How to Draw the Head from Extreme Angles

How to Draw the Head from Extreme Angles

If you haven’t seen the first three parts
of the series, click on one of these video links. In this episode, we go EXTREME! Extreme angles are usually challenging for
people and frequently ignored artists. But Studying the extreme angles will make you
better at the more common angles because you’ll have a better understanding of the method. To help us visualize the extreme angles, we
have a special guest. This is Loomy Let’s start by talking about the twist, or
rotation along the z-axis. This has a few important effects on the head. First, the
center line and brow line will be at an angle. Second, the side plane will go down to reveal
more of the top of the head or up to reveal more of the bottom. The ellipse that indicates the side plane
will be angled perpendicular to the brow line. This is caused by the ellipse being in perspective.
To get the proper angles on the front and side planes, remember that the head can be
simplified into a box to visualize the perspective. You can see the same angles in the face as
on the box. So, this is what we have so far. The hard
part is over. If you do the part right, adding the jaw should be fairly straightforward.
Just observe the major plane changes. The third effect a twist has is on the gesture
of the neck. Look for the curve. Try to avoid lollipop necks. The concept of stretch and pinch applies here
too. Now, let’s take a look at extreme up and down
tilts along the x-axis. I always look for the degree of the tilt by observing the angle
from ear to brow. find the angle of the brows and then the thirds. Remember what we learned
in part 2 of this series about foreshortening. The thirds will get smaller as they recede
from us. So, in an up tilt, the bottom third will be about the same size as half of the
side plane, and the forehead will be fairly small. And the opposite in a down tilt. A confusing area for most people is the shape
of the jaw as the head rotates up and down. During this rotation, the relationship of
the corners of the jaw and bottom of the chin will change. As a person looks up, the chin
will come up and at one point be in line with the jaw, creating a boxy shape. If you keep
going the shape actually inverts and you get the opposite triangle. In an up tilt you’re
also seeing the bottom plane of the jaw, which wraps around the cylindrical neck. This connection
of the jaw to the neck is important so try not to overlook it. As a person looks down,
the jaw shape becomes more triangular because the corners of the jaw and the bottom of the
chin move away from each other. Another common area of frustration is the
tip of the nose. In an extreme up tilt, the tip will be unusually close to the eyes. It’s
so unusual that most of us will feel like we need to move it down to lengthen the nose.
Observe the shape of the bottom plane of the nose and compare it to the length of the entire
middle third from brow to the bottom of the nose. It’s important to remember that the eyes and
lips are not flat on the face. They are rounded in their simplest forms. So observe the curvature
of these features as they wrap around the eyeball and the tooth cylinder. So what would happen if, instead of the head
rotating up or down we move the camera above or below the head? When this happens, the
side plane rises or drops to reveal more of the top of the head or the bottom of the head.
but this time without changing the angle of the centerline, since there is no twist. From
this angle, the neck will be mostly covered by the head and we just see shoulders. That’s
it for this episode, next week we’ll be covering the eyes. I decided to do a little competition to help
promote this video. The prize… Your very own Loomy ball. The one I used for this video.
How do you get it? Pretty simple. I posted a link to this video on my Facebook. All you
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100 thoughts on “How to Draw the Head from Extreme Angles

  1. Thank-you! I brought a model skull to practice drawing angles, and my nephews swiftly broke the poor thing. (I named her Giovanni, after the poet. Twas a short life she lived.) But seeing your Loomi has brought me out of my depression, I never thought of using foam like that, its genius! Simple and effective genius! So thanks for the awesome video, and the awesome idea for a do-it-yourself model that I wont have to mourn if my nephews get a hold of it.

  2. Sr. Proko, quería saber si usted seria tan amable en poner subtitulos al español a sus vídeos, realmente me interesaría entender al 100% sus vídeos. Saludos desde México.

  3. The hardest part by far for me is getting that second oval to be in the right places. How you do it so smoothly and positionaly correct is beyond me.
    Once I finally do get it, that allows the points to be lined up easily, but that second circle in the main one which is the side plane just drives me nuts. I'll keep practicing though

    LOL at everyone else also terrified by 3:30. Glad I'm not the only one totally horrified by it.

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    i didn't know, that I really could draw like that 😆😄!!! It worked!!!!!

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    Little update: I started a drawing using what I learned from these videos and I'm scared to continue because it actually looks good

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  14. I don't think I will ever get to draw like you. I am a fashion artist, but have been watching your videos religiously and practising for 3 months now. I have improved sooooo much. My work looks better than before. I can draw styles of poses most of my classmates can't draw. Thank you for your free education. I appreciate it so much.

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