How to Draw Flareon | Pokemon

How to Draw Flareon | Pokemon

Hey everyone welcome to the club. today i’ll be showing you how to draw Flareon from pokemon. We’ll start the character both sides facing towards the left so let’s start with the right i start from inside her up its all the eye toward the outside going up and then down a little bit higher on the outside businesses on the inside you’re going to connect those two points with a curve point downwards going down to the bottom and then back up to the side without a little highlight circle at the top of the i/o just up here to the top of the eyelid draw a circle there from here want to add a little glare along the bottom end to rest on the inside the apartment that was just a bit occur across and then up this colony inside area in black let’s move over towards the left drawer on the left right now because I have terms like this either the more squish starting the same height will start on the outside of the I curve down to the same height as the point on the right way to connect those two points with a crow coming down to the bottom of the eye and then back on the inside without a finding on the top here we do like a half circle start from the top come around and then back in we’re going to add a little flair along the bottom as well just on the side here when you come across the bottom towards the inside we’re going to color inside the is black but you can jump between the eyes and draw the notes really shifting those over toward the left just underneath the corner of that I we do a small little upside-down triangle in a straight line going across going to come down for the middle to centerpoint like this now on the side becomes a little tight so we’re going to start on the side of this left side here we come up to the corner cause the bottom edge in black we’re gonna put enough in America noon suggest you were to draw a curve walking up to write just starting underneath those living across to the race and we’re going to draw the bottom of the mouth twisted or for the left slightly and draw currently down to the bottom of the mouth and then up on the right side from here to tuck in the tongue so the side of the mascara curved up underneath the top of the mouth it’s working the cheap coming down to the chin so on sunday on the Left where the curve out come around and down to a point underneath the melt right here we promote incur in towards the bottom of the chin for you want to curl up towards the right side with a corrupt about the same height as we have a little occurring around and then up from here that curve that point around the eye to the top of the head going around the eye and then back up notes as a little tuft of hair on the top here so it started me in such as above the right eye was swollen around overlapping that line incoming up to a point starting down here curl around the middle of the head and we talked to that side they’re going to continue this to go up over the head and then we’re gonna flick it upwards we decrypt this back down slightly and then we’re going to go up to the top point curvy up now let’s bring it down on the offensive side so from here curve down getting those and water as they come down and do another point going up from here want to come all the way down to the side of this curl coming down and right into the side this drawing in the front here so this you’re going to point out towards the right this way we’re going to start just above the right eye here to curl up and out going to pull that back in now we’re going the opposite direction go up and we’re gonna pull that back in a short curve we’re gonna go back out again coming out well that’s actually slightly not gonna go to the point of the ear and going to be a pretty long here to find out about their so this point you want to come back to the backside be here so we’re gonna curve down gets wider around halfway down here you’re going to hold it in towards the right eye with a curve to worry about there now we can touch the side of the cheek in behind the ear over you curl up and in this added the inner detail already here we’re going to step in but almost in the middle here when occur up to the tip of the ear going up to about there in here it’s gonna add a little bit of fur so we can draw a little things that go across there you go along the bottom we’re going to all of this curve all the way up to that ship going across the bottom and i’m going to a hard turn up the tip their stealing here in the back to this year’s gonna crack this way if you want to have a little bit further along the outside edge so right beside the forehead we put up and then pull it back i’m going to repeat this up to the tip of the ear giving up and then back down that we’re talking going up that down now we’re going to the tiffany here or not we want to match up a height that have the right to read about here up to there i’m going to pull this back down to the years ago wider as you come in behind the topic here on the top now that we got the hand with work our way to the body’s going to start with the front edge of the main first right here size sheet we’ve heard down we’re going to make this effort that goes across this we’re going to have to carry along the way so if you’re ready to go up and then we’re going to curve back down so what I’m going up curving down against starting back this way here this way not gonna reverse the angle trending downwards and going back up we’re just following the flow of the body down back up i’m going to draw a big curve instead of the chest like that now we do an overlap going to cross this way we’re going over and up to worry about there now we want to overlap the paws on top of the meat you want to draw the big-talking around this way starting in the elbow area back here around we’re going to pull it in like that we do a lot of stepping up coming around and we’ll do this one more time up here will come around and just pull it up there we’re going to finish off this me close up a gap there we’re going to draw the back of the elbow so from this point where stepped down from around the elbow area and then up this continue to make up above the arm here so starting above the elbow right here going to do a little overlap coming up and pull that back down then going up hold it back down we’re going off the direction and kroing the office directly going up towards the right and back in go out the back in and we want to go behind the ears hear single up one more time and we’ll pull that in behind the ear will draw the plot in the back here so starting just below the mouth area just got here with your curve going out towards the left and went to crawl around the first ha going around we’re learning fingers just like to hear on the race will go up turn around and then we’ll do one more but now this one going to curl all the way up and just tuck it in underneath the mean if you’re this drawing the hind legs so over here installing the five or so right the study army a little gap with your curve going down for the pop coming around like that we’re going to tuck into albany stepping over 20 left will curl around then continue this do another overlap coming around someone to help you with the front hall now here when you open up and we would come up and then pull that insert any towards about halfway along the curve now the back of an emerging right over this line here we go back up to the top going to curl up around and just over left that lying there so right here you come up round out the back and then just overlapping that line like so under here and draw the belly already here between the elbow and thigh would occur upward and back let’s throw in the back leg here they’re gonna take this is duplicate in the back here so we start with this curve for starting underneath the jaw curve around and including a little gap there if you like now we’re going to pop back here starting down here from around another overlap around and one final one tucked in underneath the front hind leg the final doesn’t has a big tail so it’s going to be a critical up and then around this looks like an S through some of the top first so it could be a critical this way we’re going to add some further along the way so starting up here on the back and curl up and then pull this back down we’ll continue this all the way along the front edge of the tail up now we’re going all the way around this way aiming towards the right big point here now here you see I’m start turned over towards the tip of the tail back over back now this final one is going to draw one final just pull it down like that now we’re going to work our way around this way and then back behind the body so it looks like an s-shape this way so start from the chip we scroll all the way around to there or here editing more we go up and pull it back down up pull that back down i want to reverse the current really come down this way we’re going off the direction pull back down up and kind of want to lengthen it out make a little bit longer to see them starting to turn it in behind the back here one here all the way around to the bottom being a couple more one more along the way down here and it will pull this right hand towards the back like that and that’s pretty much it there we have it there Flareon from pokemon i hope you enjoyed this lesson. make sure you subscribe and check out our pokemon playlist we add a new character every week thanks for watching we’ll see you again soon.

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