How to Draw Fire Wizard vs Ice Sorceress – Art Illustration Drawing

How to Draw Fire Wizard vs Ice Sorceress – Art Illustration Drawing

Hello everybody, this is Yasmeen from Yarkspiri Fantasy Art .com. As you can see i’ll be working on drawing
a fire wizard and ice sorceress. That was just a quick preview of the artwork I’ll be working on today. As you can see I’m starting off by adding
some basic gradients on top of my background. I’m just painting some basic values so that I have
something to work with other than a blank canvas. If you do start with a blank canvas it can be
very daunting and difficult to come up with ideas. I’m starting on the fire wizard right now. I did decide that I wanted to start with the
fire wizard as close as possible to the viewer. This allows me to really showcase the fact that he’s really launching that fireball. By having the ice sorceress further back, I’m able to showcase the
scale at which she’s able to draw moisture to create ice. This is something that I wouldn’t have been able
to do with a different camera angle. I did take more of a functional point of
view when creating these two characters designs. In my interpretation, the ice sorceress had to draw moisture around
herself, whether it be through the ground or air. At which point she’s able to condense this into solid ice. She’s then able to manipulate and launch this at her opponent. It is very similar to how the fire wizard
works, because he needs to actually burn fuel. He does this by using his ability to set his surroundings on fire
and using this that as fuel for him to launch fire balls. I have the wizard standing on a podium and he’s using that
as fuel from which he’s able to launch his attacks. I don’t show the actual podium underneath the character in this drawing. That is the general idea of how this characters abilities work. I made sure not to include too much clothes anywhere above his waistline. The main reason is that although his clothes may be enchanted as well,
are not able to sustain as much heat as his body. Since the character is drawing the warmest flames directly to
his upper torso so he can manipulate it. He would set those portions aflame because although the
clothes are durable they do wear down quickly. Rather than having to constantly replace his clothing all the
time, he simply avoid wearing anything above his waistline. I took a different design approach when it came to the ice sorceress. I kept her clothes very tight fitting but very flowing so
that she has an almost floating atmosphere to her. She’s very calm and it it fits with the element she likes to manipulate. She likes to manipulate the cold, she likes
to draw moisture out and crystallize it. She very used to being very relaxed at any given moment. Although this is a battle, this is just a minor inconvenience
for her and she’s not too worried about it. I wanted her to have an almost casual appearance to her in the drawing. I’ve just started blocking out the basic shadows on
my fire wizard as you can see. I did want to have much harsher shadows for the
fire wizard in comparison to the ice sorceress. There was a couple of reason why I wanted to do this. The fire wizard is manipulating fire which is creating a tremendous amount of light. Unlike the ice sorceress who manipulates ice elements and water
to be able to launch these at her opponent. Although the ice does create more reflected light
it doesn’t create an actual light source. I wanted the fire wizard to have extremely harsh shadows and to do
this I had to start extremely slowly for the characters shading. If I went too quickly then the whole character wouldn’t have looked
as appealing and it would have been too dark too soon. I started extremely slowly with my shading to avoid doing this
and slowly built up the shading as I went. This gave me better results and saved me a lot of time because
I could always do minor adjustments instead of having to restart. It isn’t as big of a problem to do minor adjustments in
comparison to having to delete the entire piece and restart. This saves me a lot of time by not adding too
much detail in one area and help keep everything cohesive. That’s just a couple of reason why I start shading
so slowly especially when it comes to a character. Now I did start on the one hand but as you can see I’m leaving
most of hand for last because they will require quite a bit of detail. In order to save some time I normally leave the hands for last
because that way I’m able to focus more on just the hands. I’ve just started on that hand and it is this hand that
will actually be throwing the fire ball in this illustration. I wanted to make sure that there was some pretty
harsh shadows in that area for this reason. It still needed to have quite a bit of highlights as well
because of it’s proximity to the flames in this drawing. I’m punching up some of the detail in the other hand now and
I’m using a very similar approach as in the other hand. Since that hand is further back I don’t have to add as
