How to Draw Clash Royale | Ice Wizard

How to Draw Clash Royale | Ice Wizard

hey everyone and welcome to the club today i’ll be showing you how to draw an ice wizard from Clash Royale. let’s start with the eye all that will occur from the outside of the actually down in the inside starting up your you up and we’ll just pull it down a little bit further to connect those two points with a critical downward so again we just slight overlap come around and towards the inside this is facing all the way from justice over to gap in the middle starting the inside of the eye firming up and out and reconnect the interests of the eye to the outside getting a little overlap like so this took the arts in underneath it all like a half circle trippin underneath the eyelid study on the top circle around and then back up to the top we’re doing the same thing on the right side starting at the top circle around and then back up to the top a little highlight circle on the top area of the IRS off here to do a little circle will do the same thing on the right side and then in behind hybrid orbital people little circle tucked in underneath the highlights will call that in black with the same thing on the right side from going to give a little bit and I beg so on the left side here the inside of the Ivar’s to curve underneath the i do the same thing on the right side let’s draw the eyebrow over the left eye starts just above the outside of the eye to meet up with curve down towards the inside not the top two retro downwards and help we have to draw the top of the eyebrow started the end when curve up now when you’re an angle voice outwards going upwards left now i want to make her way down to the inside the withdrawal little jagged edge we’re going to draw a straight line going across we go up at an angle i want to curve gasworks here towards the end of the I even slight gap will go up one more time and then we’ll connect to the inside of the eyebrow like that the food tasting on the right side now starting on the inside going to curl up and out over the i will do a curved coming down side of the eye let’s go back to it and i’m going to take this and slip it over on the right starting inside will come up a little angle like me down now we go up with a curve going up to the top angle down nobody book outwards going out towards the right angle in and now we want to connect that point to the bottom of the eyebrow this drawing is the bridge of the note from the chips of the eyebrows occur in 420 center the number down here and a little gap in the middle from here let’s draw the tip of the nose stepping down here with all the curve high curve now on left angle up and out on the right ball up and out and we’re going to curvy up up in towards the known bridge now let’s sift out for the tip of code and draw the mouth from left to right which dog curve going down and then we’re going to draw the mustache after withdrawing the side of the face so that the bottom corner of the eyebrow results two straight lines going down that’s about the same height as the mouth from here that skirt and torch in the two flats are going to be a little gap here so for the jaw that would occur in words in the right will curve in gridley not big gap and we’re going to close it off with a straight line going across let’s draw in the mustache so just above them out in the middle we’re going to draw an upside-down the leaving a little gap toward the notes from here on the corner of an operating curve in towards the chin from the top of the left will come down on the right curve down now on the side of the nostrils were just going to angle outward and down and out like that now going to curve the size of the month before he right curve down to the jaw down once and for a little bit of cheek bone that corner there were like four up and out or the left on this side cramp up and up towards the right let’s draw on the top of the forehead so for this corner of the bottom and I already occurred around the eyebrow and up coming up over here within the same thing occurring up going to make our way down towards the center point here on the left side would curve in then we do a little angle line going up now I’m going to come in towards the middle right down here we do the same thing on the right side starting center for pop and out well angle in and when Kurt up to the top of the head on the right this draw in here so we draw serious bicycle to a top point to restart just to start the eyebrow on the left right you’re going to curve up and out let’s go to the right side do the same thanks a lot of the blog coming up and out there are creepy in order to a point to the left side curve in on the right will curve in the same height now recruitment back down we’re going towards that point there was a short curve like that on the right will do the same thing and do another set of spice so from here when curved inwards on the right will do the same thing against the same height now we employed back in the little curve both sides now we’re going to make our way to a center point just above here an informant curve up towards the middle and curve down on the right side that some lines in the hair the better it’s going to curve up three up towards that point they’re over here going to curve up to do one more on the side of the slower one on this side right here curve in and up for that point over here on the left curve up going to add a couple more lines on the side of the head so right here to come out to draw one more on the side in writing to the exact same thing coming off the tough years behind the hair so just up here along this line curve down and in behind the head do the same thing on the right to study on the hair for me down and in behind the head will add a little perv inside the ears for the hours we’re going to tuck in the fur collar around the head down the middle of the body’s gonna start with the left side first was going to overlap the right start from the chin on the court here would come down and write down towards the middle of the face on this side of everything else the direction coming down in behind now in behind the head i want from