How to Draw Notre Dame Cathedral: Buildings in Perspective

How to Draw Notre Dame Cathedral: Buildings in Perspective

Hi Tom here, in this week’s Circle Line Art School video I’ll show you one way to draw Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, for this pen drawing start by drawing a
vanishing point low down on the right of your page, next draw a vertical line down
the middle of your page, for the edge corner of the Cathedral, now from the top
of this line draw a new line going towards our vanishing point, for the side
of the tower, then add two more lines going towards the vanishing point, all
the lines which are parallel will look like they are meet at this point, if
they’re going towards the right, if they’re on the right surface of the
building, next, continue these three lines going
towards the left to another vanishing point which is far away, so far away that
we can’t fit it onto our page, they’re almost parallel but they’re just getting
slightly closer as they go towards the left, next draws some more vertical lines for
the two front towers, using our right vanishing point to find the right lines
the lines on the right, you could use a pencil for this drawing, but if you use a
pen remember that all of the drawing lines, they’re just constructional lines
of the shape of the Cathedral rather than its outline, therefore we can draw
several lines and the lines can get more accurate over time, so this style of
drawing, which is sometimes called wireframe style of drawing, where the
lines the straight lines that we use sort of extend beyond the structure to
emphasize its form and also they show the internal structure, showing the
relationship of the parts of the building to the whole form, so the lines
we can use can start straight, but sort of run out or maybe overrun, go beyond
the edge of where we’re drawing the line to, next draw the vertical structures of the tower a bit more, the West facade of Notre Dame is 13th century, basically there are two towers, the North Tower and the
South Tower, which were I think the highest towers, the highest structures, in
Paris until the Eiffel Tower was built, in the 1880s…1889, once you have the basic structure of the
facade, the front of the Cathedral, then we can place the three pointed arches,
the three gothic arches, in their correct place at the front of the building, since the recent devastating roof fire
it seems the structure is intact and there are plans being developed for a
new roof and a new spire, the way that we’re looking at the facade
of the cathedral we’re looking almost straight on it, the facade, so that the
vanishing point on the left is hardly affecting the shape of the building, of
the right angles of the building, but the vanishing point on the right, because
we’re looking down the side of the building quite severely, the vanishing
point is right is quite near to the building itself, I hope you find this drawing tutorial
useful and I hope you have a go at this style of drawing, please visit my website: to learn more about drawing! Thank you very much and
see you next time…

28 thoughts on “How to Draw Notre Dame Cathedral: Buildings in Perspective

  1. My goodness. It’s amazing how you make these drawings come to life by just connecting lines. Awesome!!!

  2. You're very skilled at drawing. I love your videos, thank you so much for showing us your wonderful skill and talent ❤️. Keep up the great work 👍

  3. Such a beautiful piece and great tutorial. Always love watching my favorite left handed art teacher.

  4. Hi Tom!! Thank you so much for this video, it was so helpful and very easy to follow! With it I completed my first attempt of drawing buildings in one point perspective. I will surely try to draw other subjects supported by your lessons. Thank you again, Valentina.

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