How To Draw Donald Duck

How To Draw Donald Duck

in today’s episode we’ll be drawing
Donald Duck hi I’m miss k and I’m mr k and we are kdrawdraw k hi everyone miss K here so we’re
gonna start by drawing the head and I will draw another oval shape just to
indicate where the body is usually you can start off by drawing roughly so then
two lines across and we’re going to start off with the beak can start from
the center to the left and all the way to the right a wavy line just like say thank
you for your requests Sa’adah Musa for asking us to draw Donald and Daisy Duck
do send in your request if you like us to draw anything also continuing on with
the beak area with line down to show the opening of the mouth you always start
off with drawing anything that’s in the foreground so that you wouldn’t be
covered over by all the background detailing so now the eyes and the
eyebrows you can always adjust your lines
accordingly over your rough sketches draw the hair the middle of the head
and this Donald duck has a hat so you can draw a rectangular shape on top of
the head and then we continue on by drawing the hat looks a bit like a
chef’s hat so we’ve lines curved line on the right
and left and then we have a little ribbon at the side now for the shirt
has like a cape side to side and then the shirt itself the sleeve you can touch up on the mouth the beak area you can always pause if you
feel like the video is too fast and repeat the steps again so same thing
indication for where the hand will be and then the bottom part can draw the legs curved shape down
another curved shape and the leg stretched out and move upwards so his hand is actually touching his leg
so part of his leg will be covered by the hand so you can always indicate where is the
starting point of your detail and you can indicate where the ending point is
and you can join them both together so it would remain proportionate to the
rest of your drawing so let’s just add a little bit more fine detailing of the
fingers you can always draw lightly and erase
certain parts if you feel like it’s not right for the center of the eye and of course
the line on the sleeve all right the line drawing is done you’re gonna do our
coloring now we use blue sharpie marker and color pencils for the rest of the
body always remember if you want to do shading you can start off by coloring
all the lighter colors first and darker colors for all your shadows can out line
with marker and you can always use mixed media for you drawing alright don’t forget
to sign your work and thank you so much for watching do like subscribe comment
and also request for anything you like us to draw thank you so much for
watching see yaaaaa

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