How to Draw Perfect Hands

How to Draw Perfect Hands

So here’s how you draw perfect hands. Hands are easy, you just draw the box, draw some lines, and there you go. It’s a hand. Although…now that I look at it, maybe it’s- I guess it’s not a perfect hand… Hmm… Okay, so I thought some more about it, And what’s the point of a hand only having five fingers? Like, we can make our own hands happen here. So why not make them perfect? Ten fingers and two thumbs in one hand… This makes a lot more sense, suddenly you aren’t limited by the number of fingers anymore. See? This- This is a good hand! Okay, it’s good, but it’s not perfect again…yeah- Okay, so maybe things got a little bit too silly. You know. Let’s just keep it to one hand, one thumb, And the thumb is connected to another hand Now we’re actually getting somewhere. Now we have more fingers, and we have more mobility, And we just need a safeguard around the hands, like A lot of thumbs. Just to protect the inner hand. If nature wasn’t stupid, Then this would be what it would intend. This is a beautiful hand. but it’s not… It’s not perfect… I’ve been stupid…but I’m not- I’m not afraid to admit it. I neglected the language of the hands. We use our hands when we speak. We ARE the hands. We USE the hands, but the Hands also use US. You know, they read the future from the palm of the hand. It’s because they’re divine, they have special gifts. They are otherworldly, and so, by extension, so are we. You know the Jains? They worshipped the Hands, and in Buddhism, it’s a symbol of peace. And we? We neglect the Hands. The Hands have been speaking to us, and we have not been listening. And now we have to make up for it. We need to go further, because The Hands are watching us. We are not alone. This entire universe… …is just a palm of a Hand. The fingers are still up there, everyone. They’re stretching closer towards us every single day. They’re coming for us. They are coming for us. and They are coming for us. I- I just woke up, and it’s been a couple of hours, and- Apparently I drew a bunch of hands. Um, I don’t really remember it, but yeah, this is one way you could go about drawing hands, And you can feel like you’ve learned something, go ahead and like below and thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “How to Draw Perfect Hands

  1. This video has been sitting on my watch later list for over a year because I misunderstood what kind of tutorial it is. Thank you.

  2. Did you just intend to Thumb your nose at the idea of a tutorial? Because you actually made a much more important Point. Right in the Middle of all that wackiness, you found some wisdom that Rings more true than you might have imagined. Amidst Pinky-browny flesh tones, a true conceptual tutorial was handed to the viewer. Awesome.

  3. Im so scared of my hands right now👏🏽

    PS. You sound like Tyler Joseph especially when you said they're coming for us 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. This comment section:
    30% – people talking about how they became enlightened after watching this video
    30% – people talking about not expecting it to be like this
    30% – people making hand puns
    10% – other stuff
    0% – people talking about the secret message in the video smh

  5. Mattias … These videos – ALL of them, in their dry-humoured wisdom, make my day each and every time you upload one. I don’t know if your training is in art or philosophy or psychology, but you’re a master of all three disciplines.

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