How to Draw Clash Royale | Electro Wizard

How to Draw Clash Royale | Electro Wizard

Hey everyone and welcome to the club. Today i’ll be showing you how to draw the Electro Wizard from Clash of Clans. Lets start on the left side of the lower edge of the brows start from the outside with the curve down and inwards. right about there underneath the brow i’m going to draw in the eyes of the half-circle the left side here. coming down then tucking that in underneath. We’re gonna draw the iris and the pupil so smaller half-circle tuck it underneath in the middle which going to draw a little black dot underneath the eye here we’re going to draw a little eye bags so from this point curve down underneath the eye the stronger us to the eyebrow from the front edge here with an angle back over towards the left and recruit the top about halfway along the brow curving crops like this so this point here we’re going to angle end up now we recruit the top of the brow boy outwards and can extend beyond that point there is curving out like that the trouble was exactly on the back here in this point we’re going to angle back in and it will just come down an angle to the bottom of the brow line let’s go over to the right side and draw the right I to draw circles because that is open why from here at the top draw a circle coming down to the bottom and back up to the top strong the iris and pupil so it’s not gonna get going to shift it in with just a little bit but we have to draw a little highlight here to enjoy a little circle for highlight on the inside we’re going to a smaller circle underneath start at the bottom of the highlights draw a circle for the iris and in the middle will just draw a black dot from people underneath the side of drawing other eye bags right up here current underneath the eye let’s draw the eye drops of this is gonna be raised up higher than what the same thing is this just flipped over so just start above the eye with a curve into the inside and incurring out we take the stand point here and angle upwards over towards the right curve along the top about halfway they want to go up with a short angle you want to extend it out to go outwards the top of the ground here and we’ll connect those two points with an angle line now that we have the item place to start drawing the rest of the face so in between is here and other side of the nose too short straight lines coming down side by side from the bottom and step up on the left side slightly recurved downside of the nostril it is only right we’ll come out of the direction now we’re going to cut down the size of the nostril coming into a gap in the middle will close it off with a straight line along the bottom that’s drawing the mustache it almost looks like a lightning bolt so for the tip of this is also here with people straight out straight line to do the same thing on the right side going out right here we go up with a short line will do the same thing on the right side going to extend it out against illegal outwards straight line both sides you want to come up in the slight angle both in towards the i will draw the tip of the left over here curve out on the red curve out now we’re going to work our way back in but we need to initiate right here so in the center here with her out towards left curve down and out towards the right now we’re going to work our way up towards the tip here so from this point on the curve but halfway along this line here from this point we curl up and out go up with a slight angle now we were out against about halfway along this line both out when you go up an angle and now we want to make her wait for that point curvy and do the same thing on the right side and curve along the bottom of the mustache you will up a slight angle curve out again go up into the side angle and then make our way towards the tip like that has drawn the bottom of the mouth so from left to right and roc curve that goes in towards the mustache and down on the right side starting out here currently towards a mustache and down on the right side so if you put them on around them out curve underneath the dash for me in words and other side of the cheap stuff on this right here will angle down in towards the bottom out on both sides company outside energy in black and then underneath the mouth a little curve to indicate the lower lip the strong side of the head so just underneath the eyebrow right here curve down to the top of that on the right side we stop here comes down with the mustache extended that’s what the jaw so continue this lying down past the mustache on the other side of the same height as enough now when chisel in the jawline so from here we curve down in about being with as enough down and in now we want to keep the two points with a curve for the bottom of the chin down the middle and back up on the right go up and draw the rest of the hairline so from here want to continue to line up with above the eyebrows up now here is pretty little line like that one angle in words the too-short angle lines going up and in and want to make your way towards the center of a widow’s peak right here we’ve got a little point from the left side will curve down in and go back up on the right side i want to add a few little wrinkle on the top of four hits the right up here from hydro i grok a little curve like that and it was short one just above it let’s draw on the care spice so from this point we’re going to go up into the exact having going upward so from here we go up on the shoreline and when curve over towards the right we’re gonna go out toward left with short angle line and weaker again to the tip of the hair we’re going to work our way back towards that point here so coming down the short line going up towards the right with an angle and we’re coming down in an angle to right about there then make your way with a curve the top of that head there that’s wearing the hair on the side so for this point an angle up and out towards the left with the curve down going to go back up again in an angle and now I curve down toilet if the hair you don’t want to make your way back and i’m going to end up right at that point there so annually in with a curve coming down with an angle go up with a short line now going to Curt in toward the top of the head to the same thing on this side so now we’re going to start with this at this time going up an angle coming down going up in an angle curving down for the tip again bigger way down here so working our way back with Irving down every across gonna make our way down with a curve to that point there let’s do another layer so it’s a starting point