How to Draw Famous Buildings: The Arc de Triomphe

How to Draw Famous Buildings: The Arc de Triomphe

How to Draw The Arc de Triomphe Circle Line Art School How to Draw the Arc de Triomphe 1: Draw a square, make sure the vertical lines get a bit narrower at the top. 2: Draw three more lines, to make a basic arch shape. 3: Add two lines to make two rectangles. 4: Draw a semicircle in the arch and then add an extra semicircle and two more lines. 5: Draw a dot for the vanishing point, on the baseline and then add two diagonal lines from each arch. 6: Now draw a third arch shape, inside the other arches. 7: Now draw some more horizontal lines at the base. 8: Draw two squares each side of the arch. 9: Now draw some more horizontal lines. 10: Now draw two rectangles. 11: Add a keystone to the front and back arch. 12: Sketch in a loose indication of some sculptures of people. 13: Next, draw a diagonal line from the edges of some horizontal lines to the vanishing point. 14: Draw some more horizontal lines, so we can add more details later. 15: Time to erase the diagonal guide lines. 16: Add some vertical lines at the top and then add more diagonal lines to the vanishing point. 17: Draw a line of circles and then some smaller circles. 18: Next sketch in some details, just sketching, no precise details needed. 19: Time to draw over the lines with a thin black pen. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, for a new drawing every week!

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