How to Draw Famous Buildings Around the World in 5-Point Perspective: Narrated

How to Draw Famous Buildings Around the World in 5-Point Perspective: Narrated

Hi Tom here in this week’s Circle Line Art School drawing I’ll show you one way to draw famous buildings around world in
five point perspective, start by drawing a circle
and then draw a vertical line through the center and now draw a diagonal line
through the center as well, so that you have a cross in a circle,
next draw a series of curved lines from the far left to the far right, the lines
need to get more curvy as they get nearer the top edge of the circle, now
repeat the series of curved lines to the bottom edge of the circle, next draw the same series of curved
lines, this time using the vertical line as a starting point, again the curved
lines bend more as they get near the edge the circumference of the circle,
once you have this curved grid in place we have mapped out the five vanishing
points, top, bottom, left, right and center, the five vanishing points, where parallel
lines will look that they meet, now from the center vanishing point draw a line
at the corner of one of the squares of the sphere
using the right and left corners of the square draw, two new curved lines that
meet at the central straight line and now we have the start of the Eiffel
Tower for a base curve on the left and right and then the basic shape of the
tower, which is sort of a thin tall triangles above the semicircles at the
base and then a few platforms and a series of
crosses on the edges one on top of another,
once you have the basic Eiffel Tower we can draw the next building,
start again with a straight line from the center of the circle, this time we
can draw an easier building, the Berlin TV Tower, a tall tapering spike with a
small spherical shape towards the top, the next drawing starts with an oval on
one of the squares, draw two parallel lines at an angle, then draw a top and a
series of curves, like the front of an oval, and some straight lines in between
each layer, on the left of our globe we don’t need a straight line from the
center, as we’re drawing the Leaning Tower of Pisa,
next in the center we can draw a bigger building, work out which five point
square you are going to use at the top of the globe and then draw a series of
domes of different heights and sizes the center of each of the domes the centre
line as it were of each of the domes should be in the direction of the centre
of our middle of the globe, as we’re drawing St.Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow,
Saint Basil’s Cathedral also has a prominent spire shape within the cluster
of domes, now on the right use a five point square
as a base for a square based pyramid you could draw two more pyramids behind the
first one, then we have drawn three Egyptian pyramids,
next draw a line from the center of our globe to the right for our next building,
it goes to a point and has a curved shape like a boats sail or perhaps a
slice of an apple divides a shape into a series of parallel lines now we have
drawn the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, next we can start to draw a building at
an angle using our center point to find the vertical lines, draw a full dome at
the top that goes to a short point and then below the dome draw a wide archway,
that also goes to a small point, next extend the building on its left and
right to add some small arches and then draw two minarets either side of the
mausoleum, now we have a simple sketch of the Taj Mahal in Agra, next use the
center point and draw a very long line to the right, going out of the globe, from
this draw a series of thin cylinders, add more bigger cylinders as it reaches the
ground and then we have a quick sketch of the incredibly tall Burj Khalifa, next
draw a series of sail-like shapes sort of nestled together, the baseline needs to curve with the
globe and this is a Sydney Opera House, next
use the center line and extend a long line, draw a simple head and then to outstretched arms, a long
gown with folds in its and then we have a sketch of the Statue of Christ in Rio,
next draw another long line and then draw a head with spikes and a
hand reaching up, away from the center of the globe, draw another fabric gown and a
solid looking plinth, now we have a sketch of the Statue of Liberty, next on the left we can draw the base of
a tall building, using the center of the globe for the vertical lines, at the top
of this building draw a series of curves on each of the two sides of the building
that we can see, now we have a sketch of the Chrysler Building in New York, we could
add a deck of floors too, next in this gap we could draw another pyramid, this time
a stepped pyramid with a series of narrow steps leading to the top, one of
the Mesoamerican Pyramids, Now between the Chrysler Building and the Leaning Tower of
Pisa we could also draw a thin elegant building with a slight curve on one of
the vertical lines and a rectangular hole towards the top, this is a sketch of
the Shanghai World Financial Center, now over here we have some space to draw
another Chinese building, a cone shape with a series of ovals underneath,
getting slightly bigger as they reached the ground, a quick sketch of the Temple of Heaven
in Beijing, I think I will change the size of this Egyptian Pyramids, it looks a little bit too small, next we can
go over the pencil sketch with a thin black pen, it is an opportunity to add more detail
and definition to the buildings that we have already drawn, next, behind the Eiffel Tower we could draw the two
towers of Notre-Dame Cathedral, with the large circular window in between, I will also draw a sketch of the Colosseum
in Rome, the Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur, and the Wisma 46 Tower in Indonesia, once you have all the buildings that you want in place you
could draw some shadows, just with a pencil, now this drawing that I’m doing
is on gray paper, so I will use a soft white pastel to add some highlights to
some of the buildings and part of the globe,
I’ll put a highlight on the dome of the Taj Mahal the sails of the Sydney Opera
House and the edge of the Berlin TV Tower,
I’ll add some smaller highlights the top-left part of the globe, I’ll also add
some highlights, we can also darken the bottom-right area of the globe so it
looks more solid and three-dimensional, this drawing took about two hours
to draw, but I thought about it a bit before I did it, hope you have a go and
see next time! thanks for watching:) that art materials I used are a 4B pencil,
a thin black pen, a bit of soft white pastel and a piece of grey paper, thank you very much for watching this
video, please subscribe to my youtube channel Circle Line Art School to stay
up-to-date with all the content I make, I post a new drawing every week.

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