and curve out total up and down at an angle and we go up and then curve down down we work our way back in towards the head coming up again coming down now that you’re going to get tucked in behind the eyebrow wiggle up and then just curve it right into that eyebrow line thing on the side I’m going up single down go up and out towards the right curvy tortilla chips now we’ll work our way back in towards the head of curving out down oh and then i’m going to get in behind the head there that’s added one more so right here we go out an angle down now we’re just going to go up up with an angle and work our way back so anyway down going up and then we’ll just pull it into the side of the head to the same thing over here going up and down and then back up well worth it back going down so you can see it’s getting thicker as you work your way back towards the head up and pull it in sort of behind them up there we’re gonna have to draw here tucked in behind so we will just be a little bit of this so right here with the curve is towards the side of the head on this side again to get tucked in behind mustache you’ll see just a little bit in between there from the top of the shoulder so just underneath the ears can draw her out towards the left i’m going to ear load coming out towards the right is going to come in towards the center but let’s turn the Centrepointe first so just decide the chin right here curve down to write about their this is sort of where i want to draw in the Delta buckle let’s run the muscles of the big square starting here move over levels two lines going across will come down on other side and then close it off at the bottom we draw small square on the inside so just try to get up the strawberries inside that so far left is going to angle and toward the center then up towards the right side and from this point here which could pull it straight down behind the buckle the strong side is also now we’re going to determine the width of the body here so for this corner going to step down curl up and out towards left down here we stepped down from up and out towards the right this is the top edge of the belt now we can finish off the best so from these corners we could pull it in towards the center of this line here coming down and and do the same thing on the race down try to match up the height and begin to the inside now here we’re trying to create the side of the body to the side of adult curl up and underneath the shoulder area both sides now let’s draw in the side of the trim so this line is going to duplicate on the outside right here on both sides now we’re going to draw the trim on the shoulder pad area so it up here we curve in the fall that curve all the way to the inside and do the thing on the right side turn all the way up to finish off the belt so from this corner here is short straight line going down on the other side of the belt with curve it in behind the buckle that ends on both sides have continued down the body so we draw the rest of the best coming down behind the belt on this corner of the belt curl up and then down we are going to continue this line on the inside adults right here for the quantity step in a little bit weaker down and help the duplicating the curse those two points with a curve along the bottom now we’re going to turn this up we’re going to continue to trim down here and along the bottom so fall at her down there and curving up out to the side same thing on the right side this work our way down towards the legs just in the middle here with the Lord for select the curve going across like that we’ve got inside parlay to the left here is def in towards the right curves down and out the bending outwards on the right will do the same thing with short lines won’t be room for the good stuff along the bottom so for this point curve the bottom and the camp across the side and here we’re going to trust in underneath the bottom of the best we’re just going to extend its life sort of going out this way for the break-up for the corners it’s going to curve them down and outwards this way same thing on the race and we got the check those two points on the other side which occurred when the bottom on a good cup draw the boots so from here we’re going to step in dr. down towards the heel on both sides here on the bottom of the key to boot heel to the toe got really small feat and we just tuck this in underneath the Duke up with a curve that’s the struggle so we take this bottom line we just do some kids just above to thicken up the soul that’s drawing the arms going to have a non-techie down the side so right here about halfway down the body right here i was drawn divisive area of the curve going out towards the left we’ll work our way down towards the wrist so just the bottom occur come down towards the wrist don’t have to draw this up but basically current comes around a bit like a banana you come down we’re gonna round up the thumb and then just go back in the same direction with the curving back from here for the first fingers through down we’re going to round out the tip of the finger and then just pull that back up we buried in three fingers here so i bought a finger here and come out again and up and then for the third we’re going to step down around towards the wrist now for here want to bullsh out the arm people back up underneath the shoulder area coming up like that so these two points in the risks and connect them with a curve for the response to save her just above it will do the same arm on the side of starting on the inside of the bicep right here Chris out towards the right at the bottom of the curve come down towards the rift here to curve the thumbs up thumbs and just pull that back in the same curve we’re here we’re going to round up the fingers the first finger coming down we’re gonna figure and just pull that up going to come down to the side and the bottom come up again and for the third one right up here comes up and going to just come in 12 the wrist line just like we did on the Left if you’re going to pull this up underneath the shoulder areas up like that draw the rest in from point to point on the wrist for the cross and we do that again on top and that’s pretty much it there we have it. Theres Electro Wizard from Clash Royale. I hope you enjoyed the lesson. Make sure you subscribe and checkout our Clash of Clans playlist. thanks for watching we’ll see you again soon.

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  3. Draw a Clash Royale fusion like a Dart Pekka or Pikachu Barrel. Maybe draw an Ice Bandit or Sparky Hound.

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