How to Draw The Hagia Sophia: Buildings in Perspective

How to Draw The Hagia Sophia: Buildings in Perspective

Hi, Tom here and in this week’s Circle Line Art School video I will show you one way to draw the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul,
starts by drawing a vanishing point on the right, a point where parallel lines
will look like they meet in perspective, if they were to continue all the way to
the mark, to the vanishing point, next draw a vertical line for the corner
of the building, now draw a diagonal line from the top of our vertical line to the
vanishing point and this will be the top of the side of the building
and now we can draw a line to the left, for the top front of the building and
then a vertical line for the back of the building and then a line on the left to
show the width of the building, so now we have the basic cube in one point
perspective, at least the top half of a cube in one point perspective, next,
using the vanishing point, draw two more structures, tall blocks on each side, so
we can extend the shape forward a bit, lower than the original top of the first
cube, it will stick out a bit on the left, as we’re looking at the building towards
the front, but also towards the right of the building, now we can divide this block into two
thin towers, either side, with a gap in the middle, make sure all the
the vertical lines that you use stay vertical and parallel to each other, with a sort of semicircle structure at
the top, and we can use the vanishing point to
find the angle of all of the lines going right, between these two shapes draw a larger
semicircle which we can add windows into this space later on, now, at the top of this structure, we can
draw an ellipse, a sort of squashed circle, a very squashed circle, at the top
of the building and now on top of the ellipse we can draw the Central Dome of the Hagia Sophia, next we can widen these
structures at the front in a series of shallow steps, using our vanishing point for the
right-hand-side lines, next draws some vertical structures made of three parts, and then we can draw a dome on the top, we can repeat this first shape again, two
more times, so that we have three structures with three domes, all in the
foreground in front of the main building, next we can draw a diagonal line as a
guide for the top of the minarets, using our vanishing point as a guide, read the line along from the left to the
right, so that we have sort of like a big cube in one point perspective above the
building at each of the four corners of this big
cube we can draw a very pointed triangle for the top of the minarets, then, once they are in place, we can
continue to draw them using vertical lines, so we have the very thin minarets, next we need to add some semicircular domes and some other roof structures to the Hagia Sophia,
when the Hagia Sophia was built in the 6th century it was the largest building
in the world, it has a massive dome which is over 180 feet high and very wide, over
100 feet wide and this dome must weigh a great amount and its weight is supported
by the surrounding domes and part domes that take the weight and then transfer
it to structures and columns within the great building, the Hagia Sophia is in
Istanbul and is one of the most famous examples of Byzantine architecture, Byzantine architectures, architecture of
the period of the Byzantine Empire, which is a period in time when Constantine the
Great moved the Roman capital to Byzantium, which then became Constantinople
and then the, I think the Byzantine Empire collapsed in the mid 15th century, so the Byzantine Empire, the architecture
of the Byzantine Empire, developed to some extent out of Roman architecture,
but it went in a very different way and influenced the medieval style of
architecture that dominated Europe for so many centuries, thank you very much for watching this
drawing tutorial from Circle Line Art School, I hope you find it useful for
your own drawings, please visit my website: to learn more I make a new drawing tutorial every week:)

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