much detail in comparison to the other portion of the drawing. For the ice sorceress, I wanted to keep the
details very minute and didn’t want to overboard. She’s further in the distance so you wouldn’t see as much of the information. She is wearing white flowing clothes and that
was done for a couple of reasons. It tends to look a little more casual and secondly it almost acts as
a form of camouflage so she’s able to meld into the background ice. This helps add two separate functions to her clothing, being that
it’s more comfortable and she’s more difficult to see. This will make it slightly more difficult for him to find
her event though she’s standing right in front of her. This still helps to show that she’s a very cool collected character
which is also why I’ve chosen these colors for clothing. I’ve just started on the ice as you can see and
I was experimenting with a couple different methods of painting. Since it wasn’t something that I had done before I wanted to
try out some techniques that I’ve seen other artists do online. I was just using the default hard brush and painting in really basic detail. Because this is further back in the distance,
you wouldn’t see all that much information. Most of the detail would actually be lost. I’ve just draw in the icicles What this character does, she builds up a giant wall of ice behind
her and uses this as a method of launching an attack. She breaks off portions of this wall and sends them hurdling towards her opponent The fire wizard needs to be fairly close to something he can set
aflame so that he draw out the flames and launch them. I’ve just added a basic color to my drawing to start with. I did want both of my characters to be
surrounded by a color which reflected their elements. I did have a red background for the fire wizard
and a blue background for the ice sorceress. I’ve just started punching up the shadows for the fire wizard now. I making sure that this helps makes this character
really vibrant because he is drawing out flames. His character needs to have really harsh shadows and highlights
in comparison to the sorceress in this illustration. Most of the light source that the sorceress is
experiencing is coming from the fire wizard. I did have to add some of the same yellows on the her and add
sthe blues that would be reflected for the ice onto the fire wizard. This helps meld the two characters into the same
environment and really tie the elements together. This drawing took a while to draw, it
took roughly around 6 hours to complete. I did have to redo the line art a couple of times
in order to get something that really worked for this piece. It did take a while to do but
the end results turned out really nice. I’m just punching up those shadows since it is
important that the shadows be extremely harsh. He is the light source and it’s so powerful
that it needs to override sky’s light. I’m just darkening the outer edges and adding some smoke effects
to make sure that he’s leg looks like it’s receding. Making sure that the ice sorceress looks like she’s further in the background. I’m just adding some brush textures and some extra shadows for her. Adding some additional background elements behind her to really show the scale
from which she’s able to draw moisture from her surroundings. I’m punching up the color of the fire right now to
really bring out that red color in the character. I start with the general areas then go in to add the finer details. I’ve just started on the hair right now
and I’m adding some smoke to it. This is the finalized illustration, I’m pretty happy with this piece. It was difficult to work on but I learned
so much while working on this piece. Thank you very much for watching and I hope to see
you guys soon. Thank you and take care.

16 thoughts on “How to Draw Fire Wizard vs Ice Sorceress – Art Illustration Drawing

  1. Yas I changed my YouTube acct. name.I love the piece.It is everything I could have expected from such a talented artist such as you.I am glad you learned from and broadened your horizons working on this piece.As always keep up the fantastic work.

  2. What i like the most in your videos is the passion(a bit of background story and stuff).It feels like you really like what you're doing and its great:)

  3. I believe it took roughly around 5 to 8 hours to complete. I do take requests and it's normally on a first come first serve basis 🙂 What did you have in mind?

  4. So until I learn to draw (I really suck lol) I've been searching for cool things like this. It would be a Plant Sorceress vs. a Black Magick Wizard. I just envision it looking amazing, but you don't have to do it ! (:

  5. I've started blocking the major shadows for the character prior to adding more details. I decided that I wanted to have much harsher shadows on the fire wizard in comparison to the ice sorceress.

    This video has captions which have been added so feel free to turn on the captions for a better understanding of what's going on in the video tutorial.

    I hope this helped 🙂

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