How to Draw an Optical Illusion: Two Cubes

How to Draw an Optical Illusion: Two Cubes

Hi, Tom here, in this week’s Circle Line Art School video, I’ll show you a simple way of drawing an optical illusion using two
cubes, first draw a horizontal line for the top of the first cube on the right
of your page, next draw two sides of the cube at a
slight angle going to the right, but parallel to each other and the same
length as the first horizontal line, now just draw a new horizontal line and
we have a square leaning to the left, next draw three diagonal lines from the
three left-hand corners of your leaning square, all three diagonal lines need to
be parallel to each other and to be shorter than the lines of the original
square, they need to each be the same length, now draw a base horizontal line
and a vertical line and now we should have a cube in 3d! next draw an inner square on the top
surface of the cube, just copy the angles of the earlier lines, now from the new top right hand corner
draw a diagonal line parallel to the other diagonal lines and then add a
horizontal and vertical line, so it looks like we’re looking into a solid 3d cube, next we can extend the first horizontal
line we drew to the left, doubling its length, now draw another horizontal line of the
same length in the middle and a third horizontal line again at the
same length at the base, next copy the angle of the vertical
leaning lines with a new line on the left, and then copy the other angle for the top line, now we have two cubes that
share the same side in the middle, that’s how this simple optical illusion works,
by two cubes showing a middle side, now give the new cube a thickness, same as before but this time on the front of the cube, not on the top of the cube, now draw diagonal from the bottom left
corner, same angle as the middle diagonals in this drawing, then add two short lines to make the far
inner wall of this cube, now we could add to the illusion by drawing a person or
two, inside the cube shape, I will draw a simple person at the same,
standing at the same angle as the leaning sides of this cube, the person could be looking at the wall… we could draw another person towards the
back of the room too, but we can’t see the top of this other person, can’t see
the top of their body, next, using the same diagonal line as the
floor, we could draw two more lines, guidelines, to use, to draw a series of
frames with simple artworks in each one, so now we have two people in a gallery
looking at some art… we could draw some floorboards – using
the same angle as the guidelines for the frames and the edge of the cube, in the next cube, to help the illusion,
that we’re looking at two cubes at the same time, we could draw another person,
this time we’re looking down at them from a great height, draw the person the
same angle as the inside corner of the cube, make the head big and the feet
small, again we could add some floorboards for
this gallery, using the angle that we already have, now we can draw a piece of
art on the wall, I think I’ll draw Roy Lichtenstein’s
Wham painting, a little sketch of it, you could add some shading for some of the
walls and then I think I’ll add just a slight cast shadow, going at the same
angle for each person, for each of the three people in our optical illusion
gallery, thank you for watching this video, I hope
you have a go, please visit my website: to learn more,
thanks for watching and see you next time:)

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  1. Your Videos Are Very Helpful And Inspiring’ You Do It With Such Ease! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ God Bless Keep Up The Good Work!

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  3. All video as are absolutely awesome. As a matter of fact your channel was a stepping stone for myself to learn drawing in perspective.

  4. That was so simply explained and easy to follow. Thanks for the great optical illusion.❀️

  5. This is brilliant drawing. I have personally learned a lot from your tutorials and thank you for all the amazing art!!

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