors, now we are ready to add some tonal values to
this drawing, I think, with the impossible triangle you could see it as three “L”
shapes so the first “L” shape could be a black tone, the second “L” shape could be a
mid-tone and then the last sort of “L” shape could just be the white of the
paper, thank you very much for watching this video, I hope you liked it and find
it useful for your own drawings, if you’d like to learn more please visit my
website: if you would like to keep up to date with all of the
drawing tutorials on my youtube channel: Circle Line Art School, there are now over
270, please click the subscription button! Thank you very much for watching, keep
drawing and see you next time!

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  1. Wowww u r amazing,👍 ,, i really love impossible triangles this one was very nice good job & thanks💖 for the video

  2. Love it. If the first shape is a regular hexagon, you end up with an impossible triangle that has rotational symmetry.

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