How to Draw Ears: Step by Step

How to Draw Ears: Step by Step

How to Draw Ears: Step by Step 1: Draw a circle. 2: Now draw a smaller circle, below, touching. 3: Draw a curved line on the right, joining the two circles. 4: Draw an inner curved line, in the larger circle. 5: Add a curve going towards the centre of the big circle. 6: Erase the guide lines on the left, that we no longer need. 7: Draw a line on the left, in the shape of a curved “M” on its side. 8: Draw a semicircle, like a backwards “C”. 9: You could draw a tonal grid: Draw four squares and shade them from dark to light. For this drawing I use a 4B pencil. 10: Shade in each tone, one by one, from the lightest to the darkest tone. 12: Now draw a darker tone, leaving the darkest tone for last. 13: Time to draw the darkest tone, so far we have an ear in four tones. 14: The last step is to blend the four tones with an eraser. Please click on a link to join Circle Line Art School

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  1. Thank you for this video, I'm really trying to improve my drawing skills, and this has really helped 🙏💕

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