How to Draw Blade Runner 2049 Bar and Officer K in Perspective

How to Draw Blade Runner 2049 Bar and Officer K in Perspective

Hi, Tom here, welcome to my new Circle Line Art School drawing challenge, recently I was invited by YouTube space London to draw
from the set of the new Blade Runner 2049 film, the film set looked great
and I thought I’d make a video about how to draw perspective from a photograph,
how to find the perspective in a photograph, so this is the view that I
chose, but I want the bar counter to be on the left hand side, so I’ll just
reverse the image, now although the color is very interesting, I want to actually
draw this using tone, so now we have our photograph, the first thing to do is to
work out where the vanishing point is, the vanishing point is where parallel
lines will visually look as if they’re meeting together at a single point, the
point where these two lines meet will be the vanishing point for this drawing and
all of the parallel lines in this photograph will meet at this one
vanishing point, if we imagine a horizontal line going through this point,
this will be the horizon line, which is the height of the eye of the viewer, in
this case the height of the camera when I took the photograph,
so there is one vanishing point in this photograph because we’re looking
straight ahead, we’re not looking sideways, up or down,
we’re just looking straight ahead and this vanishing point is always on the
horizon line and the horizon line is the height of the eye of the person looking
at the scene, in this image the horizon line is in the middle, so the first step
to draw this is to draw a horizontal line in the middle of our page,
next draw a mark for the vanishing point in the center of the horizon line, now
draw a diagonal from the top left and the bottom left of your page towards the
vanishing point, we can add another diagonal for the base
of the bar and one more for the very top of the bar now, if we draw another diagonal line
here, we can add two vertical lines to make this into the display panel of the
bar, make sure that the vertical lines that
you draw a parallel to the edge of your paper, now we can add the front of the
panel, as just some horizontal lines and a horizontal line here for the back part
of the panel, now, draw a diagonal line for the top of
the back wall of the bar, and we can give the overhang a thickness here too, draw two more vertical lines for the back and front of the wall of the bar, now, we can draw a vertical line in the
foreground for the corner of the bar, again we can give the line of thickness,
at the moment it is making a corner, so we can add a curve to this corner line, to
make it into a curved line, I think it’s best to find a corner first in one-point
perspective and then creates a curved line that fits into the corner that
you’ve drawn, next we can add a depth to the bar, just following the curve around… now we can draw a line to show where the bar stops, I think I’ll add a line to extend the height of the
bar, again all these diagonal lines go to our one vanishing point,
we can make a curve at the top here, too… next, we can raise some of the lines we no longer need, so that we can see what we already have, now I want to draw the eye scanner
from the original Blade Runner film… to do that we can just draw a rectangle
behind the counter… we could add some tapered lines to make
it look like an old computer monitor and maybe a few buttons on the right hand
side, at the lower point… to make this computer monitor look more
3D, we can just extend the edges of the shape on the right hand side towards our
vanishing point and then if we add a back line to these diagonal lines going
towards the vanishing point, that will show the sides in 3D, of the eye scanner,
we can draw a simple box for it to sit on, again just a rectangle and the sides
of the rectangle go to the vanishing point, at the back here let’s draw a diagonal line and then we can hang the saucepans
and various cooking tools on them… they can go behind the eye scanner and
that sort of overlapping will help the eye scanner seem more in the foreground, which is what we want, we could add a few containers in the back as well… now let’s erase bits of this line, if we
erase a bit of this line on the counter here, we could draw a bowl on the counter
with an ellipse, just circle squashed, sitting on the counter… now draw a thin edge to the counter,
which will be like the highlight of the counter and we can add some soft lines
for reflections of some of the objects too, now we can divide the display panel
at the top, in to segments… next, I’ll speed up the drawing here for
little bit, while I add some tone, some light and dark, graded tone,
I will grade the tone from light to dark as it goes around the curve in the
foreground of the counter, we could add some bright high contrast
tone to this bowl in the foreground and we could add another container and
darken some of the bar and darken the frying pans too, if you have a 4B pencil or
a dark pencil and just press down more firmly, you’ll hopefully get a very dark
tone in your drawing… now we can draw the image of the eye in
the eye scanner, start with a circle for the pupil of the eye, a bigger circle for the iris and then a smaller circle for the highlight, shade the pupil in black… darken the edges of the iris… and then draws some sharp lines from
the circumference of the iris towards the pupil, like spokes of a wheel going
all the way round, add a soft mid tone to the iris, shading around the smaller
circular highlight… and now just add a graded tone to the background of the screen of this eye monitor, we could darken the original
rectangle of the eye scanner to, to create a more, to create more contrast in our
drawing, we could add some posters and images to the display panel, that we drew earlier on, again all of the
diagonal lines will go towards our vanishing point, I will add some words too, but just indications, impressions, rather than anything specific or fixed, we could
darken the top overhang of the bar too, just a graded tone, getting lighter as it
goes away from us, now we have finished the left side of this drawing, let’s add
something to the right-hand side, going back to our photograph, there is a
mannequin with a coat made for the film, made for the character of Officer K, if
I repeat this figure in the middle of the image and then I can take two lines
from the vanishing point to the top and toe of this figure, between these two
diagonal lines I can put other people of the same height, getting bigger in
perspective and going away smaller in perspective, the horizon line in this
image is lower than the head of the original figure, because when I took the
photograph I was using a tripod that was a little bit lower down than the heights
of my eye, I’ll just add a series of panels at the
back here, and now we can draw two diagonal lines from the vanishing point,
one for the feet of the figure, and one for the head, I’ll mark where the feet should go, looking at the height of the bar and
imagining how tall a person would need to be to stand next to the bar, once we
have placed the person, we can draw a simple head and sketched the body, a long coat, trousers and boots, let’s add another Officer K here, between these two
diagonal lines, if we draw a line from the vanishing point across the shoulders,
they should line up, in this way we could draw a head near by, the Officer K
standing close to us, we’ll only see the top part of the body, too close to see the
feet, now we have three figures sketched in, we
can add some darker lines to show the cloths and the high collar of the coat,
the diagonal line of the coat at the front, once we have got one figure drawn,
we can copy it again for the next one, just to sketch, and we can draw the
nearest figure in the same way, now we could indicate the features of the face and add some hair and some tonal shading too, some light and dark, to finish this drawing, just add more tone, darken the panels at the back and gives the floor a
soft tone to indicate a shiny sort of reflective surface, from the vanishing
point we could draw a series of diagonal lines going up towards the ceiling, now
we could just add some crossbars along here and then shade them in to create a
series of lights in one point perspective, the final step in this
drawing is to use an eraser to mark out some highlights on the shiny floor, I’ll
place the eye monitor on the eye level of the horizon on this one-point
perspective drawing. Thank you very much for watching this art challenge, please visit my website for more information on and please subscribe to my YouTube channel, to watch all of my videos, I post a new drawing challenge every Saturday, thank you very
much for watching and see you next time!

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  1. As always thank you , I definitely learned something new, but I was hoping you would hv put in the bar stools

  2. That's very Impressive Sir!
    Please….make more another Perspective drawing for me (3 vanishing point , 5 vanishing point)
    Thank You…

  3. You are an incredible drawer and an amazing teacher I've tried some of your ideas and of course they work! Giving me so much confidence and I'm thoroughly enjoying the process – thank you

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