How-To Draw Mickey Mouse – Contemporary | Magic Kingdom Park

How-To Draw Mickey Mouse – Contemporary | Magic Kingdom Park

– Hi, everyone, I’m Stephen. I’m one of the artists at
Disney’s Art of Animation Resort in Florida. Seven days a week, you can find me or another Walt Disney World artist in the Art of Animation
Resort lobby, teaching guests how to draw their favorite
Disney characters. Today’s how-to-draw video
class is on the road at Magic Kingdom Park
in Town Square Theater. This is where guests can meet
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as part of Mickey and
Minnie’s surprise celebration. That’s 90 years of Mickey Mouse magic. This is the second of three
videos where I’ll teach you how to draw Mickey Mouse
throughout the years. Today, we’re gonna sketch Mickey in more of a contemporary style. First, we’re going to start
off by drawing a circle. We’re gonna keep the circle
very light and rough at first. It’s about the size of a big orange. Once you have your circle
done, we’re going to add what we call axis lines or guidelines. The first one is going
to go at a large curve up and down on more of the right hand side of our construction shape. Then draw a horizontal guideline, which will be just beneath the
halfway mark of our circle. Mickey’s head is turned just
slightly, so these lines will help give him a certain
direction to look at. With the construction shape complete, we’re going to start drawing
his snout and his nose. Start off at the center
point of our guidelines. I wanna curve up just a little
bit and curve right on down and right back into
our construction shape. As you may have noticed,
I switched pencils. It helps separate the defining linework from the construction shape. With the snout complete, let’s sketch out an oval for his nose. Moving down to his mouth,
from the end of the snout, we’re gonna curve on down, come out of our construction
shape just a little bit, as we curve back on over to his snout. It almost makes like a really
curvy and crooked letter L. Inside the mouth, sketch
out two overlapping curves for his tongue. Next, let’s draw a sideways
letter J for his jawline. To start the outline of
his face, let’s start off by putting a reference
dot right in the middle of the forehead area. Follow that by drawing
a really curvy letter E. And there’s the lower half of the E. Then finish up the outline of his face. At the top of that letter
E, draw a little curved line that goes on up to the edge
of our construction shape. Oh, look, it’s Minnie
Mouse and Mickey Mouse. Thanks for letting me use the
spot at Town Square Theater. What do you guys think? Oh, thanks, I do my best. Oh, don’t worry, I’ll be out
before the guests arrive. Now, where were we? Oh, yeah, now this part’s real easy. We’re going to trace over the
edge of our construction shape to form the top half of Mickey’s head. Now with the head shape complete, let’s work on Mickey’s eyes. Start off with the left eye by drawing a really skinny egg shape. We’re going to place the
left eye just to the left of our vertical guide
line and right on top of our horizontal guideline. For the right eye, let’s just
sketch out an upside down and curvy letter U. Then to finish up the eyes,
don’t forget the pupils, or the dark parts of the eyes. Don’t worry, we’ll go back and shade these in a little bit later. To finish up Mickey’s
face, we’re going to draw in the end of the mouth
by drawing a curved line at the end of the snout. I didn’t forget, let’s draw the ears. Because Mickey’s head
is turned a little bit, we’re not gonna put the ear directly behind the horizontal guideline, we’re gonna put it just above it. Big letter C, it’s about half of the overall head shape size. For the other ear, we’re
not gonna put it directly above the head, we’re gonna
but it just off to the left. (cheerful music) With all the linework done, let’s start shading in our character. Start shading in the ears
we just sketched out. Next, let’s start shading
in the actual head shape. We’re going to shade it the same darkness as we did the ears. Let me even up the ears a little bit, just so everything matches. Follow that with the
dark parts of the eyes, and then the nose. Then we can also shade in the
back half of Mickey’s mouth, and for the tongue, just
very lightly shade that in. As with every sketch, don’t
forget to sign your work. And there he is, Mickey Mouse, drawn in a contemporary style. Keep watching the Disney Parks
Blog for more drawing lessons and soon, I’ll teach you
how to draw Mickey Mouse in the style you see on the new Disney’s Hollywood Studios
30th Anniversary logo. Until then, sketch you later.

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  1. Learning to Draw Mickey – so much fun! Going to WDW for an adventure of a lifetime – Priceless! Love these Disney Parks videos!


  3. Iโ€™m going to draw the same thing when I grow up to work in Disney and have a job being a animated

  4. This is awesome!! My wife and I were sad when they got rid of this at the Hollywood Studios, so Iโ€™m glad to know theyโ€™re doing I somewhere!

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