around the jaw and then follow with lights went down to the state starting by the ear and creeped out I’m gonna pull this back in and just follow the curve all the way down to the same height of the middle we do the same thing on the right side of her house and come down during this time of year to promote we come in and going to come straight down the straight line from and can hear the left side we went straight across over towards the right now this is a top edge of the Gulf bottle so I’m going to come straight down on the right will come straight down the same nice line now reckless few points at the end to create a rectangle now let’s trace out on the inside starting on the left and I want to create an even eight gap all the way around one thing i will forgotten the bottom lip just a little meltdown here is your little curve like that from here let’s draw the top edge of the belt but there’s going to be a little bit lower than the point in the ball park before you step down and draw a curve going across slightly up on the left side will do the same thing on the right now we’re going to marry in the depth behind this show on the shoulders right here left side will curve out and down on the right will come out and down and curving in towards the chest area so right about here on the left side just come down on the race curve down we doing overlap for the size of the body so up here recur over that line down to their we do a straight line connecting to the top of the adults that the same thing over here so start at the top curve around and down will connect those two points with a straight line now let’s finish off the adults that these two quantities of on full too short lines coming down going to take that behind the belt buckle subscribing behind that you should have a slight overlap on the inside on the left here we got shoes dots circle of that in black and one red decided before difference is late let’s draw them on one of the left one is going to have a chain got an assist to restore the sweet first in this corner we stepped down a bit to continue that curve going down on the subway art we’re told it in behind the body with a curve in like that now we draw in the inside part of the arms to just down here curve down in let’s draw the knuckle and come out an angle will straight down the shoreline now this is this part of the knuckle and we both in on the end here which are little bracket to just close off the thumb now about halfway on this line we draw a straight line to me on this is for the first finger we go across and curve it up going straight across and turning it up letter called finger in behind here so just one side of the finger and curve up now but they’re going to trick us in all the way up underneath the sleeve so you’re going to spend her up and tuck that in underneath the sleeves on the right side i’m going to have a ten out holding an ice ball here so let’s start with me first start at the top occur down and we service back in behind the body for me in like that let’s start with the inside part of the arms are going to come down towards the elbow across to open heat so we start the inside party on person to come here if your curve down towards the elbow we’re going across the lower for arm from the elbow will grow across now I’m going to overlap the back of the poem here so we’re going to start up here doing all that coming across that’s what you’re going to wear in the figures we’re going to come up and then just pull them down on the finger so just along this line we broke up and then just pull that in behind that first finger then they’re going to repeat this one more finger coming down from here 10 on the dot of the palm for this side here from this finger from the end of step up a bit weaker up and then around let’s go into full of here so just at the top of the pump with curved up and in what way the angle it in and we doing over that step it down for me up and then get an angle but halfway along with angle we go up to a point now where I come down the opposite side going to curve down step out from that point to an angle line now we pull in behind the finger coming in behind that figure you can draw it in the back side of the forearm show up here occur across and then you’re enjoying the fact that now we want to achieve the same thickness of the Honorable side just down here and Kerr up underneath the sleeve let’s go down here to draw on the bottom of the first friend start from the bottom corner of this belt buckle going to curve out towards the left you want to christmas stocking around in towards the center of the buckle keeping the same thickness as we have up here we round up in and curve is back up and then in towards the middle let’s go to the right side so this quiet here comes out towards the right round at the end when you pull in behind here turning around and then up the side of the best for the corner of alton curve down 3 down both sides now in the middle here we’re going to drop her for the Lord for so just a little gap there let’s try the inside of the leg the left i’m going to step in and curve down on the right will curve down and we take these points around at the bottom of the pan and tuck it underneath the fur trim around this up around the final stage we’re going to draw in the feet so let’s draw a curve from underneath the tank tops to enjoy the shield will do the same thing on the right step again coming down towards the heel now on dark fur for the ball of the foot the heel and curl over towards left and come over towards the right making sure that the same length for the left side show curve up and in to step up fighting a little recall was going to overlapping that occur and that little gap there we drove up and out this is something on the right side up and down from up here when she got another Michael going across that gap will incur up and underneath the pants and that’s pretty much it there we have it there’s the ice wizard for clash Royale i hope you enjoy the suspect she’s subscribe to check on the clash of clans playlist. thanks for watching we’ll see you again soon.

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